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Story: 20 contestants sign up to be on a reality TV show called "Total Pokemon Island". They must compete in challenges for the one million dollars. Contestants find themselves making alliances, finding crushes and more!


Team Darkness

  • Meowth (uglyduck713) OUT
  • Gallade (whatsit88) WINNER
  • Emonga (shadowfan54) OUT
  • Staraptor (juniorandbetty) OUT
  • Riolu (20Benny2319) OUT
  • Zorua (flashwolf) OUT
  • Pichu (yarden124) OUT
  • Dratini (Hyperflame) OUT
  • Charizard (Megalife) OUT
  • Bulbasaur (Megabubble) OUT
  • Jolteon OUT

Team Silver

  • Gardevoir (GardevoirIsAwesome) RUNNER-UP
  • Castform (vectorcroc198) OUT
  • Snorlax (aj12) OUT
  • Piplup (pety5) OUT
  • Skitty (sweetsktitty) OUT
  • Poliwag (koalasrock) OUT
  • Zoroark (fudgepop) OUT
  • Bachuru (giratina200104) OUT
  • Lucario (lucari0) OUT
  • Vanipeti (Magicmedia) OUT
  • Squirtle OUT

  • Host: Pikachu
  • Chef: Jigglypuff
  • Winner: Gallade


  • Gallade-Persian-Staraptor
  • Zoroark-Venusaur
  • Gardevoir-Galvantula
  • Gardevoir-Delcatty
  • Blastoise-Everyone
  • Poliwrath-Delcatty


  • Gallade-Zoroark
  • Zoroark-Everyone
  • Venusaur-Everyone
  • Snorlax-Venusaur
  • Emolga-Riolu


  • Gallade-Gardevoir
  • Riolu-Castform (formerly)
  • Squirtle-Jolteon
  • Persian-Delcatty


  1. Vanipeti (made burnt toast)
  2. Charizard (in talent contest made a meteor fall on Pikachu and got 0 out of 10)
  3. Pichu (last place in the skiing challenge)
  4. Snorlax (got tricked by Bulbasaur)
  5. Zoroark (is evil and got voted out because of evilness)
  6. Zoroark and Charizard return
  7. Piplup (insulted TPI)
  8. Charizard again (chose the wrong skull)
  9. Bulbasaur (was evil)
  10. Lucario (failed to face his fear)
  11. Staraptor (didn't jump off the cliff)
  12. Zoroark again (hypnotized Staraptor and Gallade avenged Staraptor)
  13. Zorua (failed to defeat Joltik/Bachuru at SSBB)
  14. Blastoise and Galvantula (same amount of votes)
  15. Jolteon (first one to be caught by killer; rude to gallade)
  16. Emonga (went power hungry)
  17. Riolu (fell out of tree)
  18. Castform (voted off so she could see Riolu again)
  19. Poliwrath (more votes)
  20. Delcatty (Gardevoir got more votes and Delcatty quit for Gardevoir)
  21. Persian (ditched Dragonite and got votes from everyone but Gallade)
  22. Dragonite (refused to do the dare)
  23. Runner-Up: Gardevoir
  24. Winner: Gallade

New Teams (TPA)

Killer Kats

  • Blastoise
  • Galvantula (giratina200104)
  • Sandile (vectorcroc198)
  • Charizard (Megalife)
  • Abra (CDiFan237) NEWCOMER
  • Zoroark (fudgepop)
  • Vanniluxe (Magicmedia)
  • Jolteon
  • Poliwrath (Koalasrock)
  • Emolga (Shadowfan54)
  • Mew (Thebirdofdeath)
  • Staraptor (Juniorandbetty)
  • Gallade (whatsit88)
  • Persian (uglyduck713)
  • Swalot (Cookinator)

Dancing Dogs

  • Empoleon (pety5)
  • Castform (vectorcroc198)
  • Beldum (whatsit88)
  • Delcatty (sweetsktitty)
  • Gardevoir (GardevoirIsAwesome)
  • Dragonite (Hyperflame)
  • Gligar (GardevoirIsAwesome)
  • Lucario (lucari0)
  • Zorua (flashwolf)
  • Panpour (vectorcroc198)
  • Pikachu (yarden124)
  • Venusaur (Megabubble)
  • Riolu (20Benny2319)
  • Oshawott (sonicfan)
  • Lillipup (Hyperflame)


  1. Pikachu (got the most votes)

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