Venonat is a Bug/Poison Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Venomoth at level 31.


For some reason, Venonat and its evolved form Venomoth have rarely been seen in the TP series, similar to the other Generation I bug type pokemon. This may be because not many Bug pokemon are seen as contestants and when they are, they tend to be more recent bug pokemon such as Shuckle, Masquerain, and Mothim.


Venonat debuted in TPA along with 15 other new contestants. In Episode 1, Venonat appeared to be very friendly around the contestants and especially grew fond of Riolu. Venonat finished in last in the Shake It Up challenge out of the new girls and was put on Team Iron Island. In Episode 2, Venonat seemed to fair well in the Suite Life challenge, despite her team overall losing the challenge. Nonetheless, venonat was safe at the Gold Medal Ceremony, despite not agreeing with the vote. In episode 3, Venonat wasn't happy about Marill's elimination, but thanks to Trapinch, Team Iron Island won immunity so Venonat didn't have to go to back to back vote offs.

Based On Beth (Total Drama Island and Action)
Friends Riolu, Marill, Trapinch
Enemies Finneon
Relationship Riolu (one sided on her side)

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