Welcome to the newest season of Total Pokemon created by 124.

Di Ho Edit

  1. Steelix
  2. Flareon

EliminatioN TableEdit

Contestant Place Heroes vs. Villains Reunion Votes All-Stars
Bastiodion 24th FAIL FAIL 9 PASS
Vulpix 23rd FAIL PASS 8 FAIL
Zekrom 22nd PASS (Villains) FAIL 7 FAIL
Bronzor 21st FAIL PASS 11 FAIL
Delcatty 20th PASS (Heroes) FAIL 5 PASS
Gigigear 19th FAIL PASS 7 PASS
Beldum 18th FAIL DEBUTS 8 FAIL
Azelf 17th FAIL PASS 8 FAIL
Mesprit 16th PASS (Heroes) FAIL 8 FAIL
Scizor 15th PASS (Villains) PASS 9 PASS
Snivy 14th PASS (Heroes) FAIL 7 FAIL
Growlithe 13th PASS (Villains) PASS 7 FAIL
Marowak 12th PASS (Heroes) FAIL 6 FAIL
Uxie 11th PASS (Heroes) PASS 6 FAIL
Gible 10th PASS (Villains) FAIL 5 PASS
Typhlosion 9th PASS (Villains) PASS 5 PASS
Lotad 8th PASS (Heroes) FAIL 4 FAIL
Leafeon 7th PASS (Heroes) PASS 4 PASS
Araidos 6th PASS (Villains) FAIL 3 FAIL
Sceptile 5th PASS (Villains) PASS 3 PASS
Monferno 4th PASS (Villains) FAIL 2 PASS
Wailord 3rd PASS (Heroes) PASS 2 PASS
Flareon 2nd PASS (Heroes) FAIL 0 PASS
Steelix WINNER PASS (Villains) PASS 0 PASS

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