Total Unova island is the 1st of the 6 series,it fetures unova pokemon


  • Zebstrika:Zebstrika is like chris,any more to say?
  • Snivy:Even though it's evolved form is playing,it is the chef,It has moves to beat it's weaknesses and proves to be so tough,he could maybe be a contestent himself.
  • Sewaddle(x8),Patrat(x2),Roggenrola(x20) and Pidove(x10):These pokemon are used to help around.Sewaddles use string shot and stuff if something goes worng,Patrats use moves that put pokemon to sleep,Roggenrolas are used to be stunt testers(theres a often pun that one of these guys faint in a episode) and Pidoves are used as camera men when the normal camera man can't be used.

Cool CarracostasEdit

  • Accelgor:Often mean,likes to tease others,has a rivaly with Escavalier.
  • Audino:Often teasted for being a bad fighter,is first tricked by Chandelure,is gullible
  • Bouffalant:Really strong,Tries to teach Accelgor a lesson,Is a team player
  • Chandelure:Secretly evil,Uses other to his advange,when a tricked player loses he sucks their power
  • Cobalion:Brave Pokemon,isnt sure about Accelgor and Chandelure being on his team,wants to make sure bad pokemon leave first.
  • Cubchoo:Likes to party,has a fun time,doesnt care about the whole thing.
  • Deerling:Girlfriend of Pawniard,likes everyone,does stuff while enjoying it.
  • Druddigon:Brave,Doesnt like Accelgor for being teased at.
  • Durant:Hates Heatmor,isnt really a team player,made a deal with Chandelure.
  • Eelektross:Really crazy,Loves adventure.
  • Emolga

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