1. Chatot(Did not get in safe zone and was very annoying.)
  2. Meowth(Was the first one to fall asleep out of the whole team)
  3. Bonsly(Got her team disqualified by running on to the battle field)
  4. ShellosEast(Lost the Challenge for his team)
  5. Meditite(Got the lowest score out of her team)
  6. Yanma(Did not eat any of his meal)
  7. Drifloon(Got the lowest score in the challenge)
  8. ShellosWest(Done Bad in the challenge)
  9. Zubat(Could not handle the pussy cat
  10. Chingling(Was away for most of the episode with Pachurisu
  11. Glameow(Croagunk switched the votes)
  12. Croagunk(Wobbufett found out he switched the votes last episode)
  13. Pachurisu(Was annoying)
  14. Sneasel(Was the main Antagonist of the season)
  15. Starly(Was voted off for probably being a threat)
  16. Aipom(Was not really smart)
  17. Turtwig(Chikened out before the movie started)
  18. Chimchar(Was winning alot of immunities)
  19. Buizel(Done a horrible Knock Knock joke)
  20. Pikachu(Piplup kissed him to get him out)
  21. Riolu(Was a threat)
  22. Piplup(Failed to complete her dare)



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