Pikachu is by far the most famous Pokemon of them all, being the mascot of the Pokemon franchise and being one of the most widely recognized Nintendo characters. It's an Electric pokemon introduced in Generation I and it evolves from Pichu via happiness and into Raichu via thunderstone.


Pikachu's popularity in all other Pokemon aspects is mirrored in the Total Pokemon Island world, appearing in a number of different series and in most cases used from the start as opposed to Pichu when usually series start with unevolved pokemon.


Pikachu was the winner of his TPI, mainly thanks to his love interest Buneary and best friend Gastly. During TPA, Pikachu had his mind erased by a Dusknoir and became a retard until Bellossom from Misdreavous525's series caused an explosion that got Pikachu to be normal again, but since Pikachu was responsible for the explosion, he was voted off. Pikachu later returns, only to get blindsided by Minun.


Pichu evolved into Pikachu during TPA, but was voted off in the same episode since Pichi was upset that they didn't evolve together.


Pikachu's girlfriend is Minccino and his best friends are Larvitar and Croagunk. Pikachu was voted of fin episode 10 in San Francisco because Ditto switched the votes on him.


Pikachu evolved from Pichu after winning the laser tag portion of the Suite Life challenge, thus making friends with his team for doing a good job. In Episode 3, Pikachu was chosen for the What Am I Licking? part of the iCarly challenge, but he lost to Trapinch. Nonetheless, his team wasn't too mad as they ended up winning immunity in the next part.

Based On Noah (TDI and TDWT)
Friends All of Team Safari Zone
Enemies Possibly Roselia
Rank TBA


He is self-centered and full attention but he is selfish in episode 17 for the Itemfinder Challenge because he found a thunderstone and he won't share it and he needs it alot so he can become a Raichu but he found out it was firestone. At the campfire, he was the bottom two with Spearow but Pikachu was out.






pikachu is a male/female character he/she is always mistaken. it is unown why he gots a chiped tail.

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