Challenge 1-Skydiving (Choose number between 1-8. 4 of those numbers will land the contestants into the safe zone. Team with the most people in safe zone wins.) The Super Seismitoads lost with 6 points and The Daring Drapions won with 7. Chingling quit and Eevee got voted off.

Challenge 2-Snow Castle (So apparently it snowed during the Summer. The contestants have to tell me stuff like the shape of their castle and the 10 or less items they have in their castle. Both teams are going to elimination. The person who has the best castle from each team gets to choose 2 other people on their team to be safe with them.) The winner for the Super Seismitoads was Tympole-shadowduck7 who chose Sentret and Sandshrew to be safe with him. The winner for the Daring Drapions was Shiny Eevee-Mango Dolphin who chose Mudkip and Growlithe to be safe with her. Spiky-Eared Pichu and Dratini quit. Riolu, Starly, and Aipom were voted off.

Challenge 3-Quiz Show (Everyone answers ten questions. Team with the most points wins) Super Seismitoads won. Seedot-mespino69 was voted off (and complained about it.) Ambipom-joshytje5 and Umbreon-jaidastar01 returned.

Challenge 4-Slacker Challenge (To get rid of slackers, everyone had to reply saying "I'm not a slacker." Everyone did the challenge.)

Challenge 5-Slushy Challenge (Contestants choose a slushy flavor. Due to people not doing the challenge on the Super Seismitoads, they lost. Treecko-gopokemon121 was eliminated at the tiebreaker."

Challenge 6-Speed Challenge (Sentret-masterofflam won it for the Super Seismitoads. Skorupi-wraighteric was eliminated.)

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