TPI Elim02:51

TPI Elim.1

Elimination 1


3. Eevee (LstarAnimationz)

4. Chimchar (chimchar279)

5. Taillow (matthewvp18) 

6. Meloetta Pirouette (RodLighting) 

7. Bulbasaur (Connor Spalding) 

8. Oshawott (Mario Deleon)

9. Meowth (MsSpartaProductions)

10. Machop (shadethedarksoul8)

11. Shaymin (TheInanimateFight)

12. Rhyhorn (DoubleJEspejwan6) 

13. Squirtle (bowserjr2215)

14. Torchic (ShinxBoy01) 

15. Mudkip (SilverLeafeon)  

The HostsEdit

The original hosts were brother and sister, Umbreon and Espeon, but in episode 2, Taillow plays a prank by pouring slime on Espeon, making her green. Umbreon then decides to bring his boyfriend Jolteon to host.

Elimination TableEdit

Pokemon/User Place Votes
Tyrogue/friesfan7844 15th 2
Meowth/MsSpartaProductions 14th 3
Machop/shadethedarksoul8 13th QUIT

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