Ninetales is a fire type pokemon. It evolves from Vulpix from exposed to a fire stone. In Generation 7, a new region variant of Ninetales from introduced named Alolan Ninetales which is a Ice/Fairy type that evolves from Vulpix once exposed to an ice stone.


Ninetales joined the cast of TPA in Episode 7 along with Starmie, Magmar & Donphan. Ninetales joined Team Luvdisc where she instantly clicked with Jynx, this lead her into joining Jynx's alliance. Throughout the team phrase Ninetales kept a low profile, playing under the radar and not wanting to cause any tension within the team, this helped her make it to the merge. Once at merge, Ninetales started to play a more aggressive game, building social connections with Flareon & Pelipper from her old team, as well as Plulse & Wigglytuff. These connections helped her make a move to blindside Jynx in Episode 20. This momentum also gave her the control to be the mastermind behind voting off Metang & Beedrill. However due to her powerful social connections, her original alliance (Dodrio & Poliwrath) started to question and doubt her loyalty as they felt as though they could not fully trust her after blindsiding Jynx. This made Ninetales decide that her best option was to go after Dodrio as she knew he would target her soon, however unbeknownst to her, Poliwrath had already set a plan in motion, with the help of Starmie, to target Ninetales which they succeeded in, as she was voted out in Episode 23, placing 18th respectively.



TPA: 18th