Welcome to Dark Spots! 18 castaways are back for a twist!


When you are voted out , you will go to Dark Spots for a haunting house. And when the next contestant is voted out , they go to Dark Spots and have a duel.


  1. Ludicolo (3)
  2. Scizor (3)
  3. Sceptile (1)

1 - Dusclops played a hidden immunity idol so 6 votes against him did not count

2 - 3 votes from the tiebreaker made dusclops eliminated

Contestant Team Switched Team Merged Team Status Votes
Flareon Koror

1st Voted Out

Day 3

Dewott Yasur

2nd Voted Out

Day 3

Golurk Yasur Yasur

3rd Voted Out

Day 5


Returned In Day 12

Ulong Koror

4th Voted Out

Day 8

Uxie Yasur Yasur

5th Voted Out

Day 10

Mesprit Yasur Yasur


Day 10

Azelf Ulong Koror

6th Voted Out

Day 12

Zebstrika Yasur Koror Team Legendary

7th Voted Out

1st Jury Member

Day 15

Chandelure Koror Yasur Team Legendary

8th Voted Out

2nd Jury Member

Day 17

Mienshao Ulong Koror Team Legendary

9th Voted Out

3rd Jury Member

Day 20

Typhlosion Yasur Yasur Team Legendary

10th Voted Out

4th Jury Member

Day 23

Throh Ulong Yasur Team Legendary

11th Voted Out

5th Jury Member

Day 24

Emboar Koror Koror Team Legendary

12th Voted Out

6th Jury Member

Day 26

Dusclops Ulong Koror Team Legendary

13th Voted Out

7th Jury Member

Day 29

7 (1,2)
Braviary Koror Koror Team Legendary

14th Voted Out

8th Jury Member

Day 34

Metagross Ulong Yasur Team Legendary

15th Voted Out

9th Jury Member

Day 36

Ludicolo Koror Koror Team Legendary

16th Voted Out

10th Jury Member

Day 38

Scizor Koror Koror Team Legendary Runner-Up 1
Sceptile Ulong Yasur Team Legendary Winner 0

;Episode 1Edit

The first episode is based on reality. The Teams had a double elimination. Flareon was voted out (4-2). The 17 had to get some stuff. Yasur lost and voted out Dewott. (5-1)

Episode 2Edit

The 16 took a quiz. 3 members (Mienshao , Mesprit , and Braviary) were going on a picnic. However. The tribes got switched

Koror - Ludicolo , Emboar , Dusclops , Scizor , (Mienshao and Braviary)

Yasur - Throh , Sceptile , Typhlosion , Metagross.

Yasur lost and voted out Golurk (6-2)

Episode 3 - Your Next GenerationEdit

The remaining competitors did a challenge

Immunity - 5 contestants did a race to get materials and the rest did a map of "Africa"

Yasur beat Koror and Mienshao was voted out (7-0)

Episode 4 - Are You Sure?Edit

The 14 Did A gym battle when It was a tie , so Yasur and Koror did double elimination . Throh did a tough allaiance with Sceptile , Chandelure , Metagross , and Typhlosion and voted out Uxie (5-2) Mesprit decided to quit, and at Koror camp , They decided to vote of Azelf (5-1)

Episode 5 - Not Good For ThisEdit

At Dark Spots , Mienshao returned while all of the contestants were merged , At Immunity , Braviary won the first single immunity challenge , at tribal , Zebstrika was voted out , (9-3)]

Episode 6 - Next TimeEdit

The final 11 did a race , since Mienshao won the immunity challenge , At the votes , Chandelure was voted out (10-1)

Episode 7 - Gym BattlesEdit

The final 10 did 5 gym battles , Scizor won immunity and turned back on Mienshao (9-1)

Episode 8 - Not A Double Elimination!Edit

The remaining 9 did a challenge , Scizor won and decided to vote off the last "Yasur" member Typhlosion (8-1) And at their second , They eliminated Throh (7-1)

Episode 9 - Strike 3 , Youre OutEdit

The final 7 did a race , Metagross won immunity and tried to vote out Dusclops but played the immunity idol and eliminating Emboar. (1-6)

Episode 10 - The Next Episode?Edit

Reward Challenge

Blue - Braviary , Dusclops , Ludicolo

Yellow - Scizor , Metagross , Sceptile

The 2 teams went to a field tied to each other. So the teams had to break a tile to go in. So they counted some numbers of animals. First team to break their tile wins.


It will be a long race to the finish weather is 102 degrees. Winner - Braviary

The team decided to vote of Dusclops (3-3) (4-0)

Episode 11 -- And Then Theyre Were Five.Edit

Immunity - The team was stuck together in a stcky tape. First member to get out wins immunity. The team voted out Braviary (3-2)

Immunity - Jeff came and will lift up symbols and the last standing wins immunity and a 1/3 shot of a million dollars. Winner - Sceptile

Episode 12 - Final 3Edit

Immunity - long wooden cylinder was cut into different sized segments. On the center segment a notch has been cut on which rests a metal ball. The castaways would have to hold up the segments by squeezing them between two handles. Every five minutes, a new round would start where the castaway would have to add two additional segments between the handles. After the cylinder was nine segments long, the final round would last as long as the castaways held out. The castaway who held up their segments the longest without allowing the ball to drop from the center segment would win. Sceptile won and decided to vote off Ludicolo.

At the final 2, The jury vote was on, Sceptile was the winner of dark spots . (8-2)

Elimination Table

Losing Tribe

Immunity Winner

Yasur / Koror Yasur Koror Yasur and Koror Braviary Mienshao Scizor
Contestant Out 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Dewott and Flareon Golurk Mienshao Uxie/ Mesprit quit and Azelf Zebstrika Chandelure Mienshao
Mienshao Scizor Zebstrika Chandelure Ludicolo
Chandelure Flareon Golurk Uxie Mienshao Emboar
Zebstrika Dewott Mienshao Azelf Mienshao
Azelf Mienshao Zebstrika
Mesprit Throh
Uxie Dewott Golurk Throh
Golurk Dewott Throh
Dewott Golurk
Flareon Braviary

Dark SpotsEdit

Episode 2 3 4 5
Mienshao X Arrived Win Win
Uxie X X Arrived OUT
Mesprit X X Arrived OUT
Azelf X X Arrived OUT
Golurk Arrived OUT
Flareon OUT

Winner Scizor Metagross


Braviary , Dusclops , Ludicolo



Ludicolo Sceptile Sceptile
OUT Typhlosion Throh Emboar Dusclops Braviary Metagross Ludicolo
Episode 8 9 10 11 11 12
Sceptile Typhlosion Throh Dusclops Scizor Dusclops Braviary Metagross Ludicolo
Scizor Typhlosion Throh Dusclops Dusclops None Braviary Metagross None
Ludicolo Typhlosion Throh Dusclops Dusclops Dusclops Braviary Metagross None
Metagross Typhlosion Throh Dusclops Scizor Dusclops Braviary Scizor
Braviary Typhlosion Throh Dusclops Dusclops Dusclops Metagross
Dusclops Typhlosion Throh Emboar Scizor None
Emboar Typhlosion Throh Dusclops
Throh Typhlosion Braviary N
Typhlosion Throh



2/10 votes


8/10 votes

Ludicolo Scizor
Metagross Sceptile
Braviary Sceptile
Dusclops Sceptile
Emboar Sceptile
Throh Scizor
Typhlosion Sceptile
Mienshao Sceptile
Chandelure Sceptile
Zebstrika Sceptile

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