Seyi S's TPI series


Name Age Gender Rank Team
Absol(The Ninja) 18 Male TBA TBA
Baltoy(The Nerd) 16 Male TBA TBA
Charmander(The Party Man) 17 Male TBA TBA
Chespin(The Food Lover) 17 Female TBA TBA
Chikorita(The Cheerleader) 16 Female TBA TBA
Drilbur(The Idiot) 18 Male TBA TBA
Eevee(The Shy Gal) 16 Female TBA TBA
Fennekin(The Bully) 18 Female TBA TBA
Finneon(The Swimmer) 18 Female TBA TBA
Geodude(The Ghetto) 18 Male TBA TBA
Hawlucha(The Smart-Aleck) 17 Male TBA TBA
Heracross(The Follower) 16 Male TBA TBA
Lotad(The Stalker) 18 Male TBA TBA
Machop(The Body Builder) 17 Female TBA TBA
Nidorina(The Lover Girl) 16 Female TBA TBA
Oddish(The Extremist) 16 Female TBA TBA
Poliwag(The Kung Fu Man) 17 Male TBA TBA
Shinx(The Perfectionist) 17 Female TBA TBA
Spinark(The Tomboy) 17 Female TBA TBA
Starly(The Bird Who Can't Fly) 16 Female TBA TBA
Treeko(The Jerk) 18 Male TBA TBA
Zubat(The Normal) 17 Male TBA TBA




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Episodes Edit

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