Ponyta is a Fire pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Rapidasha t level 40.


Ponyta was one of the original 30 contestants on Mis's show. She was a spoiled rich girl, and got voted off 5th. During her time at Playa De Losers, she evolved into Rapidash.


Ponyta is based on Parvati. She won the first challenge, making her TC. It's possible that she has a thing for Bagon, but it is unknown since he got out early. Ponyta was the first pokemon to evovle and did so when winning the race challenge in Episode 2.


Ponyta was one of the 34 orginial campers that came to the island, she soon made her self known as the spoiled, rich daddy's girl and always back mouthed the host. she was the first to make an alliance with Bellossom and Cherubi and soon made frineds with them. Ponyta is still currently in the competition.

Friends Cherubi, Bellossom, Chansey and Corsola
Enemies Larvitar

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