Total Pokémon Evo-Island is a competition where 18 fully evolved Pokémon compete in challenges and avoid eliminations for a chance to win $100,000. The campers competing in the show are Ampharos, Charizard, Froslass, Gardevoir, Gengar, Honchkrow, Kingdra, Krookodile, Lickilicky, Lucario, Milotic, Pidgeot, Porygon-Z, Roserade, Sawk, Serperior, Vaporeon, Zoroark. The hosts are Deoxys and Chef Terrakion.


Contestants Edit

There are 18 campers in this season (8 boys, 7 girls and Porygon-Z).

TPEI teams

All of the contestants in their teams from left to right in alphabetical order.

Ampharos♀(Team Serperior) labeled "The Higher Intelligence"

Charizard♂(Team Serperior) labeled "The Jock"

Froslass♀ (Team Pidgeot) labeled "The Crazed One"

Gardevoir♀ (Team Serperior) labeled "The Spoiled Brat"

Gengar♂(Team Pidgeot) labeled "The Punk"

Honchkrow♂(Team Serperior) labeled "The Follower"

Kingdra♂(Team Serperior) labeled "The Ignorant One"

Krookodile(Team Pidgeot) labeled "The Loner"

Lickilicky♂(Team Pidgeot) labeled "The X-Large"

Lucario♂(Team Serperior) labeled "The Aura Whisperer"

Milotic♀(Team Serperior) labeled "The Beauty"

Pidgeot♀ (Team Pidgeot) labeled "The Queen Bee"

Porygon-Z(Team Pidgeot) labeled "The Super Nerd"

Roserade♀(Team Pidgeot) labeled "The Ghetto Gal"

Sawk♂(Team Serperior) labeled "The Aggressive"

Serperior♂(Team Serperior) labeled "The Team Player"

Vaporeon♀ (Team Pidgeot) labeled "The Wannabe"

Zoroark♀ (Team Pidgeot) labeled "The She Devil"

Episodes Edit

List of Total Pokemon Evo-Island episodes
# Episode Name Summary
1 A Jump Start Deoxys brought in the 18 campers towards the island and were put into two teams, Team Serperior (Ampharos, Charizard, Gardevoir, Honchkrow, Kingdra, Lucario, Milotic, Sawk, and Serperior) and Team Pidgeot (Froslass, Gengar, Krookodile, Lickilicky, Pidgeot, Porygon-Z, Roserade, Vaporeon, and Zoroark). Zoroark, Gengar, and Honchkrow met and formed an evil alliance but Honchkrow wasn't completely sure about the alliance. Meanwhile in the team, Serperior allowed Charizard, Lucario, and Ampharos to formed an alliance. Roserade was in the Pidgeot girls' cabin with Froslass, Pidgeot, and Vaporeon. Pidgeot was acting bossy to the other girls, annoying Roserade the most, calling her, "weird rose girl". They all went to the dinning kitchen with the mean Chef Terrakion, making his revolting Magikarp soup. Lickilicky finished his soup in less than 6 seconds and ask for seconds and Terakion told him to go back to his table and called him "Tonguey". When Roserade passed by Lucario, he couldn't keep his eyes off her and admitted that he likes her. Sawk, Kingdra, and Krookodile were at a table and Kingdra was asking Sawk LOTS of questions. Sawk put this hand in the table and told him to shut up. Krookodile mentioned in the confessionals that he was lucky that I not in the same team with the "anger management" and the "annoying dragon". Froslass told Porygon-Z a time she ate a frozen Gyarados and Porygon -Z made some distance away from her. Deoxys came in the dinning cabin to announce the challenge. He told them to head towards his plane. When they made it to the plane, Deoxys told them that their challenge was to jump off the plane and land within the targets on the water below. The orange target below is worth 2 points, the yellow target is worth 4 points, and the red target is worth 8 points. After the scores were tied, Serperior and Kingdra were left in their team. Serperior was trying to concentrate his aim but Kingdra bumped in to him and neither one of them made it into the targets. Resulting a 1 point penalty for each of them, making Team Pidgeot win. during the bonfire ceremony Ampharos, Charizard, Gardevoir, Honchkrow, Kingdra, Lucario, Milotic, Sawk, and Serperior went into elimination. Deoxys announced that Charizard, Milotic, Sawk, Lucario, Ampharos, Gardevoir, and Honchkrow. The bottom two was Serperior and Kingdra for losing the challenge. It was then revealed that Kingdra received 6 votes when the other three were for Serperior. Kingdra walked towards the Lapras of Losers and left the island. Even though it was Kind of Serperior's fault for losing the challenge, Ampharos him that the rest of the alliance convinced Sawk and Gardevoir to vote with him. Finally, Deoxys signed off the show.
2 Are You Smarter than a Legendary? Serperior, Ampharos, Lucario, and Charizard were having an alliance meeting talking about Honchkrow's frequent disappearances during the first episode. Charizard left to go "somewhere" but Charizard came back, despite leaving the opposite direction.


There are 9 Pokémon per team and the current ratio of Serperior:Pidgeot is 8:9

Total Pokemon Evo-Island Eliminations
Place Name Team Episode Eliminated Reason
18th Kingdra Team Serperior A Jump Start He accidently fell off the plane and missed the target, costing his team the win.
17th Vaporeon Team Pidgeot Are You Smarter Than A Legendary? Despite being smart and helping her team halfway in the challenge, her team voted for her due to being a threat

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