Vespiquen is a dual-type Bug/Flying Pokemon. It evolves from a female Combee starting at Level 21

Vespiquen as Coco Bandicoot


Combee started out the daughter of a Vespiquen and believe it or not, a Beedrill. Combee's yellow has always been a little liter being the daughter of a Beedrill as well. She was the star athlete from a young age and became very competitive in dealing with anything that was a test of skills. So once she saw the ad for Total Pokemon Island, she was already convinced to enter the competition and win. Her skills would never be questioned during the competiton, but her trust would be.
Coco Bandicoot

Vespiquen is one of the Bandicoot players which he made it each season so far. He is Coco Bandicoot in the cast. He evolves from Combee during the camping episode of Total Pokemon Island. His best friends are Crash Bandicoot as Chimecho and Pei Pei the Purple Panda as Gliscor.

Rankings:TPI:6th TPA:19th TPWT:2nd TPL:84th

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