Sam's Total Pokémon Island is a TPI made by Samtendo09, an user from Fantendo. The host is Sceptile and the Co-Host/Chef is Alakazam. M stand of males and F stand of females. Once the episodes are completed, the relations will be made.

The Team on the left is the Team Seafaring and the team on the right is the Team Victory.

Elimination Order:Edit

24th: Butterfree [F] (V): Was a real twept and prevent her allies to build correctly their Spa by using her moves.

23th: Lugia [M] (S): Misbehaved too much and was pretty a Mewist (eg threatend Mesprit an "useless fairy".)

22th: Emolga [F] (V): Insulted Groudon too much and wasn't very helpful during the fourth match.

21th: Steelix [M] (V): Was too soft for Heat-Rotom and failed his performance.

20th: Unfezant [M] (S): Attacked Salamence, falled Magmortar and wasn't even listening to Milotic.

19th: Umbreon [F] (S): Only focused on foods during the Epic Deer Hunt Challenge, and thus got paintball'd by Groudon.

18th: Gengar [M] (S): Foolishly gives his 100% Grass Meal to Lilligant instand for Swampert, who moslty hate grasses.

17th: Druddigon [M] (V): Talked about Porygon-Z (who is skilled and intelligent) too much, which bothered all of his teammates.

16th: Virizion [M] (V): Was a serious "specist" and hurts Lilligant. He even lied to Heat-Rotom.

15th: Ludicolo [F] (S): Milotic had manipulated the votes, thus made Ludicolo eliminated despite having no problem.

14th: H-Rotom [M] (V): Lied to anyone about Gothitelle. (To make things clearer, he actually wanted to manipulated votes in order to not let his best player, Gothitelle herself, win.)

13th: Salamence [M] (S): Was the first to be taken down, not counting his accidental friendly fire.

The teams are now dismissed and everyone will now do on their own.

Druddigon and Steelix returns.

12th(A): Druddigon again: Although placed 2nd, he was kicked out has Milotic manipulated votes again in order to not get eliminated.

12th(B): Medicham [F] (S): Get beaten out by his last oppenent, Scrafty, and underestimated him. She was then eliminated does for her incompetance against rivals.

12th(C): Milotic [F] (S): Automaticly eliminated does to cheating after being caught by Groudon.

11th: Groudon [M] (V): The votes was this time Feraligatr who in a secret love on Milotic.

10th: Mesprit [F] (S): Let herself kidnapped by a black armored Charizard and Porygon-Z did told her to not playing the damsell in distress too much.

9th: Feraligatr [M] (V): Broke Swampert's friendship and made a shemeful thing that Milotic asked for him before leaving after her announced elimination.

8th: Magmortar [M] (S): Have the least correct awnswers and placed last in Poké-Quiz.

7th: Jolteon [M] (V): Tried to cheating by paralyzing every remaining campers in order to win in the Water Gun Runaway, but Steelix and Swampert prevented this thanks to their Ground-Type.

6th: Lilligant [F] (V): Cannot remember the elimination order and thus made Steelix frustrated and tried to get the Surrender Key.

5th: Steelix again: Was the first one who lost all four lives in the WarioWare D.I.Y. Endurence Challenge.

4th: Swampert [M] (V): Have the least amount of Awesome Points in the Ye Olde Challenges.

3rd: Scrafty [M] (S): Lost in Medicham's Challenge of Our Friends the Losers.

2nd: Porygon-Z [M] (S): Originally tend to shares their victory, Gothitelle shows her mischevous side by tripping by purpose at just one inch of the Goal Line.

1st: Gothitelle [F] (V): The Champion!!

List of episodes:Edit

Episode # Episode Name Elimination-Type: Eliminated Camper: Immunity/Safed Team:
Intro Unsure Welcome None Nobody Nobody
1 Obstacle & Build Team Butterfree Team Seafaring
Speical 1 Camperts Profile None Nobody Nobody
2 Don'tsleep-a-thon Team Lugia Team Victory
3 Dodge the Ball, Idiot! Team Emolga Team Seafaring
4 Poké-Spectacle Team Steelix Team Seafaring
5 Long-Lost Land Team Unfezant Team Victory
6 Epic Hunt Team Umbreon Team Victory
7 Cook or Eat Team Gengar Team Victory
8 Item Hunter Team Druddigon Team Seafaring
9 Sceptile Says... Team Virizion Team Seafaring
10 Bouncy Boogie! Team Ludicolo Team Victory
11 Truth or Rust Team Heat-Rotom Team Seafaring
12 Dogfight, Pesky Dogs! Team Salamence Team Victory
Special 2 Build-N-Go-Karting None Nobody Nobody
13 Trio Challenge: Race Solo Druddigon Jolteon

Trio Challenge: Battle

Solo Medicham Porygon-Z
15 Trio Challenge: Contest Solo Milotic Lilligant

Oh my Ground!! (Originally called Horror Chase)

Solo Groudon Swampert
17 Medieval is Magical Solo Mesprit Scrafty
18 I-Spy... Solo Feraligatr Gothitelle
19 Poké-Quiz Time!! Automatic Magmortar Nobody
20 Water-Type Runaway Solo Jolteon Steelix
Special 3 Loser's Paradise None Nobody Nobody
21 Buddy or Frienemy Solo Lilligent Team Swampert and Scrafty
22 WarioWare D.I.W? (Did I Win) Automatic Steelix Nobody
23 Be Prepared (For Old Challenges!) Automatic Swampert Nobody
24 Our Friends the Losers Automatic Scrafty Nobody
25 Total, Final Challenge! Final Challenge Porygon-Z (Lost) Gothitelle (Won)
Final A Million Poké To Catch None Lugia


  • The Campers Profile is used to know all Campers of Season 1.
  • Lugia isn't legimate for the Season 2 unlike every other campers does to accidently broken a briefcase containing a congratulation sign and confettis.

More coming soon...

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