Welcome to the 4th season of the Series. 5 returnees compete with 20 Generation 5 pokemon.


  1. Delcatty (The Candice)
  2. Gabite (The Brian)
  3. Litwick (The Courtney)
  4. Rufflet (The Stephenie)

Episode 1- The Battle Begins!Edit

Each team send out 1 pokemon. Crustle won for Moto. 2nd belonged to Zapatera. Ometepe and Chapera got tied for third. Mogo Mogo went to tribal council.

Episode 2 - Gym Battle 1Edit

The 24 battled Cilan , Cress , and Chili. Moto , Chapera , Mogo Mogo , and Zapatera were safe. Ometepe voted out Araidos.

Episode 3 - Just Go With ItEdit

They had to go to the dizzy place to route 4. Elgyem won for Moto. Ometepe and Zapatera were safe. Chapera was in. Mogo Mogo had their 2nd tribal council. Zekrom was voted out.

Episode 4 - We hate our teams.Edit

The 22 were switched. Moto and Chapera stayed alive. Mogo Mogo and Zapatera stayed alive. Zapatera lost to a eating challenge. Krokorok blindsided Throh and was voted out.

Episode 5 - r u redy!Edit

The 21 did a roping challenge, Chapera and Mogo Mogo got reward and immunity. Zapatera went to tribal council. Sawk was voted out.

Episode 6 - Gym Battle 2Edit

The top 20 competed against Lenora. Golett won for Moto , Chapera and Mogo Mogo were safe. Zapatera had a tribal council. Krokorok was voted out.

Episode 7 - The round.Edit

The pokemon competed a challenge. Moto went to tribal council. Elgyem was next voted out.

Episode 8 - The next town.Edit

The contestants went to Castelia City. They battled Burgh. Chapera went to the tribal council. Herdier was voted out.

Episode 9 - TRAINERS!Edit

The next trainers battled the pokemon. Once when Mogo Mogo went to tribal. Yamask was voted out.

Episode 10 - The Cave with Klinks. Edit

The final 16 went to a cave. Fraxure could not compete because he got K.Oed. He was eliminated. At the tribal, Archen was eliminated.

Episode 11 - Gym Battle 4Edit

The Final 14 battled Elesa. Chapera won. Zapatera went to tribal council. Scraggy and Simipour was the top 2 in Zapatera. Simipour won.

Episode 12 - The Dress UpEdit

The 13 castmates competed at a musical. Moto's won, and Mogo Mogo went to tribal council. Simipour joined Mogo Mogo. Miccino was voted out.

Episode 13 - Is This A Double Elimination?Edit

The 12 did a fashion show. Zebstrika was voted out. While the Merge Starts, Basculin was voted out.

Episode 14 - Gym Battle 5 Edit

The top 10 battled Clay. Simipour won while Arcanine was voted out.

Episode 15 - Are You Ready?Edit

The final 9 did a dancing contestant . Since Golett was acting like a robot, He was voted out.

Episode 16 - RACE!Edit

The top 8 did a race, Simipour , Litwick , Gabite , and Rufflet won the challenge. Crustle was voted out.'

Episode 17 - Gym Battle 6Edit

The final 7 battled Skyla. Simipour was voted out.

Episode 18 - Ready for this?Edit

The top 6 battled 10 trainers. Litwick won immunity. Dwebble was voted out.

Episode 19 - Gym Battles 7 and 8Edit

The final 5 went to Brycen's gym. At the first tribal council. Palpitoad was voted out. Final 4 went to Drayden/Iris's gym

Iris - Declatty , Rufflet

Drayden - Gabite , Litwick

Rufflet was voted out.

Episode 20 - The Elite 4Edit

At the Finale, The final 3 challenged the Elite 4. Litwick won part 1. Gabite was eliminated.

Episode 21 - The Champion!Edit

The final 2 battled the Champion. They were surprised that the winner was....... IT WAS BOTH OF YOU!

Elimination TableEdit

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6
Zebstrika Araidos
Basculin Araidos
Fraxure Mienfoo Zekrom
Golett Scraggy
Herdier Mienfoo Zekrom
Scraggy Throh Sawk
Yamask Mienfoo
Palpitoad Zekrom
Simipour Throh Sawk
Krokorok Araidos Throh Sawk Scraggy
Sawk Krokorok Simipour
Throh Krokorok
Zekrom Mienfoo Herdier
Araidos Scraggy
Mienfoo Herdier

Switched TRIBES

Contestant 7 8 9 10 11 12
Zebstrika Herdier Archen Gabite
Miccino Yamask Rufflet
Scraggy LOST
Archen Herdier Gabite
Fraxure Elgyem OUT
Yamask Rufflet
Herdier Dwebble
Elgyem Golett


Contestants 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Delcatty Basculin Arcanine Golett Crustle Simipour Dwebble Palpitoad Rufflet SAFE WIN
Litwick Basculin Arcanine Golett Simipour Dwebble Palpitoad Rufflet SAFE WIN
Gabite Basculin Arcanine Golett Simipour Dwebble Palpitoad Rufflet OUT
Rufflet Badculin Arcanine Golett Simipour Dwebble Palpitoad Litwick
Palpitoad Basculin Arcanine Golett Crustle Simipour Dwebble Delcatty
Dwebble Basculin Arcanine Golett Crustle Simipour Rufflet
Simipour Basculin Arcanine Golett Delcatty
Crustle Basculin Arcanine Golett Palpitoad
Golett Rufflet Arcanine Litwick
Arcanine Basculin Golett
Basculin Rufflet