Tyrogue is a Fighting Pokémon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Hitmonchan if its Attack stat is lower than its Defense stat, Hitmonlee if its Attack stat is lower than its Defense stat, or Hitmontop if its Attack stat is equal to its Defense stat. Regardless, it evolves, starting at level 20.


Like Eevee, Tyrogue is a popular TD character mainly because of its several evolution, making it easier for it to display a wide variety of personalities, although it's usually depicted as tough and/or athletic.


Tyrogue joined the game in season 3 as one of the three unevolved newcomers, alongside tomboy Sneasel and young child Teddiursa. Tyrogue was similar to Gastrodon and Nidoking, seeming powerful but more or less that's not the case, although his attitude changes upon evolution. Tyrogue was one of the two characters confirmed to enjoy being literally dropped off in the locations they visited, the other obviously being Bellossom. Tyrogue aligns with Ambipom, Sneasel, Teddiursa and Onix, and evolves into Hitmontop in Episode 6 in Iceland in the aftermath of KOing a Gyarados.


Tyrogue was the Rob of the game, so he showed leadership skills and was an asset to the team. He aligned with Dratini, Chinchou and Chingling, and evolved into Hitmonlee in episode 7 (The Garden Of Eatin....You!).