Psyduck is a Water-type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Golduck, starting at level 33.


Psyduck is the Owen in this series, so what lacks in brain power, he makes up for in niceness. Right off the bat he's excited to be on the show and made friends with Roselia. But after blowing the Shuffleboard challenge in Episode 4, Psyduck got voted off. Roselia wanted to avenge her friend, but she didn't do well at it and got voted off 4 episodes later. Psyduck qualified for TPA with Wailord and Roselia.

In Episode 1 of TPA, Psyduck is optimistic about the new season and seems to get along well w/ the new players. Out of the returning guys, Psyduck finished in 9th place in the Shake It Up challenge and was put on Team Mt.Pyre. In Episode 2, Psyduck enjoyed hearing Roselia's story about her experience with a cruise ship. Psyduck, along with Whismur, Rapidash, and Houndoom, got shot by Pikachu in the laser tag portion of the Suite Life challenge. Psyduck helped with Team Mt.Pyre winning immunity, although it was mainly due to Yanmega and Rapidash's scheming. In Episode 3, Psyduck impulsively began dancing when Vaporeon said random dancing. However, he ended up losing the actual random dancing challenge, although Magcargo in the end won it for Team Mt.Pyre.

Based On Owen (Total Drama Island, Action, and World Tour)
Friends Everyone except enemies
Enemies The villains (Bagon, Finneon, Yanmega, Rapidash, Spoink, and Magby)

TPI: 25th



  • Vaporterra's Psyduck confirmed to be a fan of the Suite Life on Deck in Suite Life on Set.