Zangoose is a Pokemon introduced in generation 3. It doesn't evolve nor can be evolved into. It is is well know for its rivalry with Seviper.


During TPI, Zangoose made an alliance with Gliscor, Ekans, Gastly and Sneasel. During the merge, he stayed with Gliscor and Gastly, but after Gastly's elimination, he only aligned with Gliscor and after Gastly's elimination, Lickilicky blindsided Zangoose, by making up a lie about him, giving him 15th Place. Zangoose was offered a place in Total Pokemon Action, which he accepted and is now currently competing in TPA.

in TPA, Zangoose was placed on team Farfetch'd and quickly formed a majority alliance and developed a close bonds with Blissey and Vespiquen, having a deal with them. once Haunter joined the game in Episode 12, he knew he would remain loyal to Haunter, however still wants to remain loyal to Blissey and Vespiquen. During the merge, Zangoose was tested a lot of his loyalties when Haunter decided he wanted to target Vespiquen & Blissey which left him in the middle, however once Haunter was blindsided he remained loyal to his allies until Starmie decided she wanted to make a move which was when Zangoose started to move away from his allies. Zangoose played a big role in making big moves, eliminating the likes of Blissey, Vespiquen, Shaymin & Ambipom. He managed to make it all the way to the Final 3 where he lost out immunity to Gardevoir when she had to decide who to bring with her to the end and who to eliminate, she chose to eliminate Zangoose, placing him 3rd overall.


TPI: 15th

TPA: 3rd


Zangoose made his first appearance in Wave3436's first ever season:Total Pokemon Island as originally the Tyler of the season, but as it went on.He actually developed as a character on his own, he also had a hating relationship with Lucario, who was actually his brother making him Owen's pokemon.He was eliminated along with his new girlfriend:Lumineon in episode 6

In season 2, he didn't do anything for the entire season and had to be medically evacuated because of a stroke.

He didn't appear in seasons 3-7, however he did appear as a host for a commando challenge in Total Pokemon Humanized with his wife:Lumineon

He appeared in season 8:Total Pokemon Revenge, hating Lucario and Umbreon and holding a grudge against Lucario until his wife was eliminated in episode 4,causing him to go all out against Lucario.After talking with Lucario, he realized that Lucario still loves him as a brother and that he was better than him in some ways,as well as Lucario.He was eliminated in episode 5, but he became a changed person, ending the grudge he had with his brother once and for all.

He wasn't in season 9, but he did throw a huge party for his brother,Lucario winning the season.

He is scheduled to be in Season 10, with his wife and his brother competing as well