Youtube TPI


  1. TheDKA3 as Charizard
  2. Gallade12345 as Zorua
  3. Shadestar8 as Shellos
  4. Johnnnyhero3 as Shaymin and Cyndaquil
  5. TheFirstPikachuEver as Pikachu
  6. PokeLover781 as Cyndaquil
  7. SeakingPwns64 as Horsea and Dugtrio
  8. UxieDude910 as Liloone
  9. murphygundo as Garchomp and Luxio
  10. MrDoubleGangster as Raichu
  11. yugioh594 as Trubbish
  12. vapoterra as Palpitoad
  13. wabbaboo27 as Pignite


People Voted Out Redemption Island Out Team Votes

1st Voted Out

Week 1

1st Duel Loser

Week 2

Sevipers 2

2nd Voted Out

Week 2

Inhabitant Cyndaquils 4
Shellos Scraggys
Shaymin Cyndaquils
Cyndaquil - Johnnny Cyndaquils
Zorua Cyndaquils
Cyndaquil - Pokelover Scraggys
Horsea Cyndaquils
Dugtrio Scraggys
Liloone Scraggys 1
Garchomp Scraggys
Raichu Cyndaquls
Luxio Cyndaquils
Trubbish Scraggys
Charizard Scraggys
Pignite Cydaquils

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