Total Pokemon Alphabet is a story was wrtten by xebla on FanFiction.Net. The story started on 9th May 2013 and the it's still continuing. It's Rated T for couple of reasons. The story take place on Wawanakwa Island.

This is the link to the story.


This season involved twenty-six, eighteen to sixty-four years-old contestants who had signed up to be in a reality show on an island, known as Wawanakwa Island. The twenty-six adults chosen were divided into three separate teams: the Unique Uxie, Mysterious Mesprit and Awesome Azelf. The teams were given challenges every episodes, which they had to compete in. The losing team would vote one of their members off and the losing contestant would have to walk the dock and board the Wailord of Losers, which would take them away. At some point in the competition, the teams would dissolve.



Team Status Placing Merged
Hydreigon Unique Uxie

1st Voted Out

26th Place Non-Merged
Bastiodon Mysterious Mesprit

2nd Voted Out

25th Place Non-Merged
Vanilluxe Unique Uxie

3rd Voted Out

24th Place Non-Merged
Xatu Awesome Azelf

4th Voted Out

23rd Place Non-Merged
Azumarill Awesome Azelf TBA TBA
Chandelure Unique Uxie TBA TBA
Druddigon Awesome Azelf TBA TBA
Espeon Unique Uxie TBA TBA
Furret Mysterious Mesprit TBA TBA
Gothitelle Mysterious Mesprit TBA TBA
Infernape Mysterious Mesprit TBA TBA
Jolteon Mysterious Mesprit TBA TBA
Klinklang Awesome Azelf TBA TBA
Leavanny Awesome Azelf TBA TBA
Marowak Awesome Azelf TBA TBA
Ninjask Unique Uxie TBA TBA
Octillery Mysterious Mesprit TBA TBA
Purugly Unique Uxie TBA TBA
Qwilfish Unique Uxie TBA TBA
Rapidash Awesome Azelf TBA TBA
Sableye Mysterious Mesprit TBA TBA
Tangrowth Unique Uxie TBA TBA
Ursaring Awesome Azelf TBA TBA
Whimsicott Mysterious Mesprit TBA TBA
Yanmega Mysterious Mesprit TBA TBA
Zebstrika Unique Uxie TBA TBA

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