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Teddiursa is a Normal pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Ursaring at level 30.


Teddiursa joined the game in season 3 and was the sweet kid of the group. Lapras took up being Teddiursa's mother since he didn't have one, and even though Teddiursa wasn't too strong in his pre-evolved stage, Teddiursa stayed alive in the competition because the girls found him cute. Teddiursa later became friends with Onix, which at first made Lapras upset because Onix is Bellossom's son. Teddiursa joined Ambipom's alliance in Episode 8 after evolving into Ursaring.


Teddiursa was a contestant in this TPI and got to the final 6 after evolving into Ursaring.


Teddiursa was the Colby of the cast, so he was quite the goody two shoes. However, thanks to Teddiursa thinking Rapidash was hot, he joined her alliance. However, Teddiursa ater became enlightened with Rapidash's evil ways and didn't approve of them. Teddiursa evolved into Ursaring in Episode 14 during the Boot Camp challenge.

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