Total Pokemon Island

Contestant Primary team Rank Episode
Oddish Super Seels 30th Campers Approaching
Horsea Super Seels Returns Awakening Fight
Zigzagoon Awesome Aipoms 29th Pokéball Challenge
Bulbasaur Awesome Aipoms Returns Pokémon Gots Talent...Sorta
Snorunt Super Seels 28th Fossil Impossible
Lickitung Super Seels Returns Love + Food = Not Good
Treecko Awesome Aipoms Returns Swim, or Drown, or...Just Don't Jump
Sealeo Awesome Aipoms 27th To Bowl or Not to Bowl
Magby Super Seels 26th Hide and...Uh...I Forget
Swinub Super Seels 25th Pokémon Battle
Porygon Super Seels 24th When TPIs Collide
Misdreavus Super Seels 23rd Eggcitement...And no, It's Not a Very Suttle Pun
Cranidos Awesome Aipoms 22nd Its Your Fear or The Boot
Lileep Super Seels 21st Are You Smarter Than a Pokemon?
Baltoy Awesome Aipoms 20th Pokémon Dash
Croconaw Super Seels 19th/18th Pokéthlon
Jigglypuff Super Seels
Taillow Awesome Aipoms 17th Capture the... Stupidity
Chinchou Awesome Aipoms 16th Kitchen Fightfair
Chansey Awesome Aipoms 15th Exploration Island
Cherrim Awesome Aipoms 14th Eat or Be Defeaten
Flaaffy Awesome Aipoms 13th Scavenger Done
Chimchar Super Seels 12th Lost in Massacre
Seadra Super Seels 11th A Shot for Immunity
Lickilicky Super Seels 10th Wilderness Destroyers
Riolu Super Seels 9th Toys 'R' Dumb
Vibrava Awesome Aipoms 8th Treasure Mountain
Espeon Awesome Aipoms 7th Surf's Up...Or Down...Or Sideways
Treecko Awesome Aipoms 6th One for All, and All for One Million That Is
Ivysaur Awesome Aipoms 5th Reject Reality Island
Honchkrow Super Seels 4th Home Is Where The Million Is
Dragonair Awesome Aipoms 3rd Wheel of Misfortunate People
Pupitar Super Seels 2nd One Million For Me
Quilava Awesome Aipoms 1st

Total Pokemon Action

  1. Cherrim and Claydol (Annoying)
  2. Corsola (Got kidnapped, very gullible)
  3. Onix (Perverted, caused loss of challenge)
  4. Mudkip (Targeted Taillow, crazy)
  5. Wigglytuff (Poor performance in challenge)
  6. Bagon (Bratty)
  7. Victreebel (Jerky, targeted by Cradily)
  8. Ditto (Useless)
  9. Relicanth (Failure of communication, lost first part of challenge)
  10. Espeon (Dragonair targeted her)
  11. Pidgeot (Poor performance in challenge)
  12. Kingdra (Targeted by Typhlosion, attacked Lickilicky)
  13. Gyarados (Mean)
  14. Pikachu (Broke his promise to Pichi)
  15. Lanturn (Glaceon targeted her)
  16. Glaceon (Quit)
  17. Mismagius (Tried to get Lucario out)
  18. Growlithe (Voted himself off because he didn't want to play with Crobat and others anymore)
  19. Lickilicky (Ampharos was the initial target, but they gave her a second chance, failed ideas)
  20. Shuppet (Weak link and was dating Gastly)
  21. Venusaur (Poor performance in challenge)
  22. Groudon (Poor performance in challenge)
  23. Pinsir (Played with Blissey's heart)
  24. Croconaw (His only focus was finding flesh to chomp on)
  25. Tyranitar (Possibly targeted by Dragonair)
  26. Bastiodon (Haunter sabotaged him)
  27. Skarmory (Raichu disqualified him)
  28. Ampharos (Haunter tricked some of Porygon-Z team members to vote her off)
  29. Mamoswine (Performed poorly on purpose to see Ampharos again)
  30. Haunter
  31. Swellow
  32. Camerupt
  33. Farfetch'd and Pink Rhydon (Quit due to Farfetch'd getting eliminated)
  34. Flygon
  35. Walrein
  36. Meganium
  37. Honchkrow
  38. Togekiss
  39. Dragonite (Quit to make it up to Espeon)
  40. Vileplume (Blew up the challenge set)
  41. Crobat
  42. Sceptile
  43. Porygon-Z
  44. Blissey
  45. Typhlosion
  46. Lucario
  47. Pichu (Notch ear)
  48. Altaria

Final 2 are Cradily and Lickilicky The fans would have to vote the winner.

The obviously likely placing would be 2nd:Cradily Winner: Lickilicky

(Edited by Neonray3 with the actual listing. Sorry it took long).

(Re-edited. Skarmory wouldn't come back. It's more likely a Pokemon from the original series would win.)