Wooper is a Water/Ground pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Quagsire at level 20


Wooper is a contestant on Total Pokemon Journey, and she seems like the typical girly girl that can be friendly but sometimes cowardly. In episode 7 (Drive Thru Wedding), Wooper was paired with a Cubchoo for the challenge that later became her friend, but Cubchoo cost the challenge. Cubchoo was voted off, but Wooper gave up her peanuts at an attempt to keep Cubchoo in the competition, but per Scizor's rules, both Wooper and Cubchoo got eliminated.


Wooper is the Cody of the cast, so he's a weak yet friendly guy, even though he has yet to show any feelings toward any of the female players. Wooper surprisingly won the challeng ein Episode 1 so he became the TC of Team Sableye. Since wooper was scrawny and weak, he was sometimes a target, such as in Episode 2, when Wooper almost got voted off but instead Surskit went for not rising to her expectations, and Wooper also resented some other tough players such as Hitmonlee and Elekid. In Episode 7, Hitmonlee couldn't take Wooper's pathetic leadership anymore, so when it came down to Hitmonlee and Wooper in the aprijuice ceremony, Wooper was sent home because Hitmonlee contributed more to the team. In the TPI special, Wooper continued to be unpopular, having to team up with Rapidash and Yanmega. Wooper qualified for season 2.

In episode 1, Wooper's unpopularity is crystal clear. In the Shake it Up challenge, Wooper finished last out of all the returning guys. Wooper was put on Team Iron Island. In episode 2, Wooper got shot by Drowzee in the laser tag portion of the Suite Life challenge, and then his team lost the ship scaling challenge as well. However, Wooper received no votes at the Gold Medal Ceremony. In episode 3, since Trapinch won immunity for Team Iron Island early on, Wooper played a small role that episode.

Based On Cody Anderson (Total Drama Island and World Tour)
Friends Psyduck, Wailord, Chimecho, Dragonite, Trapinch, Riolu
Enemies Houndour, Bagon, Finneon, Yanmega, Rapidash, Elekid, Hitmonlee

TPI: 22nd


The Reality PokeMoleEdit

Wooper was played by XoBidoofoX in Season 2 of this show. He had a lot of problems with playing, since he was changing suspects a lot (it was obvious, since he wrote it). He was executed in episode 7, becoming the mole's next victim. He got 11th Place.

Few days after his execution, it was revealed that XoBidoofoX was disqualified, and he won't be able to compete in show EVER AGAIN.

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