Season 1Edit

Elimination Order:

  1. Magnemite (first one on the team to get burned)
  2. Swampert (sneezed and froze Mamepato, Lucario and Jolteon)
  3. relt123 (failed at dodgeball)
  4. Delcatty (failed to perform stunt)
  5. Squirtle (dropped fossil in water)
  6. Charizard (allergic to Oran Berries)
  7. Raichu (failed to defeat Blastoise)
  8. Piplup (missed 1 bowling pin)
  9. Pikachu (got hypnotized and attacked his team)
  10. Dewott (went power hungry)
  11. Jolteon (was attacked)
  12. Scizor (was behind Pikachu, Dewott and Jolteon's elimination)
  13. Omanyte (completely failed to face fear)
  14. Anorith (ghosts scared her)
  15. Raichu (quit to save Politoed)
  16. Lucario (Swampert switched the votes so she wouldn't leave)
  17. Emolga (got attacked by Unfezant, then fell and made an explosion)
  18. Unfezant (got injured and was unable to compete anymore)
  19. Charizard (Gothitelle switched the votes so she wouldn't leave)
  20. Politoed (Tangela switched the votes so they went to Politoed, not her)
  21. Swampert/Gothitelle (was really evil)
  22. Tangrowth (was the first to get caught by the killer)
  23. Staraptor (Persian voted for him)
  24. Wobbuffet (wasn't able to catch Kyogre)
  25. Caterpie (the host decided that Caterpie wouldn't stay)
  26. Houndoom (unknown why Houndoom left)
  27. Emboar (couldn't memorise who got voted off)
  28. Gardevoir (accidently got voted off by eliminated contestants)
  29. Gallade (was a big threat)
  30. Delcatty (failed to do Politoed's dare)
  31. Runner-Up: Emolga
  32. Winner: Persian

Season 2Edit

Elimination order in TPA:

  1. Unfezant (was evil in season 1)
  2. Tangrowth (was mean in Season 1)
  3. Staraptor (unknown)
  4. Wobbuffet (he simply got the most votes)
  5. Raichu (most votes)
  6. Empoleon (Bulbasaur switched the votes)
  7. Scizor (was in bottom 2 with Magmar, got more votes)
  8. Charizard (most votes)
  9. Armaldo (Ivysaur's alliance voted for her)
  10. Jolteon (puked and got 0 out of 10)
  11. Delcatty (most votes)
  12. Togetic (got most votes)
  13. Emolga (got most votes)
  14. Panpour (went outside and was caught)
  15. Pansage (went outside and was caught)
  16. Swampert (went outside and was caught)
  17. Lucario (went outside and was caught)
  18. Zoroark (de-evolved Politoed and got voted off)
  19. Serperior (one of seven people voted off)
  20. Magnezone (one of seven people voted off)
  21. Pansear (one of seven people voted off)
  22. Blastoise (one of seven people voted off)
  23. Emboar (one of seven people voted off)
  24. Houndoom (one of seven people voted off)
  25. Gardevoir (one of seven people voted off)
  26. Venusaur (was the villain of season 2)
  27. Persian (couldn't make it to the final 5)
  28. Poliwrath (couldn't make it to the final 5)
  29. Emolga (couldn't make it to the final 5)
  30. Pikachu (couldn't make it to the final 5)
  31. Samurott (squashed Gallade's pet Weedle and was in the Vomit Comet for the least amount of time)
  32. Staraptor (the host chose to eliminate him)
  33. Espeon (the host chose to eliminate her)
  34. Winner: Gallade (he got half of the $5,000,000 since they tied)
  35. Winner: Magmortar (he got half of the $5,000,000 since they tied)

Season 3Edit

Elimination Order in TPD:

  1. Togekiss (Mismagius switched the votes)
  2. Empoleon (more votes)
  3. Jolteon (Mismagius switched the votes)
  4. Venusaur and Feraligatr (they failed to push a boulder)
  5. Tangrowth (was frozen and was not useful anymore)
  6. Shiny Zoroark (Mismagius switched the votes)
  7. Lucario (most votes)
  8. Dragonite (kicked out of Mismagius' alliance for becoming derpier)


  • Gallade-Gardevoir
  • Persian-Delcatty
  • Swampert-Scizor (formerly)
  • Magmortar-Espeon
  • Emboar-Delcatty (attraction)
  • Houndoom-Armaldo
  • Omastar-Bayleaf (Bayleaf isn't in TPI, but Omastar is dating a Bayleaf)
  • Wobbuffet-Tangrowth (attraction)
  • Omastar-Armaldo (attraction)
  • Unfezant-Tangrowth
  • Swampert-Zoroark (attraction)
  • Leafeon-Espeon (attraction)


  • Gallade-Staraptor-Persian-Houndoom
  • Gardevoir-Samurott
  • Wobbuffet-Everyone
  • Poliwrath-Everyone
  • Gallade-Magmortar
  • Gallade-Emboar
  • Persian-Emboar
  • Wobbuffet-Emboar
  • Jolteon-Wobbuffet
  • Empoleon-Everyone
  • Poliwrath-Blastoise
  • Poliwrath-Delcatty
  • Omastar-Wobbuffet
  • Raichu-Poliwrath
  • Persian-Fern (Vulpix)
  • Persian-Emolga (sometimes)


  • Persian-Swampert
  • Swampert-Everyone
  • Emolga-Unfezant
  • Venusaur-Everyone
  • Omastar-Magnezone
  • Omastar-relt123
  • Emboar-Emolga
  • Mismagius-Everyone
  • Unfezant-Mismagius
  • Persian-Emolga (sometimes)

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