Slugma is a Fire-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Magcargo, starting at level 38.


Slugma debuted in TPA along with 15 other new contestants. Being the Ezekiel of the group, it's difficult for Slugma to blend in with the majority of the cast. Right from the start, Slugma appeared a bit strange, so Scizor tries to give him some pointers, although he doesn't take them to heart. Slugma managed to finish 3rd out of the new guys in the Shake It Up challenge. Slugma was put on Team Mt.Pyre. In Episode 2, Slugma was impressed about Roselia's past ship experience, further proving his sensibility is warped from being home-schooled. Slugma, along with Whismur, found Rapidash to be hot and joined her alliance, not knowing that he's merely a pawn to Rapidash. Despite being one of the designated shooters for Team Mt.Pyre, Slugma failed to shoot anyone from Team Iron Island, partially resulting in them losing the laser tag portion of the Suite Life challenge. However, thanks to Rapidash's cheating, Slugma and the rest of Team Mt.Pyre narrowly escaped the Gold Medal Ceremony. In Episode 3, Slugma won the random dancing challenge for Team Mt.Pyre and then evolved into Magcargo.


Slugma began in Total Pokemon Gilligan's Island on Team Orichivip as a silent guy who just wanted to stay away from the drama that Tropius was causing later on in the game.He fell in love with a Delcatty,even evolving after kissing her.He was also one of the few people who was clear on sending home Tropius the first week the two teams merged.However in the next episode,he was seperated from his beloved, Delcatty because of Minun's alliance. After her blind-side by Minun's alliance, he was very depressed, but Rapidash helped him get out of his depression and helped him take on Minun's alliance. At the final 5, he tried making a deal with Minun's sister, Plusle, to help take down her brother. But at the last minute, she chickened out and he was eliminated. At the merge, he voted for Rapidash to win. In the aftermath, he and Delcatty are still together and when Jirachi asked if he wanted to be in Season 2, he refused and is currently on the Ninetales and Rapidash After-Show.


Slugma joined the show in episode 6 along with Gligar, Clamperl and Qwilfish. So far he has been quiet and not said much. He joined Team Heracross along with Qwilfish. he is still currently in the competition.