This is a camp made by Samtendo09. This camp is involved in Nintendo games, mostly from Mario, Legend of Zelda, Kirby and of course, Pokémon series. This is under production.



Genesect the Host

Although funny, he is also serious, outgoing and righteous. He dosen't wanted to mess with his Co-Host, Shiny Shaymin and his campers. He likes when competition get intense and fun, and dislikes dirty playing and betrayals. He tend to prevent unwanted fighting and disasters, unless it would increase the drama.

Shiny Shaymin the Co-Host

This Pokémon is kind but sometimes overdramatic. She often assists Genesect to host games and also hosts episode 1 because Genesect decides to get in shadow for suspences. She likes sparkling things, joy, cooperation and his very close friend, Genesect himself. She dislikes dirty playing, betrayal between friendship, and rude people.


  • Breloom(M): He is quiet, calm and of course active. He likes those who are being nice to him and loves to fooling around. He do not like others who's being nasty with him, and denies losses.
  • Shiny Eevee(F): She is tomboyish at most of the times. She likes pie, comic book and video games. She dislikes girly things and nasty people.
  • Elekid(M): He is friendly and tries to help everyone, but sometimes he could get clueless on what to do. He's alway eager to go, unless when eating pies (obviously). He's also a jokester, normally pulling practical jokes and just normal jokes. He likes pies, helping people and practical jokes. He only dislikes people who constantly taunt him.
  • Blaziken(F): The antagonist of the series. Her personality is based on a character of Avatar: The Last Airbinder. She will do anything to defeat her foes beside winning fairly. She likes victory and defeating her foes, and really hate being defeated.
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Elimination Order

  • 22th Shiny Ralts(M): His Youtube user has died in a car accident.
  • 21th: N/A