Place Contestants Ep 1 Ep 2
TBA Mjpj189 - Duskull Saved Saved
TBA Megamanx3able - Gallade Saved Safe
TBA TheFieryCyndaquil - Charizard Saved Saved
TBA FlareonEevee1 - Kecleon Saved Saved
TBA MegaLuxray123 - Serperior Saved Safe
TBA VaSkorupi1997 - Onondo Saved Safe
TBA Wizzair17 - Turtwig Saved Safe
TBA Souljafan3 - Shiny Cacturne Exempt Safe
TBA MRNATE989 - Wartortle Saved Saved
TBA Sizorwooper2 - Minun Saved Safe
TBA LopunnyPNTM101 - Lopunny Exempt Safe
11 MechaXenoxine55 - Shiny Crawdaunt Saved Quit
12 PokeKiller5swords - Charmander Quit
13 Mechariolu141 - Jirachi DSQ*
14 TotalBrawlsland - Blaziken DSQ*
  • Two players were DSQ for not responding to the original game message
  • Episode 2 was based on which player quit, instead of who got executed.

Execution Ceremony Edit

Color Meaning
 ??? This contestant is male
 ??? This contestant is female
Safe This contestant was shown a green thumbprint at the execution and moved on in the game
Executed This contestant was shown a red thumbprint at the execution and therefore was executed
Saved This contestant was not called at the execution ceremony, but continued on in the game
Exempt This contestant won an exemption and was safe for the round
Non-exe. This contestant was involved in a non-execution round
Quit This contestant quit the game
DSQ This contestant was disqualified
Winner This contestant was proclaimed the winner at the finale
Mole This contestant was revealed to be the Mole at the finale
Runner-up This contestant was proclaimed to be the runner-up at the finale

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