Total Pokemon Collab 2 is the sequel to the 2011 series Wave did. This season contains 18 contestants from 6 different TPI users: Micheal545, Crystalzoura1,Kiriyawave,SusanLucarioFan16,TheAndyXChallenge, and PichuXCastform123.

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Episode GuideEdit

Episode 1: Guns BlazingEdit

Challenge: Take down 3 members of the opposing team in a Gun Showdown.

The episode begins with the 18 contestants arriving at an empty Army Base. As the contestants wait for the host to appear, Sableye notices that Tyra is competing despite her being dead. He goes over to Tyra and asks how she came back from the dead. Tyra proceeded to glare into his eyes and walk away, leaving Sableye suspicious.

A few minutes had passed before a black Jeep arrives in the Army Base and stops in front of the contestants. When the Jeep doors opened, Raichu(Micheal545), Infernape(AndyXChallenge), Shiny.Roserade(CrystalZoura1), Empoleon(PichuXCastform123), Susan.Delcatty(SusanLucarioFan16), and Leafeon(Kiriyawave) got out of the Jeep and appeared in front of their contestants. Leafeon welcomes the contestants to another season and then proceeds to put the contestants into their teams for the season.

Team Collab: Manectric, Sableye,Mightyena, Lillipup, Beartic, Toxicroak, Delcatty, Tyranitar, Smeargle

Team AXC: Arcanine,Glameow, Tyra,Lopunny, Jumpluff,Froslass, Togekiss, Drapion,Yanmega

Once the teams were created, Raichu told the contestants to follow him to the challenge. After Raichu took them to a shooting range, Raichu announced the challenge: 3 members of each team would be selected for a cowboy showdown and for each Pokemon taken down, the other team would get a point. The team with the most points by the end would win the challenge.

On Team Collab, Toxicroak took the leadership role and selected himself, Tyranitar and Sableye for the challenge. When asked why, Toxicroak said that he was in the army before and used a gun, Tyranitar was selected because of his gaming skills and strong hand-eye coordination, and Sabeleye was selected because Toxicroak thought he would be good for the challenge. In the confessional, Tyranitar had no issue with being selected for the challenge but Sableye seemed to not care about being selected for the challenge because he felt that shooting wasn't interesting.

On Team AXC, Glameow took the leadership role and selected Tyra, Drapion and Yanmega for the challenge because she felt it would be hilarious to watch them fail. In the confessional, Glameow tells the audience that her team is too stupid to vote her off. Yanmega is excited to compete in this season since he hasn't done much since he was eliminated from Empoleon's show, Tyra expresses her anger towards Glameow for being self-centered and plans to vote her off if they lose, and Drapion juggles Spheals holding Spheals in the confessional, resulting in the camera shutting off for the lack of logic.

During the challenge, Yanmega takes down Sableye without any issue, Drapion gets taken down by Tyranitar, resulting in a tie. When Toxicroak took on Tyra, Tyra managed to dodge the bullet and take down Toxicroak, securing the win for her team but leaving Toxicroak speechless.

After the challenge was over, Infernape takes the contestants to where they will be sleeping for the season: "Barracks".

As Team AXC goes off to relax, Team Collab prepares to send someone home. Toxicroak tries to convince Tyranitar, Manectric, Mightyena, Lillipup and Beartic to vote out Sableye but they are left unsure. Sableye tried to use this to his advantage by pointing out that Toxicroak was the leader for this challenge and ended up costing the team the win, but they were left unsure.

In the confessional, Sableye begins to suspect something going on with Mightyena because he seems to be acting like his normal self instead of being depressed over the divorce of his wife and comes to the realization that he might have hooked up with one of the female contestants in the game. Mightyena questions if he can trust Sableye because he saw Micheal545's first season, and Manectric doesn't think he can trust Sableye after the events of Season 3.

At the elimination ceremony, Shiny.Roserade gave out golden medals to: Manectric, Lillipup, Beartic, Delcatty, Mightyena, Tyranitar, and Smeargle. The bottom 2 were Sableye, for failing the challenge and Toxicroak, for also failing the challenge. But in the end, Sableye was spared by one vote and Toxicroak was sent home. Initally shocked, Toxicroak accepted his elimination and took the Jeep Ride of Shame home.

Episode 2: Pokemon vs MachinesEdit

Challenge: Survive 8 waves of Robots.

After the elimination ceremony, Sableye was called out by Beartic for lying to the team about Toxicroak. Sableye denies doing such a thing and tells Beartic to get his facts straight before slandering someone. In the confessional, Beartic states that he knows Sableye is up to something and will take him down, while Sableye notes that Beartic needs to be taken down because of that little stunt he pulled in front of the entire team. Before Sableye heads to the Barracks, he hears a combination of a harp and guitar playing a few miles away and questions if he should investigate it or not.

Smeargle asks Manectric if he could do a portrait of him and Manectric gives the okay. In the confessional, Manectric says that he found it odd that Smeargle wanted to do a portrait of just him but doesn't want to hurt the guys feelings, while Smeargle is excited to do the portrait.

Beartic decides to make an alliance with Lillipup,Delcatty, and Smeargle in order to take down Sableye and they agree to the offer. In the confessional, Beartic is happy to have an alliance, Lillipup is excited to be in a season, Smeargle is happy to be in an alliance with no Froslass, and Delcatty is interested to be in an alliance with a bunch of contestants she's never played against before.

Outside Team AXC's barracks, Tyra decides to make an alliance with Yanmega, Froslass and Jumpluff because she feels they could be trusted. In the confessional, Froslass and Jumpluff are excited to be in the alliance, and Yanmega is interested in the idea since he saw what Tyra could do in the last challenge.

Elsewhere in an abandoned motel, the hosts are doing various activities. Raichu is playing darts with a piece of paper that has Ducklett(Micheal545)'s face in the center of the dartboard. Leafeon is showing Crystal.Rose and Infernape how to use an invention she made, the Ditto Experience(Goo that can transform into an accesory fitted for the Pokemon that touches it, such as a Computer Mouse), and Susan and Empoleon are playing Punch-out for the Wii.

The next day, Leafeon and the other hosts return to the Air Base to announce the next challenge.The 2 teams will compete in a Pokemon version of Mann vs Machine(Doe's Drill to be more specific), and will have to survive eight waves of Steel types that are weaker than them, but outnumber them in size. The team that survives the longest will win immunity, while the losing team will eliminate someone from their team.

Wave 1:

Team AXC and Team Collab survive the round with no casualties.

Wave 2:

In Wave 2, the contestants are forced to use their physical attacks against the Steel types, which results in Team Collab losing Delcatty, and Team AXC losing Glameow and Togekiss.

Eliminated: Delcatty(Collab),Glameow(AXC),Togekiss(AXC)

Wave 3:

In Wave 3, the contestants are allowed to use their special/status moves again, but now they have to fight against one super-powered Avalugg.

For Team AXC, they were able to take it down thanks to Tyra and Lopunny, but they ultimately lost Jumpluff due to the Avalugg hitting her with Ice Beam.

As for Team Collab, Smeargle was quickly blown away by the Avalugg, but the team was able to pull through and take down the Avalugg.

Eliminated: Delcatty(Collab),Smeargle(Collab), Jumpluff(AXC),Glameow(AXC),Togekiss(AXC)

Wave 4:

In Wave 4, Electric and Fire type Pokemon were forced to use Physical attacks while everyone else was fine.

For Team AXC, Arcanine was affected by this rule and was blown away by her robot duplicates.

For Team Collab, Manectric was also affected by this rule, but was able to survive the wave. Sableye on the other hand was knocked out by his robotic duplicate.

Eliminated: Delcatty(Collab),Smeargle(Collab),Sableye(Collab), Arcanine(AXC), Jumpluff(AXC),Glameow(AXC),Togekiss(AXC)

Wave 5:

In Wave 5, the Steel type duplicates got an increase in their physical attack.

For Team AXC, Yanmega was knocked out.

For Team Collab, Beartic and Lillipup were knocked out due to this increase.

Eliminated: Delcatty(Collab),Smeargle(Collab),Sableye(Collab), Beartic(Collab),Lillipup(Collab),Yanmega(AXC),Arcanine(AXC), Jumpluff(AXC),Glameow(AXC),Togekiss(AXC)

Wave 6:

In Wave 6, the Steel type duplicates got an increase in their Special Attack stat.

For Team AXC,Lopunny and Drapion were knocked out of the round.

For Team Collab, Manectric was knocked out of the round.

Eliminated: Delcatty(Collab),Smeargle(Collab),Sableye(Collab), Beartic(Collab),Lillipup(Collab),Manectric(Collab),Lopunny(AXC),Drapion(AXC),Yanmega(AXC),Arcanine(AXC), Jumpluff(AXC),Glameow(AXC),Togekiss(AXC)

Wave 7:

In Wave 7, the Steel type duplicates were stripped of their attack boosts, but increased in numbers.

For Team AXC,Tyra and Froslass were able to survive the round.

For Team Collab, Mightyena was knocked out of the round.

Eliminated: Delcatty(Collab),Smeargle(Collab),Sableye(Collab), Beartic(Collab),Lillipup(Collab),Manectric(Collab),Mightyena(Collab),Lopunny(AXC),Drapion(AXC),Yanmega(AXC),Arcanine(AXC), Jumpluff(AXC),Glameow(AXC),Togekiss(AXC)

Wave 8:

In Wave 8, the wave was split into 2 sections.

For 8a, the Steel types increased in HP, and for 8b, the Avalugg returned with his HP restored.

Although Team AXC survived Wave 8a, Froslass was finally taken down. As for Team Collab, Tyranitar almost survived the round, but was overwhelmed near the end and lost the challenge for his team, giving Team AXC another win.

At the elimination Ceremony, Crystal. Rose gave the medals to Smeargle,Delcatty, Lillipup, Mightyena, Manectric,and Tyranitar. The bottom 2 was Beartic, for his failure in the challenge and Sableye, because Beartic wanted him out. In the end, the final medal went to Sableye and Beartic was sent home. Beartic was shocked that he was eliminated and asked his team why, to which Manectric said "It was because you weren't that much better than Sableye." After hearing that, Beartic walked over to the Jeep Ride of Shame without saying a word.

In the confessional, Sableye reveals that he convinced Beartic's alliance to vote against him because of what happened in today's challenge and tells the viewers that Beartic's alliance will be next.

Later that night, Manectric goes to talk to Smeargle. As Smeargle hands over the portrait to Manectric, Manectric comments that he likes the portrait but questioned why Smeargle wanted to do a portrait of him.

He replied....


Episode 3: Blood is thicker than WaterEdit

Challenge: Survive torture attempts.

The episode starts off from where Episode 2 ended, where Manectric wanted to know why Smeargle wanted to do a portrait of him.

After a few seconds of silence, Smeargle pulled out a locket and gave it to Manectric. When Manectric opened it up, he saw a picture of a tiny Smeargle,a Smeargle and a Houndoom together with smiles on their faces. "That's a family photo I had when I was 3 Manectric. But despite the smiles, my family divorced a year later when my mom cheated on my dad with some other guy."

Smeargle then clenched his fists in anger before continuing on. "That's why I am like this, because of what my mom did to not only me but my dad, I don't like drawing females because it reminds me of her." Smeargle then unclenched his fists and let out a deep sigh before Manectric gave the locket back to him.

Manectric then proceeded to ask Smeargle a question. 'Smeargle, I am sorry for what happened to you."

"Thanks Manectric.I decided to tell you this because I know I can trust you with this."

Manectric then tilted his head in confusion. "Are you..?"

Smeargle then nodded his head in agreement.

"I see, okay."

Manectric then asks Smeargle if he wanted to be in an alliance and he accepts after hearing who else is in the alliance(Tyranitar, and Mightyena).

In the confessional, Smeargle is happy to trust someone in this game, while Manectric feels happy that he not only has another person in his alliance, but he has someone he can trust.

On Team AXC,Glameow is trying to sleep in the Barracks, but is unable to because of Togekiss sleeping above her and decides to go outside. In the confessional, Glameow expresses her frustration towards Togekiss and tells the audience that she wants her out next.

Outside the Barracks, Tyra holds her alliance meeting and they discuss who to vote off in the event that they lose a challenge. Jumpluff suggests Glameow, Froslass suggests Arcanine due to her performance in AXC: Season 3, and Yanmega suggests Lopunny because of how bitchy she was in previous seasons.

But Tyra suggests that they either oust Togekiss or Glameow next since neither contestant is useful to the team.

In the confessional, Glameow expresses joy over the fact that she got information on Tyra's alliance and can use it against them, Tyra suspects something is up, and Yanmega begins to wonder if Glameow is spying on them.

A few miles away, Mightyena is sitting on a big rock gazing out at the moon before Delcatty shows up to try and cheer him up while Sableye watches from the bushes.

"Hey Mightyena, are you feeling okay?"

Mightyena then turns his attention to Delcatty before responding. "Yes, I am fine. Why are you here?"

"I just wanted to check up on you.I understand losing someone is hard."

"Delcatty, I am okay. There's more to life than just sitting around and moping. Besides, I have someone in my life now so I am fine."

In the confessional, Sableye puts a plan together to keep Delcatty on a leesh by using this against her. Delcatty expresses anger at Mightyena for being a dick to her, and Mightyena knew that Sableye was watching him and is going to use this to his advantage.

Meanwhile at the abandoned motel, Infernape tells his fellow hosts that the next challenge will be to put the contestants through dangerous torture methods. Although Empoleon, Infernape, Raichu,and Crystal.Rose support this idea, Leafeon does not and tells Infernape off.

"Infernape, what were you thinking?"

Infernape then responds. "Listen Leafeon, people love this stuff and we're going to do it."

"You do realize that some of these contestants are still minors correct? If we put them through this, CPS will be called on us for abusing them."

Empoleon proceeds to laugh. "No they wouldn't. You're just over-reacting."

Leafeon then lets out a deep sigh before continuing. "Much like how your creator did when that Misdreavous guy found out he was using Metagross and Shiny.Furret from his show as hosts for your TPI?"

Leafeon then proceeds to walk out of the motel while the others get ready for the challenge. Meanwhile, Susan is taking a nap in one of the bedrooms.

The next day, Raichu announces the challenge to the contestants: Survive several rounds of dangerous torture.

Before anyone could object to this, they are teleported to the first part of the challenge.

Round 1: Dunking 1 contestant from each team would be tied to a chair and submerged in water for 10 minutes until they either survive or signal to the hosts that they can't do it.

For Team Collab, Lillipup was selected for the challenge.

For Team AXC, Glameow chose Togekiss for the challenge.

When both contestants were tied to the chair and submerged in water,Lillipup tried to survive for 10 minutes, but was unable too and was suffering problems with breathing while Togekiss was doing fine. Shocked at this display and seeing the other hosts not doing anything about this, Susan jumps into the water and frees Lillipup before he drowns.

After he is sent to the infirmary, Susan storms off after seeing what just happened.

Round 2: Waterboarding Similar to the first round, one contestant from each team would be selected and forced into waterboarding.

For Team Collab, Mightyena was selected.

For Team AXC, Togekiss was once again selected.

As both contestants were tied up, the Waterboarding process began where the hosts poured water over the cloths and subjected them to torture. A few minutes later, both contestants began to shake due to the lack of oxygen going into their bodies.

But before Mightyena and Togekiss passed out, the water began to dissipate and the cloths were teleported away, giving them oxygen once gain. As the other hosts wondered what happened, they turned their heads to where the entrance door was and saw the producer of the show: Alakazam, and Leafeon standing there. As Leafeon gazed at the hosts with rage in her eyes, Alakazam proceeded to speak.

"I have stopped this challenge from continuing any further. I have allowed you guys to get away with dropping your contestants out of a blimp, subjecting them to super-natural creatures, and much more but this has gone too far. This is not only a violation of the contract, but also a war crime!"

Alakazam then let out a sigh before continuing his sentence. "Be lucky that I don't fire you guys, but you should be ashamed of yourselves. Leafeon, you know what to do." Alakazam then teleported away.

"Get Mightyena and Togekiss to the infirmary at once. Both teams will be sending someone home tonight, so make your decision."

After the challenge ended, every contestant in the confessonal was furious that the hosts subjected them to that level of torture. Leafeon then went over to the infrmary to check up on the 3 contestants, but was told that Lillipup was in a coma and there was nothing they could do here.

Later that night, Leafeon approached the two teams at elimination and told them what happened. "Hey guys... I sincerly apologize for what the hosts did to you today, I did not support their decision to do this and I contacted Alakazam because they went too far." Leafeon then lowered her head in sadness. "But because of what they did, Lillipup is now in a coma due to that near-death experience and had to be medically evacuated from the game. I am sincerly sorry to everyone still here and we will make sure that doesn't happen again..."

As Team Collab leaves, Leafeon gives the medals to Tyra, Lopunny, Jumpluff, Froslass, Arcanine, Yanmega, and Drapion. The bottom 2 are Glameow, for her failure in leading, and Togekiss for failing the challenge and nearly dying. In the end, Glameow was spared and Togekiss was sent home. When Togekiss asked why, Jumpluff told her it was because of what happened in today's challenge and that the team felt she could get better treatment at home than staying here. Togekiss understood the reason and took a Medical Helicopter home so that she could be further treated.

Episode 4: Expiration DateEdit

Challenge: Grab a briefcase hidden in an old sentry depot and bring it back to base.

A few hours after Team AXC sent Togekiss home, Tyra and her alliance held their next meeting. Tyra suggests to her alliance that Glameow should be the next to go since she will cause nothing but trouble later on in the game. Jumpluff suggests that they hold off on getting rid of Glameow since anyone can win against her at the end, but Yanmega cuts in and tells Jumpluff that plan only works sometimes in this game. Froslass and Tyra agree with Yanmega's statement, leaving Jumpluff to suggest Drapion since he reminds her a bit of her uncle. In the confessional, Tyra tells the audience how stupid it is to keep a villain around since they will ruin it for everyone the longer they stay in the game, Jumpluff feels sad for getting criticized by Yanmega but understands why he said it, Yanmega feels bad for criticizing Jumpluff, and Froslass mentions that she misses someone on her show.

On Team Collab, Delcatty walks over to a giant rock to collect her thoughts, but ends up getting stopped by Sableye.

"What do you want Sableye?"

"I saw what happened last night."

Delcatty sighs. "Look, I was just trying to cheer him up."

"That's not what I am getting at. But if I wanted to, I could easily spin this into a story against you."

"Why are you going after me? What did I do to you?"

"Nothing, but you were a part of Beartic's alliance and you voted him out so you have blood on your hands from that."

Delcatty begins to grit her teeth in anger. "Compared to what you did in your season? I could easily tell everyone on the team what you did and you would be gone!"

Sableye then crosses his arms. "You think people would believe you? You don't have that many allies in this game Delcatty. Who are you going to trust? Arcanine, the crazy person? Or Manectric, the one you barely had a friendship with. Heck, even when you had allies you didn't do anything to stop the villains from your show. Why is that?"

Sableye then proceeds to walk around Delcatty. "Oh yes, I remember. Because if you did, you would be a target from your fellow competitiors. You're too nice for your own good Delcatty, and that's what costs you. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe keeping the villains around is a good idea, I mean not even making it to the finale must be good enough for you. The fact is Delcatty, if you took out the villains from your show then you would be the next to go, so you use the villains as a smokescreen to protect your own hide. How selfish."

"Shut up Sableye.."

"Did I touch a nerve Delcatty? If I was wrong, then you shouldn't be this angry. Maybe you're this angry because you know I am right. You hardly do anything in this game, so why even compete? At least the villains do something and have the brains to back it up, instead of using each other as a smokescreen."

Sableye then stops walking around Delcatty and proceeds to sit on the rock. "You know what's sad Delcatty? Rapidash is a better player than you. At least she doesn't quit."

Delcatty then lets out a sigh. "Fine...I'll be in your stupid alliance..."

In the confessional, Delcatty is furious at Sableye, while Sableye says that he doesn't care what Delcatty thinks of him, cause she knows he's right.

The next day, Leafeon appears in front of the contestants to announce the next challenge: Grab a briefcase hidden in an abandoned Sentry depot and bring it back to the base. The first team to secure the briefcase wins, while the other team goes to elimination.

Empoleon then gives Glameow and Manectric the map to the depot and the team heads off.

When both teams arrive at the depot, Team AXC decides to go in through the back, while Team Collab goes in through the front.

As Team Collab walks into the depot, Manectric notices that the inside is covered with sentry guns and tells his team to be careful and not to touch anything. In the confessional, Manectric tells the viewers that he knows about sentry guns since his grandfather used to make sentry guns back in the Vietnam War, while Tyranitar is annoyed at the sight of sentries because of his experience with Team Fortress 2.

Over with Team AXC, they find out that the door is locked and can't get in. Arcanine volunteers to open the door, but Glameow tells her now. Annoyed, Arcanine charges up a Flame Wheel and almost hits Glameow in the process, but is able to knock the door down. As they go inside, Drapion accidently steps on a trap, and the sentries start firing at him. Lopunny runs up to Drapion and manages to save him from getting shot by kicking him into the other room with her Jump Kick, which shuts off the sentries. In the confessional, Glameow is annoyed that Drapion almost got them killed, Froslass is shocked that Lopunny could do that, and Lopunny mentions that she learned that trick from when she was in the army.

Back with Team Collab, Manectrc is sniffing the floor while the other members of the team look on in confusion. When Delcatty asks Manectric why he is doing this, he responds "Trap tiles give off a scent that only dogs can pick up. I am making sure there are none here." Manectric then stands up and gives the all-clear to his team. In the confessional, Sableye comments how weird Manectric is.

Over with Team AXC, they come to a 4-way crossroad and Glameow tells her team to split up. Tyra and Yanmega go down one hall,Froslass and Jumpluff go down another hall, Arcanine and Lopunny go down the other hall, and Drapion and Glameow go down the last hall.

As Team Collab enters the next room, they spot a 4-way crossroad and Manectric tells the team to go down the first hallway, and if there is nothing there, then to go down the next hallway. In the confessional, Sableye points out how stupid this plan is because it could give the other team enough time to find the briefcase, but Manectric is confident that his plan will work.

Back with Team AXC, Froslass and Jumpluff come to a dead end and walk back, Glameow has a smile on her face, which makes Drapion confused, Tyra and Yanmega come to a dead end, but before they walk back, Yanmega spots a giant spiked ball headed towards them. As Yanmega flies away, Tyra turns around and faces the rolling spike ball. As it gets closer, she puts her right hand out and fires a Focus Blast at the spike ball, destroying it in the process. As Yanmega heads back towards Tyra, he's confused that Tyra didn't show any fear when the spiked ball was coming for them. "Yanmega, I wasn't terrified because I knew that I could take it down." She then points to where the spike ball came from and they see a bright light ahead.

Over with Lopunny and Arcanine, Lopunny starts up a conversation.

"So you're the infamous Arcanine I've heard a lot about?"

Arcanine then nods her head. "I see. You know, for someone obsessed with Absol, you aren't acting as crazy as you were on AndyXChallenge. Why is that?"

Arcanine then responds. "Because that person you saw on TV wasn't the real me. The real me is one who believes in the Great Arceus and would never do the things I did on that show."

"So you basically got jealous?"

Arcanine then nods her head. "I see. Well to be honest, you are still a teenager so it will take you a few years to grow up into a respectable adult. Does it excuse what you did? No, but you still have a lot to learn before becoming an adult. As for the whole Great Arceus thing, it takes a lot of guts to admit your religion to others considering how opposing we can be sometimes, so that deserves some respect."

Arcanine then smiles. "Thanks Lopunny."

"No problem. Look, you're still a teenager so take this advice from someone who's older than you. Never let love control your thinking, it will always hurt you in the long run. I loved someone, but I let it control my thinking and now I have a divorced husband and a deceased daughter. It may be hard and I am not saying that love is a bad thing, but don't let it control the way you think."

Arcanine then nods her head.

Over with Team AXC, Manectric managed to locate the briefcase on an old table and grabbed it for his team.

Over with Team Collab, Drapion and Glameow spots Manectric running away with the briefcase and Drapion decides to stop him with Electrode bowling balls. As Drapion rolls Electrodes at Manectric and his team, they manage to get away and the Electrodes explode, taking out half of the depot in the process.

As Team AXC makes it back to the base with the briefcase, they are declared the winners of the challenge. Leafeon then opens up the briefcase and tells the team that there is an idol at the army base that will protect them from getting voted out. Leafeon orders Empoleon to get help for Team Collab due to the explosion.

Over with Team Collab, Glameow is furious that becuase of Drapion's little stunt, her fur is dirty. Tyra manages to get the rest of her team out of the rubble, but when she spots Drapion holding an Electrode in his hand, she walks over to him enraged.

As Drapion turns around, he has a horrified look on his face when he sees how angry Tyra is.

"Holy Joe Louis Tyra, you don't need to be that angry."

Tyra then grabs Drapion by the chest. "You nearly killed us Drapion."

"But it was just a joke."

After a few seconds of silence, Tyra lowers her head and grits her teeth. "Drapion... Have you ever heard of Tyragicape?"

"Oh ya, she has a huge temper."

Tyra then raises her head with a wide smirk. "Ever wondered where she got that temper from?"

Drapion gulps."Probably a Blaziken."

Tyra then flys into the air while still grabbing Drapion and proceeds to stop flying when she spots a large area of sand with no buildings in sight, while the other members of her team run over to watch a few hundred meters away from the depot.

Tyra's smirk then grows wider. "Not even close."

She then throws Drapion into that area of sand and creates a huge shockwave as a result. While the other members of the team are okay, Drapion is inside a huge crater and knocked out.

When Tyra lands on the ground, Glameow is stunned at what she just witnessed. In the confessional, Tyra says that she doesn't like to get angry, but when someone tries to kill her or people around her even if it was a joke, then she will retaliate. She then points out that her daughter got that temper from Tyra, not Blazikape. Froslass is a little scared at what she just saw Tyra do and mentions not to mess with her.

At the elimination ceremony, Drapion wakes up and Crystal.Rose gives the medals to Lopunny, Jumpluff, Yanmega, Froslass, Arcanine, and Tyra. The bottom 2 are Glameow, for her leadership and Drapion for nearly killing his team. In the end, Glameow is spared and Drapion is sent home. When he asks why, Tyra tells him. "Drapion. Just go."

Drapion then remembers what happened and proceeds to go over to the Jeep Ride of Shame. He then puts on a top-hat and pulls out a cane from his tail and dances to Hello, my Baby as the Jeep rides away.

Episode 5:Mines of BloodEdit

Challenge:Get through a minefield.

A few hours after Drapion's elimination, Tyra and her alliance held their 3rd meeting. Tyra suggests that they take out Glameow next time they lose. Jumpluff is not sure about Tyra's suggestion but as she looks up, she spots Glameow sitting on one of the Army Base roofs. The other members of the alliance notice that Jumpluff is staring at something and when they turn around, they spot Glameow for a split second before Glameow runs off. In the confessional, Tyra confirms her suspicion about someone spying on them, Jumpluff is shocked that Glameow was spying on them, and Glameow is furious that Tyra spotted her.

As Glameow is running away by jumping on the rooftops, Lopunny appears and stops her.

"What do you want, you harlet rabbit!"

Lopunny then sighs. "Classy...Anyways, I noticed that you were running away from something. I take it that you were spying on someone's alliance meeting?"

"Maybe I was, why does it matter to you? You're no better than me."

Lopunny then responds. "Here's the difference Glameow, I acknowledged my mistakes. Yes, I acted like a bitch. Yes, I was cruel to my husband. But I have worked to resolve those issues and become a better person as a result. You on the other hand haven't."

Glameow lets out a deep sigh before responding. "So what? I am rich, you're not. So go cry me a river because you have no one that loves you. Heck, Mightyena lost someone and now he's rich and has a girlfriend."

As Glameow walks by Lopunny, Lopunny says something to Glameow. "Your riches will only last so long. Money doesn't equal true happiness. As for Mightyena, I am happy for him because no one deserves to suffer like he did."

Glameow stops walking for a second, surprised by what Lopunny said. "Whatever, it's become quite clear that Delcatty is his girlfriend. Just go ask Sableye, he spotted Delcatty next to Mightyena."

"Glameow,I honestly don't care about who he's romantically with."

Glameow proceeds to walk away as Lopunny jumps off the roof and lands on the ground. In the confessional, Glameow is furious by what Lopunny told her and tells the audience that Lopunny deserves to be alone, while Lopunny tells the audience that while she was in the army, she realized that she doesn't need a man to be happy and that it's her accomplishments that makes her happy, which is also why she doesn't care that Mightyena found someone to make him happy.

Over with Sableye's alliance, Sableye tells his alliance that its best to take down Mightyena next. Although Delcatty refuses, Sableye glares at her and she changes her mind. In the confessonal, Delcatty is getting very annoyed that she has to work with Sableye, Smeargle feels bad that he's working with Sableye, and Sableye tells the audience that he doesn't need Smeargle anymore.

Over with Manectric and his alliance, they talk about who to eliminate next. Manectric and Smeargle suggest Sableye, Mightyena suggests Sableye, and Tyranitar suggests Delcatty. After the alliance meeting ends, Mightyena is confronted by Sableye who has a shiny object in his pocket.

"What do you want Sableye?"

"I honestly don't care about your wants Mightyena."

"I've been meaning to ask that Sableye. Why don't you care?"

"Simple Mightyena. First off, I don't have a caring bone in my body and second of all, it was because of a ceremony. A ceremony designed for Ghost types to remove their caring parts and bring out their true nature."

Mightyena then responds. "You must be reading Cultipedia because that ritual only comes from my dad's side of the family."

Sableye then smirks. "Apparently not. My father put me through this ceremony to bring out my true nature as a ghost type."

"But that's impossible. My father told me that his side of the family were the only ones to use this ritual."

After a few minute of silence, Mightyena and Sableye pull out their family portraits and are left confused.

"Was your father a Bisharp?"

Sableye then tilts his head in confusion. "You are correct. My mother was a Sableye. He mentioned before that he had a naive sister who was a Lopunny, but I never looked into it."

After hearing each other's statements, they swapped their family portraits and had shocked looks on their faces.

When Mightyena saw Sableye's family portrait, he saw a small Sableye, a Bisharp, and a normal sized Sableye, while Sableye saw a Poochyena, a Lopunny and a Mightyena in Mightyena's portrait.

The next Day

Leafeon and the other hosts arrive at the army base to announce the next challenge: To get to the end of a minefield.

Crystal.Rose then leads the two teams to an empty field and moves to the side to start the challenge.

For Team Collab, Manectric tries to sniff the area for landmines, but is unable to determine the exact location of the mines, so he tells his team to go in different patterns in order to find a way to the end of the field.

As for Team AXC, Glameow orders her team to go in one direction for the entire challenge.

With Team Collab, Tyranitar steps on a mine and get teleported back to the Army Base.

As for Team AXC, Arcanine and Jumpluff step on a mine and are teleported back as well.

Over with Team Collab, Smeargle steps on a mine, but before he is teleported away, Delcatty spots Smeargle and pushes him out of the way, resulting in her getting eliminated from the challenge. In the confessional, Smeargle is shocked that Delcatty saved him despite his hatred of females. He then begins to think that maybe not all females are out to get him and feels relived as a result.

Over with Team AXC, Froslass and Glameow stepped on a mine and got teleported back to the army base.

Later on in the challenge, Smeargle, Tyranitar, Manectric, and Yanmega step on mines and get eliminated.

In the end, Tyra and Lopunny make it to the end of the field and won the challenge for their team.

At the elimination ceremony, Sableye plays an idol and is safe from the vote. Crystal. Rose then gives the other medals to Tyranitar, Mightyena,and Manectric. Because Sableye was spared, the bottom 2 were Delcatty and Smeargle. In the end, the final medal went to Delcatty and Smeargle was sent home. When Smeargle asks why, Sableye tells him that since everyone voted for him, all the votes except Sableye's was rendered useless. Smeargle understands this reason and wishes his alliance the best of luck in the future and hopes that Sableye gets taken down. Manectric then gives Smeargle a fist-bump before Smeargle leaves in the Jeep Ride of Shame.

Episode 6: Mega MergeEdit

Challenge: Locate Menasor Maximus

After Smeargle's elimination, Mightyena then decides to head off to an empty area in the desert with Sableye in pursuit. After a few minutes of digging, Mightyena locates two shiny totem poles in the ground. But as he attempts to reach for both of them, Sableye appears in front of Mightyena and stops him.

"So there were two idols after all?"

After hearing Sableye's words, Mightyena growls. "What do you want Sableye!"

"You know exactly what I want. Now give me the idols!"

Mightyena then smirks. "Silly cousin. Why on earth would they place 2 idols here instead of spacing them out?"

After hearing what Mightyena said, Sableye walked closer to the hole. "So they made a fake idol? Well, I know which is the real idol." He then points to the one on the right and picks it up. "Good luck with the fake one."

After Mightyena picks up the idol on the left, he proceeds to ask Sableye a queston. "Sableye, if you don't care about anything then why do you care enough to find the idols?"

Sableye responds. "Because I want to make this game more interesting for everyone else. Finding an idol doesn't affect me, but when people find out I have an idol they go ballistic."

"Very well."

In the confessional, Mightyena points out that his plan is working, while Sableye is excited to put his plan into action.

Over with Team AXC, Tyra and her alliance hold their next alliance meeting. Tyra and her alliance agree to vote out Lopunny next, while Glameow is eavesdropping on their meeting.

After the alliance meeting ends, Glameow runs off and Tyra tells her alliance the real plan.

As Glameow runs off, she is stopped by Lopunny once again.

"Not the stupid rabbit again."

"You think I care about your feelings Glameow? You're just a Heather wannabe."

As Glameow walks away, Lopunny proceeds to speak to her. "Why would Delcatty go for Mightyena in 2016 when she has a spouse? There's a 6 year age difference between the two and whatever Sableye's been telling you is nonsense."

In the confessional, Glameow is left confused by what Lopunny said to her, while Lopunny states that she merely wanted to clear up that assumption.

The next day, the hosts appear and announce the next challenge: A mysterious mech has crashlanded in this area and it's their job to locate the mech known as Menasor Maximus.

Leafeon also tells the contestants that if some of them do not wish to look for the mech, then they can decide to not participate in the challenge. After hearing this, only Tyra, Sableye, Mightyena, Lopunny, Tyranitar, and Jumpluff participate in the challenge.

Over with Team AXC, Tyra decides to lead her team to a large cave that's several kilometers away from them, pointing out that a large mech would normally be in a huge cave.

Over with Team Collab, Mightyena and Tyranitar notice that Sableye has run off. Tyranitar wonders if they should go after him, but Mightyena points out that it might be a trap and that they should utilize Tyranitar's senses to find a mountain. Tyranitar agrees to this request and by using his scent, he manages to locate a mountain a few miles north of their direction.

In the confesional, Mightyena is eager to win this challenge, while Tyranitar points out that his family is not only able to destroy a mountain with one fist, but they can also use their senses to locate said mountains.

Over with Team AXC, Tyra and her team managed to reach the mountain and they proceed to head inside.

Over with Team Collab, Mightyena and Tyranitar manage to reach the mountain and head inside as well.

As Team AXC heads inside the mountain, they get attacked by a Gigalith, a Serperior, and a Bouffalant. Although Lopunny is able to take down Bouffalant, and Tyra is able to take down Gigalith, Jumpluff is unable to take down Serperior due to her similar typing. Just as Jumpluff is about to be taken down, Lopunny jumps in and hits Serperior with an Ice Punch, resulting in the Pokemon fainting.

As Lopunny helps Jumpluff up, Tyra finds an orb next to the fallen Gigalith and picks it up. In the confessional, Jumpluff is thankful that Lopunny helped her out in that fight, and Lopunny is glad to have helped someone out, while Tyra is interested in what this orb can do.

Over with Team Collab, Tyranitar and Mightyena are ambushed by a Zoroark and a Vespiquen. While Mightyena is able to take down Vespiquen, Tyranitar is unable to fight against Zoroark and gets thrashed by the creature.

"Tyranitar, you gotta fight!"

"I can't! I'm not a fighter!"

Mightyena then sighs. "I get it. You're a gamer. But that doesn't mean that you don't have some strength in you! You're a Tyranitar, a Pokemon that can crush a mountain with one hand! Even if you spend most of your time playing games, I know you have the strength to stop this stupid creature."

But despite Mightyena's words, Tyranitar was still getting thrashed.

There has to be something. Wait, I got it.

"Hey Tyranitar, think of that Zoroark as that final boss from Ghost and Goblins! You want that high score? You gotta beat him!"

After hearing that, Tyranitar's eyes beamed. "HIGH SCORE!" As Zoroark was about to finish off Tyranitar, Tyranitar hit Zoroark in the face with two Focus Blast attacks, knocking him out.

"Allright, good job Tyranitar."

Tyranitar then lets out a sigh and responds. "Thanks Mightyena. Now let's go get that mech."

In the confessional, Mightyena is confused on why those two Pokemon attacked them, while Tyranitar points out that in the timeskip, he got treatment for his anxiety.

Over with Team AXC, Tyra and her team make it to a large empty area in the cave and the only thing they spot are 6 Pokemon encased in stone: Accelgor, Gigalith,Vespiquen,Serperior,Zoroark, and Bouffalant. While Lopunny and Jumpluff are left confused by this, Tyra decides to walk over to the Gigalith with the orb in her right hand and investigate.

"Interesting. These Pokemon look like the ones we fought earlier."

As Tyra touches the stone Gigalith's head, the orb begins to glow and engulfs the area in light.

When the light dissipates, Jumpluff notices that she has been unaffected by the light but when she looks around, she notices that Tyra and Lopunny have mega-evolved.

As Lopunny examines the situation, she is shocked by this mega-evolution. "I got a Mega Evolution? Why do I look like a kick-boxer?" She then shrugs. "Ah screw it."

Over with Tyra, she examines her body and notices the Mega-Evolution as well. "This is an odd transformation. I don't look that different."She then shrugs after a few moments of pondering. "It's probably temporary."

As Tyra finishes her sentence, she notices that the Pokemon that were turned to stone are now living once again. The Gigalith then proceeds to speak. "Thank you Saiyan for freeing us. That Mega Orb you used must've been responsible for this. That stone reacts to anyone in the area who can Mega-Evolve and causes their mega-evolution. But it appears that it has given us life once again. Tyra, we have seen your courage and determination and we have come to the decision that you shall be the pilot of Menasor Maximus."

After hearing this, Tyra had a shocked look on her face. Me? Pilot a mech? This is insane.

Lopunny smirks after hearing Gigalith's words. "Good thing I'm not piloting it then. Go on Tyra, you deserve it!"

Jumpluff excitedly responds."Ya, give our team the win!"

After hearing her friends remarks, Tyra then smirks. "All right, let's do it."

Gigalith then nods his head. "To create the mech, issue this command: Transform, Combine, Summon MENASOR MAXIMUS!

After Gigalith issued the command, Tyra proceeded to do the same. "All right. Transform, Combine, Summon MENASOR MAXIMUS!"

Once Tyra gave the command, all 6 of the stoned Pokemon merged together with a Golurk and created a giant mech in front of Team AXC. Tyra then teleported into the cockpit with Instant Transmission and started the mech up. "Come on Lopunny and Jumpluff, hop on!"

The two nodded their heads and jumped onto Menasor's shoulders as Tyra teleported the mech to the Army Base.

As Team Collab heard the sound of a machine starting up, Mightyena and Tyranitar knew that they lost the challenge and proceeded to head back to the base.

Later that day, Leafeon was surprised that Tyra was now the pilot of this mech, but shoved it aside to announce the winners of the challenge. "Congratulations Team AXC for winning yet another challenge..."

"Now for your reward. Both teams will be going to elimination tonight and voting someone off of their team. But since Team AXC won the challenge, Tyra, Lopunny and Jumpluff are immune from the vote.See you tonight!"

At Team AXC's elimination ceremony, Crystal. Rose gives the medals to Tyra(who returned to her normal form), Lopunny(who also returned to her regular form),Jumpluff, Yanmega, and Froslass. The bottom 2 are Glameow, for her leadership and Arcanine for her performence in Season 3. In the end, the final medal goes to Arcanine and Glameow is eliminated. Upon hearing that she was eliminated, Glameow is furious. "Why did you idiots vote me off! You told me that Lopunny was your target!"

Tyra then smirks in response. "When did we ever say that Glameow? Were you spying on us or something?"

Before Glameow could respond, Lopunny proceeded to respond while also spinning a necklace on her right finger. "It's quite simple Glameow, Tyra told the rest of the team about your antics and we decided to mutiny against you."

Glameow then responded. "How unclassy Lopunny. Don't you know it's rude to spin a necklace from your loved one around!"

Lopunny then stopped spinning the necklace to respond to Glameow's remark. "Who said it was my loved one's necklace? This is a necklace I made." She then jumped out of her seat and showed Glameow that the necklace she had was in the shape of a harp.

"Impossible. Only Delcatty can play the harp."

Lopunny then smirked for a brief second before walking away. "This isn't over Lopunny!" Glameow said as she left on the Jeep Ride of Shame.

Over with Team Collab, Crystal.Rose gave the medals to Manectric, Delcatty, and Tyranitar. The bottom 2 were Sableye and Mightyena. But before the final medal could be given out, Sableye stops the ceremony. "Hold on Crystal. Rose, I believe there is one personal matter that needs to be settled. Mightyena, you and I found two idols in the desert the other day. It's only fair as siblings that we present the two idols together and see which one is the real one. Kinda like the solution to a game of he said, she said."

Mightyena then nods his head to Sableye's request and they both play their idols. Crystal.Rose then proceeds to continue the ceremony. "Looking at these two idols, one of them IS a fake while the other is real."

"The last medal of the night, and the person making it to the final 10 is....."





As Mightyena receives his medal, Sableye has no reaction to being eliminated.

"So it seems that you tricked me Mightyena. You had this set up from the beginning didn't you?"

Mightyena then nods his head. "Yes. I knew of your performance in Micheal's show and I wanted to be the one to take you down personally. The only flaw in that plan was finding out that you're my cousin, but that's fine."

Sableye then smirks. "Well played Mightyena. Good luck."

As Sableye walks towards the Jeep Ride of Shame, Mightyena gives him a fang necklace which confuses Sableye. "Why give me this?"

"Look Sableye, even though you're a villain. You're still my cousin, and I think it's only right I give you the same necklace I give to my brothers Dragonite and Druddigon. You can throw it away if you want, but I just wanted to give it to you as a gift."

As the Jeep Ride of Shame rides away, Sableye debates whether or not to throw it away. "I should probably throw this piece of crap away... But, I guess I can keep it as a reminder of my defeat." Sableye then smirks as he puts the necklace in his bag.

Episode 7: Dragon SlayerEdit

Challenge: The contestants must brace themselves between two walls while standing on tiny footholds above the ground. Only their arms and feet can touch the wall. Last one left wins.

After Sableye's elimination, Team Collab returns to the barracks to get some sleep. In the confessional, Tyranitar was surprised that Mightyena had an idol this whole time and because of that, Tyranitar finds it hard to trust Mightyena.

Over with Team AXC, Tyra and her alliance decide to hold a meeting before they get some sleep. Before they discussed their next elimination plan, Tyra told her alliance that she has made an offer to Lopunny to join their alliance. When Jumpluff asks why, Tyra explains that with the merge coming up, they will need all the allies they can get. After Tyra finishes her explanation, Lopunny appears from the shadows and waves to the alliance.

"Hey guys. I considered Tyra's offer, and I accept."

In the confessional, Tyra is happy to have another person in her alliance that can be trusted. Jumpluff is worried about having Lopunny around, Froslass is suspicious about Lopunny, Yanmega is okay with this decision since the merge might be coming up, and Lopunny is thankful to be in Tyra's alliance but she also tells the audience that Tyra is a threat in this game.

The next day, Manectric meets up with the remaining members of the alliance and discuss their next plan. Mightyena suggests voting out Delcatty, and everyone agrees to this choice since she is the only member of the team not in Manectric's alliance. A few feet away however, Delcatty overhears Manectric's alliance and is furious.

In the confessional, Delcatty expresses her frustration at not only being forced into Sableye's alliance, but now Glameow made up a story that she cheated on Flareon with Mightyena. She tells the audience that she doesn't like to get angry because she is a nice person, but this has officially crossed the line.

Over with Team AXC, Lopunny tells her alliance-mates that Manectric has made an alliance with everyone on his team, except Delcatty.

Tyra then asks Lopunny. "Interesting. How did you find this out?"

Lopunny then responds. "I observed an alliance meeting of theirs a few nights ago and that's how I found out."

Before this conversation could continue, Jumpluff decides to speak. "That's fine and all, but why don't we take out the leader first? If Manectric is the leader of the alliance, then it would make the most sense to take him down first, like the head of a dragon."

Tyra thinks about Jumpluff's decision for a moment before smilng." I like that idea Jumpluff, we'll go with it. Great job."

After giving Jumpluff a high-five, they continue their meeting. In the confessional, Tyra expresses how glad she is to have this alliance, Jumpluff is excited that the alliance is going with her idea, Froslass gives Jumpluff credit for her plan but is still suspicious of Lopunny.

Later that day, the hosts arrive in the army base and announce that the tribes have merged into one. It's everyone for themselves now and Leafeon announces the first challenge: The contestants must brace themselves between two walls while standing on tiny footholds above the ground. After 30 minutes, they will step down to smaller footholds. After one hour, they must step down to the smallest footholds, less than a quarter of an inch wide. Only their arms and feet can touch the wall. Last one left from each gender wins.

Empoleon then leads the contestants a few miles away from the army base and brings them to the challenge area.

Once the 10 contestants get on their individual footholds, the challenge begins.

Elapsed Time: 5 minutes~ As the chalenge begins, Yanmega and Jumpluff begin having difficulties standing on the footholds due to their lack of feet. Tyra and Lopunny haven't moved a muscle, Manectric is trying to find a good spot, Arcanine has a hard time standing still, but is able to find a good spot to hold, while Delcatty is able to hold her position.

Elapsed Time: 10 minutes~ 5 minutes have passed, and Yanmega/Jumpluff are unable to hold on any further and drop out of the challenge.

Elapsed Time: 30 minutes~ The contestants still in the challenge move down to smaller footholds and the challenge continues with no issue. Jumpluff winks to Froslass, and Froslass winks back. In the confessional, Jumpluff wants to make sure Manectric's elimination goes off without a hitch, so she is giving this act that her and Froslass are planning something to draw the attention away.

Elapsed Time: 60 minutes~ The remaining contestants move down to the final foothold, which can barely contain their feet and the challenge continues.

Elapsed Time: 65 minutes~ Arcanine begins to wobble because of the small foothold and is unable to regain her balance, causing her to be eliminated from the challenge. Tyra and Lopunny have remained still as statues, while Delcatty loses her balance for a quick second but regains her footing.

Elapsed Time: 80 minutes~ 15 minutes later, and Tyranitar begins to lose his balance. Despite his numerous attempts at regaining his footing, he loses his balance completely and is eliminated from the challenge. Manectric's right foot gives out and he is eliminated from the challenge. In the confessional, Manectric is furious that his right foot had to give out at that moment and is now worried that he will be the next person to go home.

Elapsed Time: 85 minutes~ Mightyena begins to sweat a bit, but is able to hold his footing.Tyra forgot about her footing for a quick second and ended up losing her balance, causing her to get eliminated. In the confessional, Tyra comments on how stupid that decision was.

Elapsed Time: 90 minutes~ Mightyena sweats a little more, and almost loses his balance, but is able to regain it. Leafeon is surprised that Lopunny is able to hold that position for over an hour and half. Delcatty almosts loses her footing again, but she is able to regain it. When she hears Leafeon's comment, Delcatty decides to speak.

"So Lopunny, there's been something bugging me since last night. I overheard that Glameow was telling your team that I was in a relationship with Mightyena. Mind explaining that bullshit!"

After Delcatty finished her sentence, Lopunny was silent for a few moments before she responded. "You might wanna be careful what you say Delcatty. Otherwise, it could cost you in this game."

"Why should I! Someone on your team made this false story about me and you expect me to take this lying down!"

Lopunny then sighed. "Delcatty. Do you honestly believe everything a villain says? No wonder you never won a season. Listen up, I had nothing to do with this story about you and that Hyena over there. I don't give two shits about what Mightyena does with his love life, it doesn't affect me."

While Lopunny and Delcatty are arguing, Froslass shrugs in response. "Delcatty, answer this question then. Lopunny showed us a Harp Necklace. Do you play a harp?"

After Delcatty took a deep breath and exhaled, she answered Froslass' question in a calm manner. "No Froslass. My music teacher told me when I was younger that only two-legged Pokemon can play that instrument." After she said that, her eyes widened. "Wait a minute... Lopunny!"

Lopunny then sighed. "So you think it's me because I have two arms? Great thinking. Just because I like an instrument doesn't mean I wanna play it."

Delcatty proceeded to respond. "I heard a harp play Lopunny, don't lie to me!" She then lost her balance and was eliminated from the challenge.

Elapsed Time: 95 minutes~ Five minutes had passed, and Lopunny decided to speak again but this time to Froslass.

"Froslass, you mentioned before that you don't trust me correct?"

"That's right Lopunny."

Lopunny then smirked. "Then I hope this will help." She then jumped off of the footholds and Froslass/Mightyena were declared the winners of the challenge.

In the confessional, Froslass was surprised that Lopunny was willing to give up a chance at safety to prove her trust to the alliance, Lopunny mentions that she did that to gain the trust of Froslass and Jumpluff in the events that Tyra has to be blindsided, Mightyena is relived to be safe from elimination but is furious that Glameow made up that story about him and Delcatty.

Over with Manectric's alliance, Manectric tells his alliance that it's time to take out Lopunny especially since Delcatty is angry with Lopunny at the moment. But Mightyena then decides to chime in.

"Listen Manectric, I don't think it's best we take out Lopunny. It's quite obvious that Tyra is the leader of an alliance with Lopunny, let's take her out instead."

"Mightyena, I don't understand. This is the perfect opportunity to take out Lopunny, this might be our only chance."

"But if Tyra is the leader of an alliance, she might be planning your elimination. Hell, Jumpluff and Froslass were acting suspicious during the challenge, it's quite possible that they are working with Tyra and did that act to draw attention away from Tyra so that you would be an easy blindside."

Manectric then sighed. "You're right Mightyena, what was I thinking? It seems like everytime I am given the chance to oust a big power player, I always forget to do it. It would make sense that those two would act suspicious because then Tyra could implement her plan and I'd be ousted."

Mightyena then smirked. "Exactly. So let's vote her out."

Manectric lowered his head for a short moment before he glared his eyes at Mightyena. "By the way Mightyena, do you think I am stupid!"

After Manectric's outburst, his alliance was shocked by this and were wondering what Manectric would do next. "You planned this double idol strategy without talking to the alliance first and didn't expect me to catch on? Think again! I am not some stupid cute dog that is oblivious to everything!"

Manectric then points one of his front legs to Mightyena's chest and continues to speak. "You attacked Sableye for being a villain and yet that double idol strategy came off as very villainous to me. How can we trust you! I trusted you, let you be a part of this alliance, and this is how you repay me! I got burned so many times because people lied to my face and now that I am given this chance to make a big move, you try to burn me! Burn this alliance's trust! How dare you!"

Manectric then let out a deep sigh. "You know how I feel when it comes to trust, so why do this to us Mightyena?"

Mightyena then reaches into his fur and pulls out a Guitar necklace. "Because I was the only one in this alliance that was willing to take him out early. You guys keep your villains late in the game, and look where it gets you? Manectric, you may have won Season 3, but you also lied to one of your comrades to get there. You want to talk about trust now, you hypocrite!"

Mightyena then proceeds to walk away with the alliance shocked. In the confessional, Manectric is shocked that Mightyena would betray the alliance like that, Tyranitar is surprised at what both Mightyena and Manectric said, and Mightyena tells the audience that he is furious at Manectric.

Near the barracks, Lopunny spots Delcatty near the entrance and decides to talk to her.

"Hello Delcatty."

Delcatty then sighs. "Hi Lopunny. Listen, I am sorry for my attitude earlier. That was immature of me and I take full responsibility for it."

"It's fine Delcatty. I've had stories made up about me too, I know how it feels. Hell, the most famous one was did I murder my kid intentionally? I had to tell them that it wasn't intentional, it was a complete accident."

"So why didn't you clarify this earlier Lopunny? If you knew the details, why didn't you tell them the truth."

"Well Delcatty, that's because I burned a lot of bridges in my adult years. If I told them, would they have believed me? Probably not. Hell, every day I wake up to the guilt of what I did. It especially hurts waking up in the morning and not hear my daughter and husband's voices. All because I went crazy a few years back. For these last few years, I have worked to repair those bridges but the guilt doesn't go away, it stays with you forever."

"I'm sorry to hear that Lopunny."

As Delcatty gets up to leave though. "You weren't wrong on that conclusion Delcatty." This caused Delcatty to stop walking and respond. "Why were you secret about it then?"

"Because being public about a relationship in a game will cost you. I think you know that better than anyone else."

At the elimination ceremony, Crystal.Rose gave the medals to Froslass,Mightyena, Tyranitar, Jumpluff,Arcanine,Delcatty,Yanmega, and Lopunny.

The bottom 2 were Tyra, for leading her alliance and Manectric, for leading his alliance. In the end, the final medal went to Tyra by two votes.

Manectric was shocked that he was eliminated, but he took a deep breath and walked down to the Jeep Ride of Shame. Before he was about to enter the Jeep, Mightyena and Tyranitar appeared and Mightyena apologized to Mightyena for lying to him. Manectric tells him that it's all right and he shouldn't have flipped out for getting rid of a villain. After giving his two alliance-mates a fist bump, Manectric enters the Jeep Ride of Shame and becomes the first member of the Jury.

Episode 8: Wrangle Em UpEdit

Challenge: Locate a Tailed Beast(Pokemon)

After the elimination ceremony the males decide to get some sleep, while Tyra and her alliance go to have their next alliance meeting. In the confessional, Tyranitar says that he and Mightyena need to stick together now since Manectric was eliminated tonight, while Mightyena wonders how long it will take the cast before his secret is exposed.

Over with Tyra and her alliance, Tyra suggests taking out Delcatty next since she isn't a part of any alliance and could become a threat later on in the game. In the confessional, Jumpluff is okay with the plan since she doesn't know much about Delcatty, Froslass is pissed because she thinks that idea is stupid, Yanmega doesn't really agree with the plan, and Lopunny notices that Froslass doesn't seem happy with Tyra's plan.

After the alliance meeting ends, Arcanine goes to talk to Lopunny and offers to make an alliance with her, to which she accepts. In the confessional, Lopunny notes that she only did that because she feels that Tyra is becoming too big of a threat to keep around, while Arcanine is happy to have an alliance with someone.

The next day, Mightyena and Tyranitar agree to work together in order to have a chance in this game, but before they discuss their next plan Arcanine appears and offers to be in their alliance, to which they accept.

Over with the females, Froslass gets a letter from her parents and breaks down in tears.

Jumpluff overhears this below and tries to help Froslass.

"Froslass,what's wrong?"

Froslass didn't say anything for the next few moments before she decided to tell Jumpluff. As Froslass was wiping away her tears, she responded with extreme sadness in her voice. "I got this letter today from my parents and my father told me that my mother is in the hospital getting treatment for lung cancer. She has been fighting this for eight years and managed to pull through, but this time might be different He told me that she may not last long..."

After hearing Froslass' response, Jumpluff was left shocked by this and didn't say anything to her friend.

Before Froslass was about to break down crying again, Jumpluff hugged her to try and calm her down.

In the confessional, Froslass is debating whether or not to quit so that she can be with her mother, while Jumpluff thinks that maybe it'd be best for Froslass to quit so that if her mother does go, she can spend her last days with her.

As Froslass was about to leave the barracks, Tyra went into the barracks with Lopunny.

After Froslass told her alliance what happened, Tyra,Lopunny and Yanmega gave their input on what Froslass should do.

Tyra: "Froslass, I understand the feelings you're going through right now. In all honesty, I think that if your mother doesn't make it, it'd be best that you be there for her. No amount of money can compare to your bond with your family."

Lopunny:"I have to agree with Tyra Froslass, I think it's best that you be there for her."

Yanmega: "Absolutely."

Froslass nodded her head in sadness and thanked them for being good friends to her in this game.

At the challenge, Leafeon asks the contestants how their first night as a merged tribe was, but when she gets to Froslass, she tells Leafeon. "Due to someone who is very ill and close to me who is slowly getting worse, I wish to pull myself from this game and be there for her. My first priority is my family, and it wouldn't help if I was here and not be there for her if she passes on."

Leafeon then responds. "You're talking about your mother aren't you?"

Froslass nods her head. "Yes, this is my family and I would never forgive myself for choosing to enter this game while my mother is slowly getting worse and not be able to do anything about it."

" I understand Froslass. Just to clarify though, you wish to quit because of what's going on with your mother?"

Froslass nods her head.

"All right, that's understandable. I think everyone in this game wouldn't blame you for this decision Froslass, even though it could result in consequences in the future for your fellow friends/alliance-mates but like you said, your family is your first priority."

"We had a challenge today, that will no longer happen. But for now, this is about Froslass, so let's bring in the Jeep."

As the Jeep Ride of Shame comes into the Army Base, Froslass gives her goodbyes to her fellow contestants either through hugs or handshakes.

"Good luck Froslass."Said Leafeon

As Froslass enters the Jeep Ride of Shame, it drives away as the contestants walk back to the barracks.

Froslass rushed to her mother's bedside. One month later, she lost her battle with Cancer...

Episode 9: Bijuu BattleEdit

Challenge: Defeat a Tailed Beast(Pokemon)

A day has passed since Froslass quit the game and the remaining contestants have been spending the day relaxing in the barracks. Over with Mightyena and Tyranitar, they have been pondering if whether or not they should accept Arcanine's deal. In the confessional, Mightyena states that he's not sure about the deal since he stopped watching TheAndyXChallenge after the 3rd episode of Season 1 and didn't like her as a Growlithe, while Tyranitar states that he's willing to accept the deal since it could get them to the Final 3.

Over witth Tyra's alliance, Jumpluff has spent most of the day crying/snoring over Froslass quiting the game, resulting in the girls discussing their plans outside the barracks. Tyra suggests taking it easy for the next little bit until they're back to their normal selves, since Jumpluff is in a crying mess. In the confessional, Tyra mentions that since Jumpluff is in a crying mess, it would not be nice to discuss plans since it would remind Jumpluff of Froslass, while Lopunny mentions that now she has a chance to oust Tyra.

Later in the day, Lopunny and Arcanine go to talk to Tyranitar and Mightyena and suggest a Final 4 alliance to them. Tyranitar is up for this idea, but Mightyena is unsure. Lopunny points out that she will also be a part of the alliance and that would result in the attention getting directed towards Lopunny instead of this alliance and Mightyena accepts the offer. When Mightyena asks Lopunny who they could get rid of first, Lopunny suggests either Tyra or Delcatty. In the confessional, Tyranitar is excited to have a chance at the final 4, Mightyena is curious how Arcanine got Lopunny to join this alliance, Arcanine is excited to have an alliance, and Lopunny is happy that this plan is working.

A few hours later, the hosts arrive at the Army Base and Leafeon announces the next challenge. "You guys will be fighting 8 Tailed Beasts from the Naruto Series transformed into Pokemon. Palkia was willing to lend us a hand retrieving these guys in exchange for us retconning the first Universe 3 Story. The first person to defeat a Tailed Beast wins Immunity. So let's randomize the numbers and let's start the challenge."

1st Match: Yanmega vs Shukaku(Linoone)

The first match is against the One Tailed Beast and Yanmega. Yanmega starts the match by shooting a Bug Buzz at Linoone, but the Pokemon is able to dodge the attack and fires an Ice Beam into Yanmega's right wing, disabling his wings. As Linoone prepares another attack, Yanmega manages to fire a Bug Buzz into Linoone's face, sending him back a few meters away. But before he faints, Linoone blasts Yanmega with an Ice Beam to the face, resulting in Yanmega losing the challenge.

2nd Match: Delcatty vs Matatabi(Liepard)

The second match is against the Two Tailed Beast and Delcatty. Delcatty starts the match by dodging Liepard's Shadow Ball attacks and trying to think of a counter-attack. One of the Shadow Balls eventually hits Delcatty, but it goes right through Delcatty as she fires a Shock Wave at Liepard, which damages her.

Delcatty then tries to shoot another Shock Wave attack at Liepard, but Liepard outspeeds it and hits Delcatty with numerous Rock Smash attacks, resulting in Delcatty fainting.

3rd Match: Tyranitar vs Isobu(Blastoise)

The third match is against the Three Tailed Beast and Tyranitar. Blastoise starts off the match by firing two Hydro Cannons at Tyranitar, but Tyranitar is able to dodge the attacks by using Dig and getting behind Blastoise where he then uses Thunder Fang on Blastoise's neck, paralyzing the creature.

Before Blastoise can attack again, Tyranitar decides to end this match by grabbing Blastoise by his tail and hurling him into a Mountain, winning Immunity.

After Tyranitar wins immunity, his alliance decides to oust Tyra while Tyra's alliance decides to oust Delcatty.

At the elimination ceremony, Crystal.Rose announces that the Jury will be able to view everything that goes on in the Army Base and they will use that information to decide a winner. After giving that speech, Crystal gives the medals to Tyranitar,Jumpluff,Mightyena,Lopunny,Yanmega and Arcanine.The bottom 2 are Tyra, because she's a threat and Delcatty, for not doing much. Leafeon then announces that both contestants received 4 votes and now they will have a tie-breaker: A fire making challenge. In the end, Tyra is able to make the fire first and Delcatty is eliminated from the game, becoming the 3rd member of the jury.

Delcatty accepts this elimination and walks to the Jeep Ride of Shame without saying a word.

But before the Final 7 goes back to their Barracks, Leafeon appears and announces that they will have their next challenge here. "This challenge will be a Trivia Challenge. Right next to you is a clipboard containing the letters A,B,C, and D. You will use these letters to answer the questions given out. First person to 5 wins Immunity."

After the Final 7 grabs their clipboards, Leafeon begins the challenge.

Question 1: In Season 1 of AndyXChallenge, who was the only person to rig the votes(A:Tropius, B: Camerupt, C: Electivire, or D: Cherrim)?

Tyranitar: C

Mightyena: B

Yanmega: C

Jumpluff: A




Correct Answer: B


Mightyena: 1




Yanmega: 0

Jumpluff: 0


Question 2: Which contestant has been known for quitting twice? (A:Delcatty(AXC), B: Mightyena(KWave), C: Cubchoo(SLF16), or D: Drapion(PXC123)

Tyranitar: A

Mightyena: A

Yanmega: B

Jumpluff: A




Correct Answer: A


Mightyena: 2




Jumpluff: 1



Question 3: Which Total Pokemon Season had the most contestants in it (A: Performance), B: AXC:USA, C: PXC123 Total Pokemon Island , or D: Micheal545's TPI?

Tyranitar: A

Mightyena: A

Yanmega: A

Jumpluff: C




Correct Answer: A


Mightyena: 3





Jumpluff: 1


Question 4: Which of these characters has been through phyiscal abuse?(A: Drapion, B: Flaafy, C: Blazikape , or D: Azumarill?

Tyranitar: B

Mightyena: B

Yanmega: A

Jumpluff: C




Correct Answer: B


Mightyena: 4





Jumpluff: 1


Question 5: Which character survived the longest in an individual Immunity Challenge(A: Rosemis, B: Umbrelu, C: Druddigon , or D: Shiny.Articuno?

Tyranitar: A

Mightyena: A

Yanmega: A

Jumpluff: B




Correct Answer: A


Mightyena: 5






Jumpluff: 1

With Mightyena winning immunity, the alliances quickly discuss who they will vote out next. Mightyena's alliance suggests Tyra, while Tyra's alliance suggest Lopunny after Jumpluff points out that Lopunny isn't here.

After the votes were cast, Crystal.Rose gave the medals to Mightyena, Tyranitar, Jumpluff, Arcanine, and Yanmega. The bottom 2 are Tyra and Lopunny. But once again, Crystal.Rose reveals that the votes are tied with 3 votes each, while Yanmega received one vote. Both compete in the Fire-Making challenge but they are both able to complete their fire at the same time, which results in another tie.

Leafeon then tells the Final 7 what they will do: Revote, except for Lopunny/Tyra.

After the revote, Crystal decides to read the votes before she gives the final medal.

"First vote: Lopunny."

"Second vote: Tyra."

"Third vote:Lopunny."

"Fourth vote:Tyra."

"One vote left."

"The last medal of the night and will get another chance in the game goes to...."






As Lopunny receives her medal, Tyra is shocked at first that she was eliminated but then she smiles. "You guys got me good." She gets off the bench and turns her attention to Lopunny. "That's what I call a blindside. I got to give you credit Lopunny, you turned my plan against me. Good job." Jumpluff floats over to Tyra and gives her a goodbye hug while Tyra wishes Jumpluff the best of luck in the Final 6. As Tyra walks over to the Jeep Ride of Shame, she is stopped by Mightyena and Tyranitar, who tell her that she played a great game. She gives the two a thumbs up and wishes them luck before she goes in the Jeep Ride of Shame.

Later that night, Mightyena's looking out at the moon for a bit strumming his guitar when Lopunny shows up behind him.

"Hey Mightyena, I figured that you would be out here."

"Hey Lopunny."

Lopunny then decides to sit next to him and gaze at the moon. "It's hard to believe this happened."

Mightyena then nods his head in agreement. "Agreed. I didn't think that Tyra would get eliminated tonight."

"Not just that Mightyena. You know what I mean." She then pats his head in amusement.

"I do. But I don't think that's important here."

" I understand Mightyena, that can be dealt with once this season is over and we can go home." Lopunny then smiles which causes Mightyena to blush a bit. "Anyways, I'm getting some sleep, so later." She then gets up and walks away while Mightyena continues to strum his instrument.

Episode 10: Hollywood HellEdit

Challenge: Survive the worst movies ever made!

A few hours had passed since the elimination ceremony and the hosts decided to reward the Final 6 with a screening of the 1984 film Ghostbusters. During the film, Lopunny wondered if whether or not she would sit next to Mightyena, but then she realized the issues that would come from it. Tyranitar, who never watched the film was laughing his ass off at the comedy and found the action scenes pretty enjoyable. Jumpluff on the other hand was bored out of her mind and fell asleep an hour into the film. Yanmega was listing facts for a bit before he got bored with it and proceeded to watch the movie in silence. Arcanine was scratching her head in confusion at the very idea of Ghostbusting but ultimately decided to put that thought aside as she began to enjoy the film despite it conflicting with her religion.

After the film ended, Empoleon and Raichu cleaned up the area while the contestants went to sleep. In the confessional, Mightyena told the audience that Ghostbusters is his favorite Comedy and has now watched it for the 100th time, saying it gets better every time. Lopunny explains how she used to love the film, but it kinda hurts to watch the film now since that was her daughter's favorite movie but is grateful that the hosts were willing to give them a reward for making it to the final 6. Yanmega tells the audience that he is a huge Ghostbusters fan, Arcanine tells the audience that she enjoyed the movie despite it conflicting with her religion and might check out the sequel once the season is over. Tyranitar was surprised that this film from the 80's entertained him, and Jumpluff said that the film was both unfunny and boring and questioned why the hosts made them watch it.

The next day, Mightyena's alliance discussed who to vote out next. Mightyena suggested Yanmega because he feels that his intelligence will make him a threat later on, Arcanine agrees with Mightyena's decision because she felt that Yanmega stuck out like a sore thumb in Tyra's alliance and questions how he got this far in the game. Tyranitar argues that maybe Jumpluff should go since she already won a season, but Lopunny points out that the only reason Jumpluff should go is because keeping her around isn't making her feel any better since Froslass quit. In the confessional, Arcanine expresses her frustration in being in the same alliance as Lopunny because she feels that neither Mightyena or Lopunny can be trusted.

Later that day, Arcanine went to talk with Jumpluff and Yanmega and gave them a proposition.

"I'm fed up with my alliance. You two are currently on the bottom of the Totem Pole and will go home next. But, I can help you fix that issue. I wanna join your alliance and take out Lopunny/Mightyena because those two can't be trusted."

Jumpluff then responds. "Why should we let you into our alliance?"

"You can always refuse my offer, but this will be the only offer I will make to you. If you accept, your chances of getting into the Top 3 will rise more than if you refuse my offer. In other words, accept and make it to the end, or refuse and join the jury."

A few feet away, Lopunny overheard this conversation and is furious. In the confessional, Lopunny expresses her anger that Arcanine took her trust and smashed it with a hammer by plotting her elimination and betraying the alliance. Arcanine is glad that she is going to do something about those two, Yanmega is left unsure if whether or not he should accept Arcanine's offer, and Jumpluff is surprised that Arcanine is willing to make a powerplay, but is unsure if she should accept Arcanine's offer.

Later that day, the final 6 showed up in front of the army base as the hosts arrived to announce the next challenge: Each contestant must sit through the worst movies ever made and the ones that stay in their seats without either falling asleep, getting up, or turning the projector off will win immunity.

Raichu then proceeds to lead the contestants to an abandoned movie theater and leads the contestants to their rooms where the movies will be projected.

Room 1: Tyranitar vs Alone in the Dark (2005)

As the film begins, Tyranitar is excited to see the film adaption. As the movie goes on however, Tyranitar's frustration with the film begins to rise as he notices that the film is less of an adaption of the video game and is instead a rip-off of zombie movies. He also hates the main characters of the film,calling them bland and stupid and almost gets up from his chair before deciding to stay in his seat. When the film ends, Tyranitar is furious and crushes the DVD in his hands before leaving.

Room 2: Jumpluff vs Night Junkies

As the film begins, Jumpluff realizes that this film is a rip-off of the Twilight movies and expresses her hatred of those movies. As the film continues, the bad acting and the terrible story begins to wear down our Grass friend until she sees the sexual parts of the movie, which results in her bolting out of the room in disgust.

Room 3: Lopunny vs Dracula 3000

As the film begins, Lopunny is surprised that they made a movie about a robotic Dracula but is willing to see what they do with it. But despite the pacing problems, the bad acting and the really stupid moment, Lopunny is laughing her ass off at how stupid the film is and actually survives the movie..

Room 4: Yanmega vs Battlefield Earth

When Yanmega sees the title of the film, Yanmega remembers this movie and is terrified. As the film reaches its climax, Yanmega shuts the movie off when he hears that the planet reacts violently to radiation, facepalming at how stupid that is.

Room 5: Mightyena vs The Howling: New Moon Rising

As the film goes on, Mightyena facepalms at how stupid the conversations are, the amount of dick jokes in the film, and the horrible werewolf costume they gave to the lead actress. Ultimately, Mightyena is unable to finish the movie and walks out as the credits roll.

Room 6: Arcanine vs Rock,it's your decision

As the movie begins, Arcanine feels offended that her religion is being used to brainwash a fellow religious person to hate a music genre. As the film goes on, her frustration with the movie continues to go up as now she feels offended that this movie is treating her religion as a cult, culminating in Arcanine destroying the projector with a Flamethrower before walking out of the room in anger.

As the challenge ends, Raichu gives immunity to Lopunny and Tyranitar, while the other contestants are up for the vote.

As the contestants leave the area, Lopunny notices something in the garbage and decides to pick it up when no one is looking.

Mightyena's alliance agrees to vote out Yanmega tonight, while Jumpluff, Yanmega and Arcanine agree to vote out Mightyena.

At the elimination ceremony, Lopunny reveals to Crystal. Rose that she has a hidden immunity idol and will use it on Mightyena tonight, nullifying his votes and angering Arcanine as a result, with Jumpluff and Yanmega in shock.

Crystal.Rose then proceeds to give the medals to Tyranitar, Lopunny, Mightyena, and Jumpluff. The bottom 2 are Arcanine, for betraying Lopunny's alliance and Yanmega, for being an intellectual threat. In the end, the final medal goes to Arcanine, sending Yanmega home.

Yanmega wishes Jumpluff luck in the Final 5 and proceeds to leave in the Jeep Ride of Shame.

Later that night, Arcanine is confronted by Lopunny, who explains why she was spared over Yanmega.

"I kept you in this game because I want you to realize the consequences for betraying someone's trust. You took my trust, my offer to keep you around and you stamped into the ground. I treated you as a friend in this game and you spit in my face, now you will face the consequences. You're out of the alliance Arcanine, and now it's just you and Jumpluff versus Me,Tyranitar, and Mightyena."

But before Lopunny leaves, Arcanine decides to rub some salt in the wound.

"You go on about trust, but you took your daughter to a place that you assured to her was safe and then she was murdered. If you let your daughter die like that, you're worse than me!"

Lopunny clenched her fists in anger for a few seconds before sighing.

"Arcanine, you don't even know the full story. That area was safe, but on the day we went, we had no idea that people were trying to invade that area and we were cornered. You assumed that I left my daughter to die? Not even close. When a couple of those men got close to her, I jumped in and saved her from them and we tried to get away, but... She got shot from behind and fell to the ground..."

Lopunny's eyes began to water as she continued. "I did everything I could to save her, even trying to use my own blood to stop the bleeding since Vampires can cure other Vampires with their own blood if their related. But despite all that I could do, my own daughter.. my own flesh in blood...Died in my arms... For so long, I blamed myself for what happened, I could have gone a different day, a different time. I never told you why Gliscor left me... This depression turned into insanity... I nearly killed my husband one night and he left me shortly after, which further added to my depression. It came to a breaking point where I wanted to be with my daughter in the after-life... One day, I tried to hang myself... I wanted to end this torment.... But it didn't work... My neck was too thick for the rope and it snapped a second after I kicked the stool away. After I fell to the ground, I realized what I attempted to do, I tried to take the selfish way out and ruin my daughter's memory in the process... It was at that point that I realized I had a mental problem and decided to seek help.."

Lopunny then wiped her tears and walked towards Arcanine.

"The person you see before you today is different from the one you saw on TV several years ago. I deeply regret the things I did, but I have accepted what I have done and used those mistakes to carve out a brighter future. I do feel regret for what happened with my daughter, but I still have her in my heart and memories.."

"That's why trust matters to me Arcanine, and why I feel ashamed that you stamped on it."

Arcanine was left speechless by what Lopunny told her, but after a few minutes, she responded. "I understand Lopunny. I do feel bad for stamping on your trust. But that doesn't mean I have to like you or what you did. If you say you're different from the Lopunny from Performance and prior, you're going to have to prove it to me."

Lopunny nodded her head in agreement. "Very well."

Episode 11: 'Death of an AllianceEdit

Challenge: Stand on 5 planks. Last one standing wins.

The day after Yanmega's elimination, Lopunny goes over to her alliance and discuss who they will eliminate next. Mightyena suggests Arcanine, and the other two agree with Mightyena's decision. In the conferssional, Mightyena wants to take Arcanine out because she betrayed the alliance, Tyranitar wants Arcanine out because it would take the target off his back for a bit but is also planning to take Lopunny out, while Lopunny is glad that Arcanine will go home tonight.

Over with Arcanine and Jumpluff, they discuss voting off Mightyena again but Arcanine argues that Lopunny might save him once again.  Jumpluff admits that although that may be true, he is still a threat at the end of the day. In the confessional, Jumpluff tells the audience that she is getting fed up with Arcanine and wants her out of the game, while Arcanine tells the audience that she doesn't like Jumpluff that much.

Later that day, the hosts arrive at the army base and announce the next challenge. The Final 5 will stand on 5 wide planks and every few minutes, they will take a plank off until there is only one plank left. Last one standing wins.

After Leafeon finishes describing the challenge, Raichu and Empoleon take the final 5 to a large bunker, which contains the 5 planks as well as a deep pool below.

As the Final 5 get on the planks, the challenge begins.

10 minutes: 10 minutes after the challenge has begun, everyone seems to be in a comfortable position and none of them have had any issues with their balance. Empoleon then tells the contestants that the first plank will now be removed. After the first plank is gone, most of the contestants are unaffected but Jumpluff begins to shake a bit.

20 minutes: 10 minutes later and Empoleon removes the second plank. After this plank is removed, Jumpluff almost loses her balance but she is able to recover her position.

30 minutes: Arcanine loses her balance and falls into the deep pool below. She comments that the water is really cold and asks if this water is poisonous, to which Leafeon responds with "This was cleaned Arcanine, now get out of the water".  Tyranitar then begins to lose his balance and falls off.

1 hour: 30 minutes have passed and Empoleon removes the next plank. Tyranitar wonders how Jumpluff is able to regain her balance considering how light she is, but Arcanine reminds Tyranitar of the pollen she has in her hands. After the plank is removed, Lopunny falls off and the final 2 are Mightyena and Jumpluff.

2 hours: 1 hour later, Mightyena and Jumpluff are still standing on their planks and haven't moved once. Jumpluff asks Mightyena for safety tonight, but Mightyena doesn't respond to her question.

2 hours 30 minutes: 30 minutes later, most of the contestants have left except for Tyranitar and the next plank is removed and Jumpluff asks once again for safety tonight but this time, she reminds Mightyena that if she goes to the end with Lopunny or Arcanine, he will lose. Overhearing this, Tyranitar asks Jumpluff how much she is willing to save herself. Jumpluff then confesses that she was in an alliance with Arcanine and Lopunny and points out that she is willing to make herself a 3rd vote for Tyranitar and Mightyena if they keep her around. Mightyena tells her that they'll think about and Jumpluff loses her balance, giving Mightyena immunity.

After the challenge is over, Mightyena and Tyranitar talk in private about Jumpluff's deal.

Tyranitar brings up that they may have a good alliance with Lopunny, but she can beat them in the finale.

Mightyena points out that Jumpluff has also won a season and has enough good traits to secure a second win under her belt.

Tyranitar understands Mightyena's reasons for not trusting Jumpluff but he tells Mightyena that he has to put his feelings aside for this decision.

In the confessional, Mightyena is unsure about who he will vote out tonight, while Tyranitar tells the audience that he will be voting out Lopunny tonight.

Over with Lopunny and Mightyena, Lopunny tells Mightyena that she overheard Jumpluff's plan and has a solution to the problem.

"The issue is that you have no clue who to eliminate. So my solution is what I call the Romeo and Juliet procedure. Give your immunity to Tyranitar and tell the others to vote for the both of us and no one else. If you have no clue who to eliminate, then this should be no issue at all. You said yourself that us being in a relationship in the game is a bad idea, so consider this a vote between alliance-mates. If either of us go, so be it. The other will continue on in this game as normal okay?"

Mightyena nods his head but asks this question. "Are you sure about this."

"Yes Mightyena. I am fully aware of the risks of this, but that's what it means to be an adult. You have to make the tough decisions and follow through with them regardless of consequences."

They then shake hands and initiate their plans.

At the elimination ceremony, Mightyena gives his immunity to Tyranitar and Crystal.Rose gives the medals to Tyranitar, Jumpluff, and Arcanine.

"The bottom 2 is Lopunny and Mightyena. For the sake of this, I will read the votes."

"First vote: Lopunny."

"Second vote: Mightyena."

"Third vote: Mightyena."

"Fourth vote: Lopunny."

"This is it, the final vote of the night. The 14th person voted out of the game and the 6th member of our Jury is."






Mightyena's eyes widen as a result of this but Lopunny just lets out a deep sigh.

"Mightyena, you only got votes from Lopunny and Arcanine."

"Lopunny, you got votes from Mightyena, Tyranitar and Jumpluff."

Lopunny then gets out of her seat and faces the final 4 with a smile on her face. "It was an honor to play this game with you guys, it may suck that I am leaving, but I personally felt this was for the best."

As Lopunny walks to the Jeep Ride of Shame, Mightyena and Tyranitar follow.

Before she gets in, she wishes the two good luck and kisses Mightyena on the cheek.

As the Jeep Ride drives away, Tyranitar asks if he's okay. Mightyena tells Tyranitar that this was Lopunny's decision and he's not gonna cry over it when he can do something about it. Tyranitar and Mightyena then exchange fistbumps and tell each other that Arcanine is next while Arcanine and Jumpluff give nasty looks to each other.

Episode 12: Honorary DischargeEdit

Challenges: Solve 10 rounds of Trivia. After Lopunny's elimination, Tyranitar found Mightyena playing his guitar on a rock.

"Hey Mightyena, you feeling okay?"

Mightyena stopped strumming for a second to respond. "Hi Tyranitar, I didn't see you there."

Tyranitar then took a seat next to Mightyena as he put his guitar away.

"What are you doing out here? It's pretty late."

Mightyena then responds. "I haven't been practicing for a while so I wanted to test out the strings."

Tyranitar smirks. "I see. I thought you were moping."

Mightyena smirks in response. "I told you Tyranitar, I'm not going to let her elimination bring me down, especially when we can do something about it."

"That's good to hear. If this works out, it'll be a Dark Final two at the end."

After a few seconds of silence, Tyranitar proceeded to rub the back of his head while Mightyena responded. "It would be an interesting final two, but we need to take out Arcanine and Jumpluff to make it happen. By the way Tyranitar, I was meaning to ask this. Who did you end up hooking up with on your show?"

But before Tyranitar could answer, Arcanine and Jumpluff were running towards them with the hosts in pursuit, stopping in front of the two dark types. As the Hosts stop their truck, Leafeon announces their next challenge.

"Good evening Final 4, tommorow is your last day at the army base. By the end of tommorow night, one of you will win this season and take home the cash prize. Tonight's challenge will be a test of Intelligence. You will be quizzed on the eliminated contestants and whoever scores the most by the end of 10 rounds will win immunity."

Round 1: What was the first challenge of the Season?

Tyranitar: Take down 3 members of the opposing tribe in a Cowboy Showdown.

Arcanine: Get to the camp.

Jumpluff: Take down 3 members of the opposing tribe in a Cowboy Showdown.

Mightyena: Take down 3 members of the opposing tribe in a Cowboy Showdown. Answer: Take down 3 members of the opposing tribe in a Cowboy Showdown.


Arcanine: 0



Mightyena: 1

Round 2:  In the 3rd challenge, who was medically evacuated?

Tyranitar: Lillipup

Arcanine: Lillipup

Jumpluff: Togekiss

Mightyena: Lillipup. Answer: Lillipup


Arcanine: 1



Mightyena: 2

Round 3: Out of the former contestants, which one was involved with almost every alliance?

Tyranitar: Lopunny

Arcanine: Arcanine

Jumpluff: Arcanine

Mightyena: Lopunny Answer: Lopunny(Tyra's alliance, Mightyena's alliance)


Arcanine: 1



Mightyena: 3

Round 4: Where does Drapion reside?

Tyranitar: G-Mod

Arcanine: Insane Asylum

Jumpluff: Utah

Mightyena: G-Mod Answer: G-Mod


Arcanine: 1



Mightyena: 4

Round 5: Who currently wears a necklace in this game?

Tyranitar: Mightyena

Arcanine: Mightyena

Jumpluff: Mightyena

Mightyena: Mightyena Answer: Mightyena


Arcanine: 2



Mightyena: 5

Round 6: How many kids does Tyra have?

Tyranitar: 2

Arcanine: 4

Jumpluff: 4

Mightyena: 4 Answer: 4(Blazitar,Tyragicape,Liepard,Tyrana)


Arcanine: 3



Mightyena: 6

Round 7: What item did Smeargle bring into the game?

Tyranitar: Family Portrait

Arcanine: Paint

Jumpluff: Family Portrait

Mightyena: Family Portrait Answer: Family Portrait


Arcanine: 3



Mightyena: 7

'Round 8: Name the two eliminated contestants who 'weren't officially voted out.

Tyranitar: Froslass and Lillipup

Arcanine: Froslass and Lillipup

Jumpluff: Froslass and Lillipup

Mightyena: Froslass and Lillipup Answer: Froslass and Lillipup


Arcanine: 4



Mightyena: 8

Round 9: Which pre-jury contestant was in the army?

Tyranitar: Toxicroak

Arcanine: Lopunny

Jumpluff: Toxicroak

Mightyena: Toxicroak Answer: Toxicroak


Arcanine: 4



Mightyena: 9

Round 10: List the contestants voted off Team Collab

Tyranitar: Toxicroak,Beartic, Lillipup, Smeargle,Sableye, Manectric, Delcatty

Arcanine: Toxicroak,Beartic,  Smeargle,Sableye, Manectric, Delcatty

Jumpluff: Toxicroak,Beartic, Smeargle,Sableye, Manectric, Delcatty

Mightyena: Toxicroak,Beartic, Lillipup, Smeargle,Sableye, Manectric, Delcatty Answer: Toxicroak,Beartic, Lillipup, Smeargle,Sableye, Manectric, Delcatty


Arcanine: 4



Mightyena: 10

"Mightyena, you have won immunity once again. You will be safe from the vote. Now everyone, follow me to the elimination ceremony."

In the confessional, Mightyena is happy that he has won immunity, Tyranitar is excited that he is safe, Arcanine is furious that she lost, and Jumpluff is worried that she is going home tonight.

Before the contestants cast their votes, Jumpluff asks Mightyena to save her since she protected him in the past.

At the elimination ceremony, Crystal. Rose gives the medals to Mightyena and Jumpluff.

The bottom 2 are Tyranitar and Arcanine. The final one goes to Tyranitar, sending Arcanine home.

Arcanine was left speechless after realizing that she was eliminated from the game. But then she took a deep sigh and left for the Jeep Ride of Shame.

"Congratulations Mightyena, Tyranitar and Jumpluff. You have made it as far as you can in this game. The power now shifts to the jury. 7 people, including Arcanine, who you had a hand either directly or indirectly in voting out of this game now holds your fate in their hands. Have a good night."

Part 2Edit

A day has passed since the elimination of Arcanine and everyone is excited for their last day at the army base. In the confessional, Mightyena is ready to give his all, Tyranitar is excited that he made it this far and Jumpluff is really excited that she has made it to the end after all that has happened to her.

After the confessional, the final 3 are brought to the bunker where they have their elimination ceremony and the final challenge begins.

Leafeon and the other hosts appear in the bunker dressed up and the jury is brought in: Manectric, Froslass, Delcatty, Tyra, Yanmega,Lopunny, and Arcanine.

As the jury takes a seat opposite to the Final 3, Leafeon begins to speak. "Welcome to the finale of Total Pokemon Collab 2. As said last night, the jury holds your fate in their hands. So here's how it will go. The three of you will have an opening statement, and then the Jury will proceed to ask you questions based on either your gameplay or based on yourself. Afterwards, we will vote and decide on a winner. Let's begin with Opening Statements. Jumpluff, you're first."

Jumpluff: "Hello everyone. I just want to say that I was surprised to make it this far, but I have went through a lot to make it here. So if you have any questions about my gameplay or my decisions, I will answer as honestly as I can."

Tyranitar: "Okay. I want to start this off by admitting that I could have done more in this game. I am not a manipulator. I am not a social player, but I have a lot of heart, determination and great friends and I believe that's why I got this far. I was still involved with making decisions for my alliances and I did play a part in the strategy, but if you have any questions about it, I will answer to the best of my abilities."

Mightyena: "This time around, I wanted to take a different approach with the way I played the game. I was more upfront, I was involved with 99% of the strategies that came out of my alliances and I was a bit more aggresive in the challenges. I understand that a lot of you don't like to vote for people because of their attitude or decisions and I get that. I'm not going to sit here and say that I played an awesome game because I do regret some of the decisions that I made and there were moments that I am not proud of. But their were a lot of sincere interactions I had with you and that was not just for strategy. It was because I legitimately considered you a good person. All I ask of you tonight is to base your decision based on who you think played a better game overall instead of basing your vote on the person who screwed you over the least."

Leafeon: "Very good opening statements. Now Jury, it is your turn to speak. Each of you will be given the chance to ask a question to the Final 3 or make a comment. Yanmega, start us off."

"Hello guys. First off, I want to congratulate you on making it to the Final 3, I think that's a pretty great accomplishment. But now for my question. Mightyena, Jumpluff, if there was something you could've changed in your strategy what would it be?"

Mightyena: "It would probably be adding Arcanine to the alliance. I personally believe she caused nothing but trouble to us and it probably would have been a better option to have left her alone."

Jumpluff: "I'd say, letting Lopunny join the alliance. I think she was responsible for the downfall of our alliance and when it crumbled, it was never the same."

Yanmega then thanks the two for their answers and heads back to his seat as Delcatty is next to ask questions.

Delcatty: "Hey guys. Congrats on making it to the final 3. Now onto my question. Tyranitar, why do you think anyone should give you their vote tonight when you were more like a coat-tail rider?"

Tyranitar: "First off, I did take part in some of the eliminations and those were my ideas. Secondly, I believe they should vote for me because I believed I played a more honest game than the other two."

Delcatty: "Whatever."

As Delcatty heads back to her seat, Tyra is next.

Tyra: "Hello everyone. Congratulations on making it to the final 3. My question to you three is who would you switch your spot with and why?"

Jumpluff: "Froslass. I think she deserved to be here instead of me because I feel that she did a lot more in this game than I did."

Tyranitar: "Smeargle. He and I barely got to talk to each other, but I think if he lasted longer then we might have been good friends."

Mightyena: "I'd say Lopunny. She made a lot of good moves and I feel like she went through a lot to get to the Final 5."

Tyra: "Thank you for your honesty Final 3."

As Tyra heads back to her seat, Froslass is next to speak.

Froslass: "First off, I wanna congratulate you three on making it this far. I don't have any questions but I will give my opinions on you. Mightyena, I think you played a decent game and you were able to hide your relationship with Lopunny pretty well. Jumpluff, you're a great friend, a great listener and you have some pretty good strategies from time to time. Tyranitar, you're a pretty good person too, but I think your big problem is that you rode coat-tails to get this far. That's all I gotta say."

As Froslass heads back to her seat, Lopunny is chosen next.

Lopunny: "I think my vote is obvious. But I wanna ask Tyranitar a question. Why didn't you do more?"

Tyranitar: "I believe the reason for that is because when i tried to do more in my show, people viewed me as a threat and I was voted off because of it. This time around, I wanted to be more of a helpful friend and I think it worked out pretty well."

Lopunny gives her thanks to the Final 3 and walks back to the Jury Bench.

Manectric: "I just want to congratulate Mightyena and Tyranitar for doing a good job making it this far and I hope one of you wins."

Arcanine is then chosen to talk to the final 3.

Arcanine: "Hello guys. I have no questions, but I do have statements. I am not upset that I was voted out over Tyranitar. I am not upset that I was betrayed. I take full responsibility for that. But I will say though that honesty and strategy are two different things. You can't apply honesty to an effective strategy because it will backfire on you, and you can't apply a good strategy to honesty because truth is not in the same category as intelligence. When it comes to the term Coat-Tail rider, I believe that term can be applied to anyone in this game since everyone has to ask for help every so often and you three have clearly done that in this game. If you guys want less of a reason to vote for Tyranitar, it should be because he didn't play a good game not because he got assistance in the game. My final statement is a paralell to the Great Arceus' words. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe. "

As Arcanine heads back to her seat, Leafeon begins to speak once more. "Thank you Jury. It is now time to vote. Tonight, you are voting for a winner so make it count."

After the jury members have voted, Empoleon updates the system that shows the votes and Leafeon begins to read them.

"Thank you all for a great season. I hope the viewers have also liked this season after the atrocity of Season 6. But that will be up to them to decide. Let's begin."

"Manectric voted for: Mightyena."

"Froslass voted for: Jumpluff."

"Delcatty voted for: Jumpluff."

"Tyra voted for: Jumpluff."

"Yanmega voted for: Mightyena."

"Lopunny voted for: Mightyena."

"This is the final vote. 3 votes Mightyena. 3 votes Lopunny. If Arcanine voted for Tyranitar, we have a tie. If not, we have a winner."

"In the end. Arcanine voted for....."








After hearing that he won the season, Mightyena's eyes widened. He was stunned.  Tyranitar patted him on the back and Jumpluff congratulated him for winning the season.

As the Final 3 and the Jury celebrate Mightyena's victory, Leafeon hands him the $1 million check and a medal of honor.

"After 12 episodes and multiple seasons, Mightyena. Trent is the winner of Total Pokemon Collab 2. Jumpluff will be leaving with a half a million dollars, and Tyranitar will be leaving with a quarter of a million dollars."

"Thank you all for a fantastic season and we hope to see you soon!"

Elimination TableEdit

Episode: #
Fire Challenge
Fire Challenge/
Mightyena Sableye Sableye Didn't vote Didn't vote SAFE Sableye(X) Sableye Manectric Couldn't vote Tyra Tyra Tyra Yanmega Lopunny Arcanine Winner
Jumpluff SAFE SAFE Didn't vote Togekiss Drapion SAFE Glameow Manectric Couldn't vote Delcatty Lopunny Lopunny Mightyena Lopunny Arcanine 2nd Place
Tyranitar Sableye Sableye Didn't vote Didn't vote SAFE Sableye(X) Mightyena(X) Tyra Couldn't vote Tyra Tyra Tyra Yanmega Lopunny Arcanine 3rd place
Arcanine SAFE SAFE Didn't vote Glameow Drapion SAFE Glameow Tyra Couldn't vote Tyra Yanmega Tyra Mightyena Mightyena Tyranitar Mightyena
Lopunny SAFE SAFE Didn't vote Glameow Drapion SAFE Glameow Manectric Couldn't vote Delcatty Tyra Arcanine Mightyena Mightyena
Yanmega SAFE SAFE Didn't vote Togekiss Drapion SAFE Glameow Manectric Couldn't vote Delcatty Lopunny Lopunny Mightyena Mightyena
Tyra SAFE SAFE Didn't vote Togekiss Drapion SAFE Glameow Manectric Couldn't vote Delcatty Lopunny Jumpluff
Delcatty Sableye Beartic Didn't vote Didn't vote SAFE Sableye(X) Mightyena(X) Tyra Couldn't vote Tyra Jumpluff
Froslass SAFE SAFE Didn't vote Togekiss Drapion SAFE Glameow Manectric Quit Jumpluff
Manectric Toxicroak Beartic Didn't vote Didn't vote SAFE Sableye(X) Sableye Tyra Mightyena
Merge begins!
Sableye Toxicroak Beartic Didn't vote Didn't vote SAFE Smeargle Mightyena(X)
Glameow SAFE SAFE Didn't vote Togekiss Tyra SAFE Arcanine
Smeargle Toxicroak Beartic Didn't vote Didn't vote SAFE Sableye(X)
Drapion SAFE SAFE Didn't vote Glameow Glameow
Togekiss SAFE SAFE Didn't vote Glameow
Lillipup Toxicroak Beartic Medically Evacuated
Beartic Sableye Sableye
Toxicroak Sableye

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