Total Pokemon Island Intro01:12

Total Pokemon Island Intro


TPI Cast

ScytherDoesEverything will begin a whole new series on his YouTube channel. Total Pokemon Island was famous years ago and Scyther decided to bringa back this kind of series. Make sure to check it out when it's first episode is finally released. The series will have it's episodes uploaded twice a week.

Cast of TPI:Edit


Gastly M

Drowzee M

Charmander M

Machop M

Abra M

Vulpix F

Seel F

Growlithe M

Eevee F

Scyther M

Meowth M

Pikachu M

Kabuto M

Rhyhorn M

Psyduck M

Nidoran M

Nidoran F

Ponyta F

Bulbasaur M

Squirtle M

Jigglypuff F

Clefairy F

Venonat F

About ScytherDoesEverything and his TPIEdit

ScytherDE is a brazilian YouTuber. He uploads parodies, funny videos and used to upload gaming videos which now are rare to be up on his YouTube channel. His name says that he is a Pokemon fan just like any other Pokemon fan. He will spend his entire vacation editing the Total Pokemon Island series. At leats you should check the intro (which is already uploaded) and give your opinion about it. Scyther deserves a lot. The Total Pokemon Island series will be fantastic. Scyther is a Pro at PowerPoint animation and all, that is one of the reasons it is going to be one of the TPI's ever seen. Don't forget to subscribe and watch the series!

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