The Pokemon reality competition, "The PokéMazing Race", is based off of The Amazing Race. Former head host of NickiNor2's TPI and TPA, Raichu, will be hosting this competition as well as celebrity, Wes Naught. The show is set to use subtitles instead of verbal narration. More information is to be announced...


Title screen


Wes Naught was given the opportunity to host The PokeMAZING Race, but NickiNor2's Raichu crashed the party due to a contract Wes' producers signed and is now stuck hosting with him. With the former TPI host finding his place in the show, he makes things very interesting for the 10 teams.


The 10 Teams

Arcanine Pyroar
Blaziken Lucario
Carracosta Archeops

Electivire Magmortar
Florges Sylveon

Gardevoir Gallade
Gyarados Dragonite
Nidoking Nidoqueen
Roserade Maractus
Slowbro Slowking


Since you'll probably never seen a Pokémon/Amazing Race crossover, here are the rules:

  • Each team has to be two Pokemon each.
  • The challenges will be either immunity or reward and will differ depending on the episode.
  • If a team wins a challege, they automatically stay in the competition and earn their plane pass early.
  • Raichu's Oran Berry Twist: Everyone who didn't win immunity must send in one member from their pair to vote out someone. If someone's gets voted off or eliminated, their partner has to also be eliminated.
  • In order for a team to win the game, they must kept their recorded passport of plane passes after each elimination and be the last pair standing.


The PokéMazing Race Elimination Table
# Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
TBA Arcanine/Pyroar
TBA Blaziken/Lucario
TBA Carracosta/Archeops
TBA Electivire/Magmortar
TBA Florges/Sylveon
TBA Gardevoir/Gallade
TBA Gyarados/Dragonite
TBA Nidoking/Nidoqueen
TBA Roserade/Maractus
TBA Slowbro/Slowking

Work in Progress FootageEdit

[[1]]: The First WIP

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