Total Pokemon Island

  1. Oddish (Cheery and happy, however was the first one on her team to get out on the first challenge)
  2. Horsea (Sneezed and got a big chunk of her team out)
  3. Zigzagoon (Tied Taillow to leash, preventing him from helping the team)
  4. Bulbasaur (Failed the talent competition, and gave everyone the wrong message about voting him out)
  5. Snorunt (Prevented any further adavance of the fossil) (Cranidos and Lileep join)
  6. Lickitung (Allergic to chocolate, targeted by Mareep)
  7. Treecko (Cocky, failed challenge)
  8. Sealeo (Failed in getting a pin on a 7-10 split) (Lickitung, Seadra, Treecko, and Bulbasaur rejoin)
  9. Magby (Hypnotized into doing bad things)
  10. Swinub (Annoying, tried to kill everyone)
  11. Porygon (Misdreavus and Mareep targeted him)
  12. Misdreavus (Attempted in killing Larvitar and his alliance) (Dratini, and Riolu join)
  13. Cranidos (Failed to jump off cliff, AGAIN)
  14. Lileep (Thought she knew everything, sounded dumber than Lickilicky and Chimchar)
  15. Baltoy (His Entei screwed over the team)
  16. Croconaw (Bit Jigglypuff too much; annoying)
  17. Jigglypuff (Useless, annoying)
  18. Taillow (Fell on Mareep, shocking everyone)
  19. Chinchou (Bossy)
  20. Chansey (Cherrim switched the votes)
  21. Cherrim (Self-absorbed and irritating)
  22. Flaaffy (Tried to kill Larvitar; went power hungry)
  23. Chimchar (Misunderstood challenge)
  24. Seadra (Betrayed and attacked Cyndaquil)
  25. Lickilicky (Caused Seadra's elimination)
  26. Riolu (Threat)
  27. Vibrava (Sabotaged by Honchkrow)
  28. Espeon (Excessive and annoying crying)
  29. Treecko (Kicked out by Raichu, even with immunity)
  30. Ivysaur (Voted for by Lickilicky, winner of loser challenge)
  31. Honchkrow (Tried to kill Pupitar, defeated by Quilava)
  32. Dragonair (Lost final three challenge, automatically eliminated)
  33. Runner-Up: Pupitar
  34. Winner: Quilava

Total Pokemon Action

  1. Cherrim (Annoying)
  2. Claydol (Annoying)
  3. Corsola (Got kidnapped, very gullible)
  4. Onix (Perverted, caused loss of challenge)
  5. Mudkip (Targeted Taillow, crazy)
  6. Wigglytuff (Poor performance in challenge)
  7. Bagon (Bratty)
  8. Victreebel (Jerky, targeted by Cradily)
  9. Ditto (Useless)
  10. Relicanth (Failure of communication, lost first part of challenge)
  11. Espeon (Dragonair targeted her)
  12. Pigeot (Poor performance in challenge)
  13. Kingdra (Targeted by Typhlosion, attacked Lickilicky)
  14. Gyarados (Mean)
  15. Pikachu (Broke his promise to Pichi)
  16. Lanturn (Glaceon targeted her)
  17. Glaceon (Quit)
  18. Mismagius (Tried to get Lucario out)
  19. Growlithe (Voted himself off because he didn't want to play with Crobat and others anymore)
  20. Lickilicky (Ampharos was the initial target, but they gave her a second chance, failed ideas)
  21. Shuppet (Weak link and was dating Gastly)
  22. Venusaur (Poor performance in challenge)
  23. Groudon (Poor performance in challenge)
  24. Pinsir (Played with Blissey's heart)
  25. Croconaw (His only focus was finding flesh to chomp on)
  26. Tyranitar (Possibly targeted by Dragonair)
  27. Bastiodon (Haunter sabotaged him)
  28. Skarmory (Raichu disqualified him)
  29. Ampharos (Haunter tricked some of Porygon-Z team members to vote her off)
  30. Mamoswine
  31. Haunter
  32. Swellow
  33. Camerupt
  34. Farfetch'd
  35. Pink Rhydon (Quit due to Farfetch'd getting eliminated)
  36. Flygon
  37. Walrein
  38. Meganium
  39. Togekiss/Feraligator (Double Elimination)
  40. Lickylicky
  41. Dragonite (Quit to make it up to Espeon)
  42. Vileplume (Blows up the challenge set)
  43. Crobat
  44. Grovyle

Were at Final 10 now

  1. 10th:Arcanine
  2. 9th:Porygon-Z
  3. 8th:Honchkrow
  4. 7th:Blissey
  5. 6th:Typhlosion
  6. 5th:Lucario
  7. 4th:Pichu (Notch ear)
  8. 3rd:Altaria

Final 2 are Cradily and Skarmory The fans would have to vote the winner.

The obviously likely placing would be 2nd:Cradily Winner: Skarmory

(Edited by Neonray3 with the actual listing. Sorry it took long).

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