Welcome to the 3rd season!

Episode 1: Cooking in SamoaEdit

The contestants were set in 2 teams. Heroes contains Delcatty, Mesprit, Snivy, Maroawk, Uxie, Lotad, Leafeon, Wailord and Flareon, Villains contain Steelix, Monferno, Araidos, Sceptile, Typhlosion, Gible, Arcanine, Scizor, and Zekrom. The first challenge was a cooking challenge. When Zekrom had a 5 star plate, He made the villains win! The heroes voted off Lotad out. Go to TP Fans vs. Faves to find who makes Total Pokemon All-Stars and Reunion. Dragonite says that they are having 10 seasons.

Episode 2- United BaconEdit

The remaining go to the United Kingdom. They have to eat 100 bacon without throwing up. Maroawk and Gible had the tough challenge, but Gible takes victory. Wailord was voted out.

Episode 3 - I See The Oceans At Palau.Edit

The 16 members had to swim to Palau. Gible and Steelix did not drown and won again for the Villains. Heroes voted out Flareon.

Episode 4 - Flying to China.?Edit

The challenge was a double elimination. Villains won again, And then Zekrom flew to China. The double elimination was formed. Typhlosion and Uxie were voted out.

Episode 5 - Capture that POKEMON!Edit

Ash chosed heroes and TEAM ROCKET chosed Villains for the challenge. They had to capture (Mew) The Heroes worked good and they finally won a challenge. Monferno was voted out.

Episode 6 - Love In American Idol.Edit

The 12 had to sing a song. They really liked Delcatty and won again for the heroes. Snivy quit and Scizor was voted out.

Episode 7 - All By Yourself. Edit

The 10 got merged. They got into Galu. They did an obstacle. Leafeon won. At vote, Steelix blindsided Sceptile. He used the immunity idol.

Episode 8 - Challenging the pokemon League.Edit

The 9 challenged the champion Gible evolved into Gabite. Zekrom won, They eliminated Steelix.

Episode 9 - Waiting. Edit

8 set out at the waiting challenge. Delcatty won. Everyone voted out Mesprit.

Episode 10 - Challenge in the mud. Edit

The final 7 had a challenge. At the final 2 Gabite and Zekrom was on. Zekrom won because he pushed Gabite into the mud. Maroawk was voted out.'

Episode 11 - Play the DS!Edit

The top 6 had a pokemon battle. Zekrom won. The 5 voted out Leafeon. He was 5th member of the jury. The final 5 was Araidos , Arcanine, Delcatty , Zekrom , and Gabite.

Episode 12 - Meet the Survivors!Edit

The final 5 had a challenge. To get info from the winners of Survivor at the challenge. Araidos won. Delcatty blindsided Gabite.

Episode 13 - Get Warmed up. Edit

The final 4 was on a match. A pokemon battle match. The final 4 got a clue.

Contestant Note
Araidos Hidden Immunity Idol
Arcanine Some food.
Delcatty Taco.
Zekrom Fushion Flare on the pot.

Arcanine won and Zekrom was voted out.

Episode 14 - The Mountain Climb.Edit

THe final 3 had to climb a mountain. Arcanine won and voted out Delcatty


Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Ariados WIN WIN WIN WIN IN Scizor Steelix Steelix Mesprit Maroawk Leafeon Delcatty Zekrom
Arcanine WIN WIN WIN WIN IN Zekrom Steelix Steelix Mesprit Marowak Leafeon Delcatty Zekrom Delcatty
Delcatty IN IN IN IN WIN WIN Sceptile Steelix Mesprit Arcanine Leafeon Gabite Zekrom
Zekrom WIN WIN WIN WIN IN Scizor Steelix Steelix Mesprit Marowak Leafeon Delcatty Delcatty
Gabite WIN WIN WIN WIN IN Scizor Steelix Delcatty Mesprit Maroawk Leafeon Delcatty
Leafeon IN IN IN IN WIN WIN Sceptile Steelix Mesprit Arcanine Araidos
Maroawk IN IN IN IN WIN WIN Sceptile Steelix Mesprit Arcanine
Mesprit IN IN IN IN WIN WIN Sceptile Steelix Leafeon
Steelix WIN WIN WIN WIN IN Zekrom Sceptile Delcatty
Sceptile WIN WIN WIN WIN IN Scizor Steelix
Scizor WIN WIN WIN WIN IN Zekrom
Typhlosion WIN WIN WIN OUT
Flareon IN IN OUT
Wailord IN OUT
Lotad OUT

Jury VoteEdit



5/8 votes


3/8 votes

Delcatty Araidos
Zekrom Araidos
Gabite Araidos
Marwoark Arcanine
Leafeon Arcanine
Mesprit Arcanine
Steelix Araidos
Sceptile Araidos

ELimination REASONsEdit

Lotad - He was slow for his team and cooked badly.

Wailord - He was to fat to eat and he barfed.

Flareon - He got drowned since she was a fire type and she was voted out.

Uxie - Uxie was to dumb to fly.

Typhlosion - Drowned , and swam to China.

Monferno - Did not attack or helped the team.

Snivy - Quit because her mom died.

Scizor - He had the worst song.

Sceptile - He was not ready for the challenge.

Mesprit - Dumb.

Marowak - Too weak.

Leafeon - Lost all the matches.

Gabite - was unable to battle. He lost.

Zekrom - Legendary Pokemon.

Delcatty - Last Hero Standing.


This season is related to Survivor Samoa and Palau since 1 teAM keeps winning the challenge

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