Spiritomb is a dual-type Ghost/Dark Pokemon.
Spiritomb anime

Spiritomb as Crunch Bandicoot


Spiritomb lived deep inside the Hallowed Tower with just his mother. He was always sheltered and didn't know much about the outside world and Pokemon. On his first trip outside of his home, he saw the ad for Total Pokemon Island. At first his mother was against it and Spiritomb fought with her for days about it. Suddenly the last day of the deadline, his mother caved and wished him the best. Sadly she had no idea her son, would try to take on the persona on an evil, ugly, fat cat.
Crunch Bandicoot

Spiritomb is one of the strongest of Team Bandicoot in Total Pokemon Island. He is Crunch Bandicoot in the cast. His love interst is Jynx as Bridgette.

Rankings:TPI:32th TPA:3nd

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