Skitty is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Delcatty via Moon Stone.


Skitty is the Izzy of the show. She had a crush on Gligar in episode 8. In episode 6 of TPA, she evolved into Delcatty.


Skitty (played by sweetsktitty) was in the show. She was voted off in episode 5 and returned in episode 8.


Skitty debuted in Total Pokemon Action, and has a love/hate (at this point, mostly hate) relationship with Riolu. She's still in the game.


Skitty was one of the original 30 contestants on this series. She was the Lindsay of the group, so she wasn't so bright and fell in love with Shellos, the Tyler. She evolved into Delcatty in episode 6 (The Scary Outdoors).


Skitty debuted in TPA along with 15 other new contestants. Being the Natalie of the group, despite her nice nature, she may end up aligning with a villain. But currently, she's just a carefree girly girl from Arkansas. She finished in 2nd in the Shake It Up challenge out of the new girls, just barely losing to Meditite, although she's not bitter about it. Skitty was put on Team Safari Zone. In Episode 2, Skitty avoided getting shot in the laser tag portion of the Suite Life challenge, which helped contribute to Team Safari Zone's win, but not as much as Pikachu's shooting.

Based On Natalie White (Survivor Samoa)
Friends Meditite, Flaaffy, Pikachu, Manectric
Enemies None as of yet


Skitty was one of the 34 original campers that came to the island, she quickly earned respect by winning challenges for her teams and also got a crush on Poochyena. In episode 6, Skitty along with Poochyena and Munchlax evolved into Delcatty, Mightyena and Snorlax, respectively. Because of that, Delcatty's feelings for Mightyena grew stronger. Delcatty became runner-up, only to be beaten by Blissey.

Friends Mightyena, Chansey and Snorlax
Enemies Leafeon
Rank TPI: 2nd