Total pokemon island (joe olson) is a current in production total pokemon island series by joe olson and is currently in it's 1st season===

List of charactersEdit

Mewtwo-The egotistical host

Charizard-The chef straight out of wwII

Yelling Patrats.Edit

Charmander-The Tomboyish Soldier in training.

Eevee-The bland brit.

Shuppet-The ghost girl.

Snivy-The boston basher

Zoroua-The *breathes heavily* Multiple personality,drunken,,spartan scottsman who like toontown

Ralts-the friendly fangirl

Minun & plusle-the dumbass generic-ass best friend twins forever that are pretty much the exact same character.

munchlax-The russian maniac.

Absol-The weeaboo wolf.

Ronquaza-The modest muslim.

Meowth-The sarcastic strategist.

Murderous MagikarpEdit

Lucario-The king of australia

Squirtle-The canadian gamer

tynamo-the somewhat generic character from california.

flaafy-the frenchwoman

dratini-ya know what,i am just gonna call her my version of courtney that best sums it up.

treeko-the good ol boy from texas.

Bulbasaur-the texan pawn shop employee.

Umbreon-The master necromancer.

victini-the contestant that apparently wasnt even supposed to be there.

List of episodesEdit

Episode 1."Total pokemon island:the introduction"

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