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  • Or, if this is not quite the right category, go back to Category:Templates and try to find a better suited subcategory.VerdantLeafeon's most well known project/show, Total Pokemon Action, is a 26-Episode long season, having 3 Aftermaths every 8 Episode incriment.(The last Aftermath is after Episode 25 but before the Finale, to add more action, leading up to the finale.) This season includes what "should have been covered" in Chip's(VerdantLeafeon's) supposed but failed prequel, TPI. This includes relationships, villains, heros, and mirror images from Total Drama. Some of the main villains include Clone Wartortle, Cherubi, (Blue Orb) Pikachu, (Jealous) Chikorita and Chaobuu, both on Team Worthless Wurmple. Chaobuu was the head honcho, but once Clone Squirtle evovled, he started to take more charge so their leadership and malice are at equal levels with one another. Another villain is Munchlax, of Team Squawking Spearow. Munchlax is very devious behind his presumed dumb masquerade. Some of the "heros", so to speak, are Mijumaru, Black-tailed Eevee, Zuruggu, Clone Charmander, Buneary, Blue-tailed Eevee, Zorua, Vulpix, and Red-tailed Eevee.

Host: Sudowoodo
Chef: Scizor

Squawking Spearow:
1. Eevee(Leader)-NVash
2. (S)Eevee-empoleon989
3. Eevee-Dancetilyoudrop92
4. Zorua-shiironeko
5. Mijumaru-Cyndaquilboy2010
6. Munchlax-FanofDiglett1
7. Sentret-???
8. Clone Charmander-GoPokemon1000
9. Teddiursa-pinkbelossom
10. Zuruggu-epicsharpedo
11. Eevee-SHINXBOY1
12. Chikorita-TheGp112

Worthless Wurmple:
1. Cherubi(Leader)-Vaporterra
2. (S)Eevee-QuilJ1
3. Eevee-VLProductions517
4. Snivy-Goedders
5. Buneary-MrPokeguy1
7. Ralts-Thetoycollector100
8. Vulpix-clilmoma33830
9. Taillow-crystalkirby8
10. Clone Squirtle-TheZappingManectric
11. Chaobuu-Sizorwooper2

1. Totodile-LuckyLucario1
2. Chimchar-TheSwiftYanmega
3. Torchic-Shadestar8
4. Revealed in Episode 5
5. Revealed in Episode 6
6. Revealed in Episode 7
7. Revealed in Episode 8
8. Revealed in Episode 9
9. Revealed in Episode 10
10. Revealed in Episode 11
11. Revealed in Episode 12
12. Revealed in Episode 13
13. Revealed in Episode 14
14. Revealed in Episode 15

??? and ??? Return

15. Revealed in Episode 16
16. Revealed in Episode 16
17. Revealed in Episode 16
18. Revealed in Episode 17
19. Revealed in Episode 17
20. Revealed in Episode 18
21. Revealed in Episode 19
22. Revealed in Episode 20
23. Revealed in Episode 21
24. Revealed in Episode 22

25. Revealed in Episode 23

26. Revealed in Episode 24

26. Revealed in Episode 25


TPA Episodes:
Part I:
1. Been There, Saw That-Saw(Final 22)
2. Poke-Force!(4 Add ins)-G-Force(Final 25)
3. Pirates of the Cianwood Sea!-Pirates of the Caribbean(Final 25)
4. Elves in 2012-Elf;2012(Final 24)
5. Respectable Us-Despicable Me(Final 23)
6. Lightsaberz-Star Wars(Final 22)
7. Indiana Jones and Treasure!-Indiana Jones(Final 21)
8. Bang Bang Bang!-Silverado(Final 20)
Aftermath I
9. Teh Path of Stars-Star Trek(Final 19)
10. I Hate You, Wartortle-I Love You, Man(Final 18)
11. Superspecialawesome-Superbad(Final 17)

12. Mijumaru VS The World-Scott Pilgrim VS The World(Final 16)
13. Zoroark-Men - X-Men(Final 15)
14. To Kill A Staravia-To Kill A Mockingbird(Final 14)
15. Twilight on the 13th-Friday the 13th & Twilight (Final 13)
Part II:??? and ??? Return
16. Hairy Potters-Harry Potter(3 Leave)(Final 15)~Groups of 3, Unsuccesful group out.
Aftermath II
17. Valentine's Dismay-Valentine's Day (2 Leave)(Final 13)~Couple Challenge, Losing couple out.
18. Absolutely Positively Questionable-Definitely, Maybe (Final 10)
19. Pocket Monsters Inc.-Monsters Inc. (Final 9)
20. Toy Tales-Toy Story (Final 8)
21. "I Do." "I Don't!"-Wedding Crashers (Final 7)
22. Stuff to Do before We Die, Sue Sudowoodo.-The Bucket List (Final 6)
23. Mmm, Breakfast-The Breakfast Club(Final 5)
24. A Hangover-The Hangover(Awesome Movie)(Final 4, obviously)
25. I Love You, Snivy-I Love You, Beth Cooper(Final 3)
Aftermath III (Makes more sense to have an aftermath right before the finale. More stuff gets done.)
26. Dude, Where's the Money?-Dude, Where's My Car? (FINALE!)

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