Roselia is a Grass/Poison pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Budew at max happiness during the morning and it evolves into Roserade via Shiny Stone.


Roselia was a competitor in Total Pokemon Action and was one of the many girls to have a thing for Arcanine, and even sang the immunity song "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga for him. She evolved into Roserade courtesy of a Shiny Stone Nidoking gave her.


Roselia evolved from Budew in Episode 5 (Grand Theft Drama) because she was so excited to attempt blinsiding the people that voted off Psyduck. Roselia, like Izzy, is pretty insane , but she proved helpful in most challenges except for the twister challeng ein Episode 8 (Mister Twister), courtesy of Houndoom. Roselia got voted off in Episode 8 due to her losing the challenge and being a nutjob. In the TPI special, Roselia formed a group with Psyduck and Wailord and qualified for TPA.

In TPA, Episode 1 confirms that despite her crazy behavior, she has a lot of friends, such as Taillow. In the Shake It Up challenge, out of the returning girls, Roselia finished 5th, and was put on Team Mt.Pyre. In Episode 2, Roselia told a story about her time on a cruise ship which wierded out everyone except Psyduck and Slugma. Roselia seemed a bit upset when she was not picked to do the pingpong portion of the Suite Life challenge, but got over it during the laser tag challenge, in which she shot Marill. Regardless, Roselia helped Team Mt.Pyre win the scaling challenge to win immunity. In Episode 3, Roselia immediately started dancing when Vaporeon said that that would be part of the iCarly challenge. However, she didn't last as long as was expected when the challenge actually rolled around, but thankfully Magcargo won it for her team upon evolution.

Based On Izzy (Total Drama Island, Action, and World Tour)
Friends Psyduck, Drapion, Yanmega, Seaking, Wailord, Linoone, Taillow, Magcargo, Meditite
Enemies Rapidash, Spoink, Abra, Marill, Scizor

TPI: 21st



Roselia is currently in Pokemon Survivor Arctica, but nothing is known about her aside from the fact she'd be classified as an "Heather/Lindsay".

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