Snorunt is an Ice-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It can evolve into either Glalie, starting at level 42, or Froslass with a Dawn Stone, but only if female.


Snorunt was one of the original 26 players of TPI and got voted off 5th. Snorunt evolved into Froslass before the season ended.


Snorunt was the Courtney of the game, so although she was physically weak, she strived to be the best she could be. She became close friends with Ralts and grew feelings for Charmander, and evolved in Episode 9 (Nerds R All Of Us), courtesy of the Dawn Stone Goldeen won.


Snorunt made his debut in Total Pokemon Action as a new contestant. Snorunt was viewed as a weak player due to easily getting caught in the Episode 1 challenge and being picked last for teams in Episode 2. Snorunt was chosen by Team Captain Honchkrow to participate in the challenge and was in charge of making sure the Kabutops they caught didn't go away but Snorunt let it get away which cost Team Honchkrow the challenge. Snorunt was then unanimously voted off and finished in 30th place. Snorunt voted off Honchkrow because Honchkrow picked Snorunt to participate and if he picked someone else, they could've won.