15.Tepig-flamercharizard 5-3

14.Cottonie-kciiz Closed Account

13.Reuniclus-Monferno41 D; Closed Account D:

12.Scyther-Lohuydahutt D: 4-3

11.Togekiss-MijumaruIsAwesome 2-2-1 (Jury Spot)

Scyther Returns

10.Chimchar-ChimcharTreecko13 Quit

Jury Starts

9.Charmeleon-PokeLover781 4-0

8.Spinda-RoamingCharge 3-2

7.Weavile-ShadowAbsol1000 (Quit)

6.Misdrevus-Mismagiusfan204 3-1

5.Sandslash-Typemania 3-0

4.Scizor-Lohuydahutt 1-0 (S Zorua's Choice)


Jury Ends

Runner Up


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