Zigzagoon is a Normal pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Linoone at level 20.


Zigzagoon is one of the original 26 campers. Zigzagoon got voted off 3rd in TPI for keeping Taillow leashed during the challenge, which hurt the teams' chances of winning. Zigzagoon failed to qualify for TPA, but is part of the Aftermath, similar to how he was part of CCSS in season 1. Zigzagoon is known for his swearing problem.


Zigzagoon was the JT of the cast, so he was a nice hill billy. Sicne he found Rapidash attractive, he alligned with her for the entire game. Zigzagoon evolved into Linoone in Episode 8.


Zigzagoon is one of the original 30 campers. he was put on Team Uxie, he became enimies with Mankey after Mankey's constant shouting at everyone got annoying and when Mankey asked Zigzagoon to vote off Chikorita, Zigzagoon and his alliance which constists of Eevee, Kabuto, Pansear and Munna blind sided Mankey and voted him off. Zigzagoon is still in the competition

Friends Munna, Eevee, Pansear and Kabuto
Enimies Mankey

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