Scyther is a Bug/Flying pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Scizor when traded w/ a Metal Coat.


Scyther was one of the orginial campers that came to the island. In the team stage, Scyther got into a solid alliance with Chansey, Turtwig, Magnemite and Larvitar and also during this time, he developed feelings towards Cherrim, however she was dating Wartlolte which Scyther did not well and developed a negative feelings towards Wartlolte, In the merge, Scyther lost his alliance and turned pyshco and wanted Cherrim to be his which did not go down well with anyone and Scyther was eliminated and placed 21st. Scyther was not offered a place in Total Pokemon Action and will be watching from Total Pokemon Action Aftermath Show.


TPI: 21s



Scyther was Duncan in the show. He evolved into Scizor in episode 18. He started dating Glameow/Purugly in season 2.


Scyther was Duncan/Heather in the show. Amost everyone hated him. His best friend is Natu/Xatu. He evolved into Scizor in episode 13.


Scyther was the Arabian strategist of the cast of TPA and later evolved into Scizor.


Scyther, being the James Clement of the cast of TPI, was a powerhouse and came in handy in several challenges. Scyther evolved into Scizor in Episode 10 (Picture Perfect).

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