Stranded on Poke World Tour is theSecond season of Tellyzx's "Stranded" Series.It was confirmed by Tellyzx in December 2010 after a mini marathon of Stranded on Poke Island.The Season started on January 17th,2011.Tellyzx then announced that the month of May would be dedicated to over 12 episodes of new SOPWT.Four people were added on to the show bringing the official number of Tourists to 36 during that marathon.Two former tourists returned in Episode 17.The show was part of Tellyzx's 200 sub marathon and brought the show all the way up to episode 25 as planned.The show returned in September 2011 to finish off the season w/ an epic 7 episode marathon.The season finale aired on September 22nd,2011 where Ampharos became the grand prize winner.The season officially concluded on November 4th,2011 w/ the special,Stranded,The After Season.As of now 43 of the 48 cast are heading into the last season of the Stranded Series known as Stranded on Poke High School.



Team Kanto:Edit













Shiny Herdier(Ep.'s 10-23)/Shiny Stoutland

Team Hoenn:Edit









Crobat(A.k.a-Zutzu Jr.)

Haxorus(Fraxure Ep.'s 7-24))(Axew Ep.'s 1-6)


Bastiodon(From PichuxCastform123's TPI)

Team Unova:Edit










Blaziken(Combusken Ep.'s 10-20)(Torchic Ep.'s 1-10)



38.Serperior(Team Kanto)(Japan)-The Teams didn't start until episode 2 so everyone had to vote for someone.He got the boot over Glaceon only because more people seem to hate him.

37.Yanmega(Team Kanto)(Russia)-He got eliminated because of Electabuzz convincing Salamence,Butterfree & Crawdaunt to help him vote out who he wanted.He was voted out over Glaceon.

36.Swellow(Team Kanto)(Antarctica)-She was tricked into kissing Electabuzz,which in turn Gliscor noticed it and told Team Kanto to vote her out because of it.She left over Electabuzz

35.Raichu(Team Unova)(China)-He started a fight with Gliscor while wasn't in the mood and it ulimately put him at risk since they didn't make it to the finish line on the Great wall because of their continuous brawl.He was voted out over Gliscor

34.Blastoise(Team Unova)(Paris)-After sabotaging everyone in the first challenge just to get closer to Rapidash,he pretty much got beaten up by Salamence in the bonus challenge and his team made it in last.He left over Wormadam.

33.Salamence(Team Kanto)(Pokemon Legends Cruise Ship)-He successfully won in obtaining one of the legend's children,but it backfired when Team Hoenn stole it back and Crawdaunt accidentally put a hole in the boat on the way back.Crawdaunt was supposed to leave,but because of Electabuzz's alliance, he got sabotaged and was kicked out over Crawdaunt.

32.Rapidash(Team Kanto)(North & South Carolina)-She was set to sabotage Team Hoenn,while in the process Beedrill made her team lose while she was in the middle of it.Team Kanto scored 3rd place again and Because Electabuzz cheated,she left over him,but not without revealing a secret about Electabuzz involving Ampharos.

31.Samurott(Team Hoenn)(Madagascar)-Although Glalie lost for the team,Gallade had planned to keep Glalie since he was part of his alliance and it was decided that he would cheat someone else off.Samurott surpisingly left over Glalie =(

30.Glalie(Team Hoenn)(Egypt)-Glalie got sabotaged by Scizor a 2nd time and this time it was between him & Gallade.Gallade back in episode 8 announced something called a protection clause for his alliance.Because of that,Glalie finally got his,but it was revealed that Gallade was suposed to leave if it wasn't for him cheating.

(Magmar,Minun,Bastiodon & Shiny Herdier joined in Episode 10)

29.Jolteon(Team Kanto)(England)-Because of his Caffeine condition,he only only drank the tea once and electrocuted Fraxure & Gliscor during the challenge.He left because the majority of Team Kanto kicked him out because he's was related to Glaceon,not because he lost the challenge.He was voted out over Glaceon.

28.Wormadam(Team Unova)(Ireland)-After figuring out that Glaceon is dating Bastiodon and that he's evil,she decides to let everyone know,but before she's able to,she gets sabotaged by Bastiodon during the challenge and loses for her team.She gets kicked off over Combusken

27.Glaceon xDDDD(Team Kanto)(Canada)-She finally got hers when Gliscor & Electabuzz,with the help of Beedrill and a bomb as well,sabotaged her and got Team Kanto to lose.With a big shock,She left over Electabuzz and everyone rejoiced xD

26.Beautifly(Team Hoenn)(India)-After he ignores Butterfree of his warnings about Bastiodon,he's then sabotaged during the challenge in which He ends up stuck in a hole and makes in 3rd place.He was surprisingly voted out over Bastiodon because Torterra & The rest of the team remembered that he lost the challenge for the team.He left in tears.

25.Typhlosion(Team Kanto)(Brazil)-Scizor decided to piss him off during the challenge making him extremely angry,which in turn made him lose his focus and lose for his team.He was voted for over Shiny Herdier and left in Tears.

24.Jynx(Team Unova)(Australia)-She was depressed and ended up being sabotaged by Bastiodon during the challenge making it in 3rd place for her team.She was voted out over Gengar.

23.Crawdaunt(Team Kanto)(New York)-During the challenge he was pissed off by Electabuzz,knocking nearly half of the team off the edge and then being hypnotized by Gallade and making himself & Magmar fall off.He was voted out over Magmar.

Serperior & Samurott returned in Episode 17

22.Zoroark(Team Hoenn)(South Africa)-He was hypnotized during the soccer challenge and was brutally sabotaged during the whole challenge.He was voted out over Zutzu Jr.

21.Minun(Team Unova)(Washington D.C.)-After failing to get the president's pen,she was sabotaged by Bastiodon and she was easily kicked off over Flygon in the end because of her failure in the challenge.

20.Serperior(Again)(Team Kanto)(Chile)-After losing the challenge,he was being plotted against Bastiodon's alliance,but since Herdier & Butterfree have become sick & tired of Magmar,they voted for her,but in the end he still took the drop because of extra votes.

19.Scizor xD(Team Hoenn)(California)-Because his team lost,it was known that Gallade was going to leave but after a lot of convincing,courtesy of Zutzu Jr. he left over Gallade.

18.Roserade(Team Unova)(Las Vegas,Nevada)-Gengar refused to kiss her in the last part of the challenge & then he cheated her off.

17.Gengar xD(Team Unova)(Germany)-He lost the challenge because of his chocolate allergy,topping it off everyone on his team hates him.

16.Dustox(Team Hoenn)(Greece)-She left because she simply lost the challenge when in reality Gallade could've left.

15.Samurott(Again)(Team Hoenn)(Italy)-After getting trapped by one of Bastiodon's traps along w/ her Boyfriend the team was forcefully told to separate the couple yet again.


14.Shiny Stoutland(Mexico)-He was a victim of Bastiodon's cheating

13.Beedrill(Mexico)-He was a victim of Bastiodon's cheating

12.Butterfree(Mexico)-He was a victim of Bastiodon's cheating

11.Torterra(Mexico)-Gallade was the only one who voted for him which counted against him in the end.

10.Gallade xD(Mexico)-Everyone voted for him,therefore he was kicked off.

9.Flygon(Jamaica)-Bastiodon notices Flygon and Ampharos getting back together, thus his reasoning of cheating Flygon off was determined.

8.Haxorus(Hawaii)-Magmortar didnt want Electivire to leave, so she rigged the votes on Haxorus.

7. Magmotar(Bahamas)-Bastiodon rigged the votes on her.

6.Blaziken(Alabama)-Bastiodon rigged the votes on her.

5.Bastiodon XD(Alabama)-Everyone else voted for him

4.'Electivire(Route 66)-He lost the race to Hawaii

3rd place: Gliscor(Florida)-He came in last place.

Runner Up: Zutzu.Jr(Florida)- Ampharos made it to the victory circle first

WINNER: Ampharos(Florida)- She defeated Zutzu.jr in the final challenge

Elimination ChartEdit

Place Tourists














N/S Carolina













Ep. 14





New York

Ep. 17

South Africa

Ep. 18

Washington D.C.

Ep. 19


Ep. 20


Ep. 21

Las Vegas,Nevada

Ep. 22


Ep 23


Ep 24


Ep 25


Ep 26


Ep 27


Ep 28


Ep 29


Ep 31

Route 66/Florida



1st Ampharos BTM 2 BTM 4 Winner
2nd Zutzu Jr.(Crobat) BTM 2 2nd Place
3rd Gliscor BTM 2 BTM 2 BTM 2 Lost In Contest
4th Electabuzz/Electivire BTM 2 BTM 2 BTM 2 BTM 5 BTM 2 BTM 4 OUT
5th Bastiodon(PichuxCastform123) ARRIVED IN EPISODE 10 BTM 5 BTM 2 OUT
6th Combusken/Blaziken BTM 2 OUT
7th Magmar/Magmortar ARRIVED IN EPISODE 10 BTM 2 BTM 2 BTM 5 BTM 2 OUT
8th Fraxure/Haxorus OUT
9th Flygon BTM 2 OUT
10th Gallade BTM 2 BTM 2 OUT
11th Torterra BTM 2 OUT
12th Butterfree OUT/CHEATED OFF
13th Beedrill OUT/CHEATED OFF
14th Shiny Herdier/Stoutland ARRIVED IN EPISODE 10 BTM 2 OUT/CHEATED OFF
15th Samurott(Ep.17) RETURNS IN EPISODE 17 OUT
16th Dustox OUT
17th Gengar BTM 2 BTM 2 OUT
18th Roserade OUT
19th Scizor OUT
20th Serperior(Ep.17) RETURNS IN EPISODE 17 OUT
22nd Zoroark OUT
23rd Crawdaunt BTM 2 OUT
24th Jynx OUT
25th Typhlosion OUT
26th Beautifly OUT
27th Glaceon BTM 2 BTM 2 BTM 2 OUT
28th Wormadam BTM 2 OUT
29th Jolteon OUT
30th Glalie BTM 2 OUT
31st Samurott OUT
32nd Rapidash OUT
33rd Salamence OUT
34th Blastoise OUT
35th Raichu OUT
36th Swellow OUT
37th Yanmega OUT
38th Serperior OUT

Team Colors:

 This contestant is on Team Kanto
 This contestant is on Team Unova
 This contestant is on Team Hoenn
 This contestant is a Runner-Up
 This contestant won SOPWT


SOPWT Episode Names & Locations:Edit

1.Stereotypical Japan,32 Tourists(Japan)

2.Lose This Challenge & We Bomb You!(Russia)

3.Adventures in Anarctica(Antarctica)

4.The Great Wall of Idiots(China)

5.Tour de Doomsday(France)

6.Stranded on Pokemon Legends Cruise Ship(PLCS)

7.North Carry Me,South Carry Myself & I(North & South Carolina)

8.Madagascar Madness(Madagascar)

9.Building A Pyramid 101(Egypt)

10.Hot Tea In The UK(England)

11.The 4 Leaf Clover of Immunity(Ireland)

12.Canadian Bacon Kaboodle(Canada)

13.Ride Those Mamoswines(India)

14.Anything Brazil Can Do, We Can Do Better(Brazil)

15.Boomerang Catastrophe(Australia)

16.New York & Old Me(New York,New York)

17.SOPWT's Fifa World Cup(South Africa)

18.Pokemon D.C.(Washington D.C.)

19.Rock That Chili Pepper(Chile)


21.Viva Las Tourists(Las Vegas,Nevada)

22.German Chocolate Wasted(Germany)

23.The Poke Olympics(Greece)

24.Spaghetti & A Meatball of Secrets(Italy)

25.Party In Mexico,Let's Tango(Mexico)

26.Jamaican Me Get Voted Off(Jamiaca)

27.Holy Hawaii(Hawaii)

28.Beach Blanket Bahamas(Bahamas)

29.Southern Pokemon(Alabama)

30.Flight SOPWT31 Down!(Alabama)

31.Route 66 in Retrospect(Route 66/Florida)

32.Florida's Fist of Finalists(Florida)(FINALE)

Special:Stranded,The After Season

The Mothim Bros. Aftershow TourEdit

The Mothim Bros. Aftershow Tour is the official aftershow of SOPWT.It's hosted by The Shiny Mothim & Mothim(A.k.a-The Mothim Bros. xD) and they come on after every 6 episodes to interview the losers voted out.

Hosts:Shiny Mothim & Mothim

Interview The Losers: Sceptile & Venusaur

Voting Results:Swampert & Emboar

Shiny Mothim's Song of The Day:Shiny Mothim

Peanut Gallery:







Songs Challenge In Every Episode:Edit

1.No Song

2.Dynamite by Taio Cruz(Sung By The Whole SOPWT Cast)

3.Monster by Lady Gaga(Sung By Swellow & Electabuzz)

4.Dragoon's Got Us Running The Wall Again(DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again by Usher)(Sung By Team Hoenn)

5.The Only Exception by Paramore(Sung By Salamence) & Please Don't Go by Mike Posner(Sung By Zutzu Jr. & Blastoise)

6.It's Not Over by Daughtry(Sung By The Whole SOPWT Cast)

7.Grenade by Bruno Mars(Sung By Rapidash,Zutzu Jr. & Fraxure)

8.Bedroom Intruder,Electabuzz(Sung By Team Kanto,Excluding Electabuzz)

9.Build This Way(Born This Way By Lady Gaga)(Sung By Team Hoenn)

10.Don't Stop Drinkin'(Don't Stop Believin' By The Glee Cast)(Sung By Gliscor,Fraxure & Jolteon)

11.Missin' U(Kissin' U by Miranda Cosgrove)(Sung By Magmar)

12.Wake Me Up When The Bacon's Found(Wake Me Up When September Ends By Green Day)(Sung By Electabuzz & Gliscor)

13.Stuck In A Hole(Stuck To A Pole from TDWT)(Sung By Beautifly,Fraxure,Ampharos & Dustox)

14.Shut Up!(Wake Up from TDWT)(Sung By Magmar,Crawdaunt,& Butterfree)

15.I Hate This Game(I Hate This Part by The Pussycat Dolls)(Sung By Jynx,Roserade, & Combusken)

16.Crush by David Archuleta(Sung By Magmar)

17.Teenage Dream by Katy Perry(Sung By Minun)

18.Animal By Neon Trees(Sung By Team Unova,Excluding Flygon & Minun)

19.Pocketful of Peppers(Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Beddingfield)(Sung By Roserade,Butterfree & Fraxure)

20.Paparazzi by Lady Gaga(Sung By Blaziken & Fraxure)

21.Viva La Ampharos(Viva La Vida by Coldplay)(Sung By Electabuzz)

22.Chocolate Wasted(Wasted by Gucci Mane)(Sung By Gengar,Torterra & S.Herdier)

23.Unbeaten(Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield)(Sung By Blaziken)

24.Who Owns This Game?(Who Owns My Heart by Miley Cyrus)(Sung by Samurott)

25.Flygon(Judas by Lady Gaga)(Sung By Ampharos)

26.Over You by Daughtry(Sung By Electivire)

27.Yesterday by Toni Braxton & Trey Songz(Sung By Electivire & Magmortar)

28.It's Over by The Cheetah Girls(Sung By Ampharos & Blaziken)

29.Cellphone(Telephone by Lady Gaga ft.Beyonce)(Sung By The Final 6)

30.Condor from TDWT(Sung By The Final 4)

31.I'm Gonna Make It from TDWT(Sung By The Final 4,Glaceon,Magmortar,Swellow & Meloetta from Pokemon Legends)

32.Versus from TDWT(The Final 3)

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