Floatzel, the host of TPI, will try to put 22 campers (plus add-ons) into extreme endurance testing challenges to decide a $1,000,000 Winner!!!

All 22 contestants with Chef Weavile during Floatzel's absence.

Contestants & PersonalitiesEdit

1.) Poochyena - Perverted contestant who throws off his gameplay for his love for female campers.

2.) Spoink - A girl with an extreme love for bouncing.

3.) Riolu - A powerful camper who fights for himself and his friends.

4.) Whismur - A shy kid who can overcome his bashfulness if he puts his mind to it.

5.) Skitty - An oblivious, snobby, girl who has a rich father.

6.) Spheal - An immature camper who is often clumsly but loved by everyone.

7.) Zorua - A quick-thinking guy who's powers to transform help his team for the better.

8.) Pikachu - A boy who has strategies to break out of any tough situation.

9.) Dratini - A popular but positive spirited girl.

10. Misdreavus - Manipulative and childhood frenemy of Murkrow.

11.) Murkrow - Cool and childhood frenemy of Misdreavus.

12.) Chimchar - A leader-type guy who's actions can dominate even himself.

13.) Snivy - The calm and willing surfer girl.

14.) Eevee - A pretty girl who's looks don't match her intellegence.

15.) Buneary - Eevee's BFF who is often overshined by her.

16.) Elekid - A mysterious guy with a secret he wants no one to know.

17.) Litwick - A fun and supporting girl whos waiting for the perfect guy.

18.) Paras - A girl who enjoys throwing bombs for pleasure.

19.) Pidove - A hyper and mental kid, who's also Zorua childhood friend.

20.) Treecko - An athletic dude who is ready for adventure.

21.) Sewaddle - A tomboyish but girly-girl who's been in love with Treecko.

22.) Torchic - Athletic, rich, and best friends with Dratini and Skitty

Elimination OrderEdit

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