Snivy is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves into Servine at level 17.

Multiclasser's(Joe olson's) snivyEdit


Snivy's grandparents parents(a espeon and a torterra) where born in Venice, Italy in 1912 and in 1940 they moved to boston, Massachusetts to have a better life years later snivy was born in 1998 and in 2012 joined the family bussiness in the mafia to be in a high rank in it's hq in an italian resteraunt one specific crime was to assissinate justin bieber with a scattergun after one of his concerts and that scattergun he used to kill bieber with became his favorite type of gun than one day he decided to make an audition for a show called "total pokemon island" and got accepted in.