A set of 26 new Pokémon arrive on the island to win 1,000 poke dollars, trying to survive the challenges given to them by Skarmory and Chef Abomasnow. During the elimination ceremony, a team must decide who to vote off. Skarmory then gives all of the team Secret Berries except for one Pokémon, who is considered eliminated.



Elimination Table for TPREdit

Episode Eliminated Team
"Not So Happy Campers" Happiny Golden Ho-ohs
"The Big Sleep" Oshawott Silver Lugias
"Dodgebrawl" Espeon Silver Lugias
"Not Quite Famous" Aipom Golden Ho-ohs
"The Sucky Outdoors" Treecko Golden Ho-ohs
"Phobia Factor" Chikorita Golden Ho-ohs
"Up the Creek" Skitty Silver Lugias
"Paintball Deerling Hunters" Totodile Silver Lugias
"If You Can't Take the Heat" Turtwig Golden Ho-ohs
"Berries of Disgust" Umbreon Silver Lugias
"No Pain, No Game" Bulbasaur Golden Ho-ohs
"Search and Do Not Destroy" Mudkip Silver Lugias
"Hide and Be Sneaky" Kirlia Silver Lugias
"That's Off the Chain" Charmander Silver Lugias
"Hook, Line, and Magikarper" Chimchar Silver Lugias
"Pokenakwa Gone Piled" Squirtle Silver Lugias
"Camp Castaways" Togepi Silver Lugias
"Are We There Yeti?" Minun Golden Ho-ohs
"I Triple Dog Dare You" Buneary Golden Ho-ohs
"Monster Cash" Pachirisu Golden Ho-ohs
"Alien Resurr-eggtion" Piplup Silver Lugias
"Beach Blanket Bogus" Cyndaquil Golden Ho-ohs
"Masters of Disasters" Plusle Silver Lugias
"One Million Bucks B.C." Snivy Golden Ho-ohs
"The Totally Lost Episode" NONE NONE
"Reloading Finale" Tepig (original, Torchic (alternate) Golden Ho-ohs
"TPR Special Movie" NONE NONE