TPA: Poke Actors is Season 2 of Chimcharman's TP series. it Had 14 of season 1 layer and 10(+) new Players like a bomb lover, a silent Plant, and a new ninja. with 24+ pokemon this season will show to be EPIC!!! Sadly this show is on a hiatus for the fact movie maker makes Chimcharman's computer crash(which he need to recheck).


New Competitors have 10 new player as of episode 1, and what hopes to be 14 more makeing a total of 38 this season and 44 of the series.


Roserade: a nice caring pokemon with family own flower shop(never said in the show).

Misdreavus: a background Character, who HATES Hitmontop.

Simisear: The Brothoer of Simipour and Simisage, tied for the smartest player on the show(with Magmar)

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