Skorupi is a Posion/Bug pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Drapion at level 40.


Skorupi is one of the two goths of the series, the other being Sneasel. They were a couple until Sneasel broke up with Skorupi for being capable of bearing emotions, and because of that, Sneasel and Corsola got eliminated in Episode 13, with Skorupi barely staying in. Since thn, Skorupi never played a major role in TPA but managed to stay in as of Episode 31.


Skorupi alligned with Cranidos in TPWT but later got eliminated because of that alliance.


Contrasting the Skorupi in InsaneXmas's show, this Skorupi was the Geoff of the cast and didn't really focus on the competition, rather he just wanted to have fun. Skorupi's love interest was Dratini, despite them being on opposite teams. Skorupi alligned with Yanmega, Goldeen, and Roseliaa bcuz he thought having an alliance would be fun, but that wasn't necessarily the case. After Skorupi beat Goldeen in a battle in Episode 11 (So You Think You Can Dance?), Skorupi evolved into Drapion, partially because he wanted to impress Dratini.


Skorupi is one of the original 36 campers coming to the island and a current member of the Happy Happinies. Skorupi is often mistreated and not noticed. He is extremely self-aware that he is unnoticable ever since Episode 1 where he was picked last on the teams.

Allies None Noticable
Enemies Rattata, Snubbull
Love Interest Mudkip?
Place TBA

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