Riolu is a Fighting-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Lucario through high friendship during the day.


Riolu joined in TPA and is the Alejandro of the cast, so he's possibly the strongest villain this game has yet seen. However, how far he could've gotten will forever be unknown as the series was discontinued.


Riolu got 7th in TPI because his scary story was not so scary. Riolu later returned to TPA and became one of the more important characters thanks to Pikachu becoming a retard for a certain point in time. Riolu got 11th in TPA because Dragonite knew of his popularity so he felt it was a good move to blindside him.


Riolu joined in TPA as the Brady, so he is really admired by the female contestants, especially Venonat, Happiny, Marill, Glameow, and Kirlia. Riolu won the Shake It Up challenge on episode 1 out of the new boys, and became the TC of Team Iron Island. Riolu picked Venonat, Trapinch, Marill, Linoone, Lanturn, Wooper, Glameow, Magby, and Finneon to be on his team. In Episode 2, Riolu begins by volunteering himself to represent Team Iron Island in the ping pong portion of the Suite Life challenge, although he ends up losing to Froslass. Riolu did a good job voerall in the next two challenges, shooting Lileep in laser tag, but thanks to Rapidash and Yanmega, Team Iron Island lost, but Riolu remained in the game. In Episode 3, Riolu tried to cheer Venonat and Trapinch up as they were upset that Marill left, which Trapinch and especially Venonat appreciated. Riolu picked Trapinch to do the What Am I Licking? part of the iCarly challenge which turns out to be a good choice as Trapinch won immunity for Team Iron Island.

Based On Brady (Beth's boyfriend from Total Drama Action)
Friends Glameow, Kirlia, Marill, Happiny, Venonat, Trapinch, Linoone, Lanturn, Wooper
Enemies None as of yet, but possible Finneon
Relationships Glameow, Kirlia, Marill, Happiny, and Venonat (one sided on their sides)


Riolu hatched from an egg in TPI and swore to protect Pupitar no matter what in return. Riolu was capable of taking down villains like Seadra and Flaaffy, and later evolved into Lucario. But as a Riolu, he got eliminated in episode 25 by sacrificing himself for his friends.