This is a page for Rmills's Pokemon Next Top Model.Please do not edit. Enjoy! :D


Pokegirl of the week

Call Out Order


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Flareon Tropius Bellossom Vulpix Vulpix Glaceon Glaceon Glaceon Vulpix Glaceon
2 Delcatty Glaceon Vulpix Delcatty Flareon Bellossom Bellossom Flareon Flareon Flareon
3 Bellossom Beautifly Tropius Bellossom Bellossom Vulpix Flareon Vulpix Glaceon Vulpix
4 Vulpix Scizor Flareon Glaceon Glaceon Flareon Delcatty Bellossom Bellossom
5 Milotic Bellossom Cydnaquil Tropius Milotic Milotic Vulpix Delcatty
6 Misdreavus Milotic Glaceon Cydnaquil Tropius Delcatty Milotic
7 Glaceon Flareon Beautifly Milotic Delcatty Tropius
8 Tropius Delcatty Milotic Flareon Cydnaquil
9 Beautifly Cydnaquil Delcatty Beautifly
10 Raichu Misdreavus Misdreavus
11 Scizor Vulpix
12 Cydnaquil Raichu
13 Stunfisk
14 Gardevoir
Color Meaning
This Contestant is the Winner of Pokemon's Next Top Model
This Contestant is the Runner Up of Pokemon's Next Top Model
This Contestant Won Pokegirl of the week as voted by viewers
This Contestant was in the bottom 2 photos of the week and was safe
This Contestant was eliminated from Pokemon's Next Top Model

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